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Othello ... with a story mode!

Othello de Othello DS is notable for more than just the fact that two of the four words in its title are "Othello." It also features a story mode! No details on the story have been released yet, but we can see from screenshots that there's an RPG-like town for your (quite ugly) character to traverse. Hey, it worked for Puzzle Quest!

Being a DS game, Othello de Othello DS also features a training mode, designed to test your knowledge of the game. The "Jibun no Jitsuryoku Check" ("Your Own Ability Check") features 150 questions about the rules and history of Othello.

Dokapon Journey! Make Friends and Fight and View Screenshots!

Though Dokapon's title immediately invites comparisons to similarly named releases, like Patapon, Pokemon, Goemon, or any other Something-mon games, this board-game/RPG hybrid has little to do with pocket monsters, rhythm tactics, or mystical ninjas. As you can see from the the new batch of screenshots we've dropped into the gallery below, however, Dokapon's art direction is just as cute as its superficial contemporaries.

Developer Sting has launched its official Japanese site for Dokapon Journey! Nakayoku Kenkashite (Make Friends and Fight!), posting previews of the game's RPG-styled combat, board-game movement, and adorable sprites. Will this have a chance in hell of ever seeing an English localization? Maybe! Atlus had no argument against publishing Sting's two previous handheld SRPGs, Riviera and Yggdra Union, in the states. Dokapon Journey! could be next on the list!

Expect Dokapon Journey! to ship to stores in Japan this June 27th.

See also: Take a trip to Dokapon Kingdom (Wii)

Gallery: Dokapon Journey!

[Via GAME Watch]

The best board game/RPG hybrid you've never heard of

Dokapon games seem to alternate between two different genres: dungeon crawlers mixed with Pokemon-style combat, like the Dokapon Game Boy Advance game released in the U.S., and board games mixed with Pokemon-style combat, like this new DS game, Dokapon Journey! Nakayoku Kenkashite (Make Friends and Fight!)

Players compete against each other to defeat monsters around the town and earn money. They can also fight one another and steal their junk in what has been hilariously labeled a "friendship-destroying game."

New additions for the DS game include extremely silly minigame-based money-earning methods, including scratch-off lottery tickets and some kind of exercycle game.

Momotaro Dentetsu goes online, stays in Japan

The latest in Hudson's long-lived Momotaro Dentetsu (Momotaro Railroad) series of travel-themed board games features similar components as its predecessors: locations based on Japanese geography, Monopoly-style property acquisition gameplay, and a familiar (to Japan) cast of wacky characters loosely based on the traditional Japanese Momotaro story (but with more trains).

But Momotaro Dentetsu 20th Anniversary also brings a significant new aspect to the series: online play. Taking the beloved board game and putting it online is a great way to celebrate a milestone! The new game will be out in Japan this December, and, given the history of the series, we're pretty sure that's where it will stay.

Oxygen reveals Hurry Up Hedgehog

Oxygen has revealed a new game headed to the DS in Hurry Up Hedgehog. While the thought of speedy hedgehogs often leads to a certain iconic gaming character, this title instead offers puzzles and is based on a board game. The title is currently scheduled for a March 28th release in the UK.

Head on past the break for the press release and hit up our gallery below for screens.

Gallery: Hurry Up Hedgehog

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Famitsu deals out Culdcept scans and info

Almost a month since Sega announced it'll be publishing a Nintendo DS version of OmiyaSoft's Culdcept Expansion, Famitsu has revealed the first screenshots and details for the CCG/boardgame hybrid.

Far from a straight port, all of Culdcept Expansion's cards have been reviewed for balance, and every returning character has been redrawn. Culdcept DS will also receive new cards (now over 370 in total), Cepter symbols, and an achievement system. Since this will be the first portable version of the game, more focus will be placed on its versus options, nixing out any hopes for a new story mode.

The big question now is, "Will there be any support for online matches?" It would be a terrible decision to ship this sort of title without it, in our opinion. Roll the dice and hop past the post break for the scanned magazine pages and to see how this Monopoly-meets-Magic-the-Gathering title plays out.

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Dragon Quest board game out in Japan, looks like good times

Fans of the Dragon Quest franchise who enjoy a good game of Battleship every now and then might also enjoy this Japanese board game called Dragon Quest Dungeon R.

There are three different modes of play, but all incorporate the same Battleship-esque structure. The goal is to reach your opponent's Dragon Lord while blindly navigating about his or her gridded dungeon. Your opponent will place walls in different places to try to hinder your progress, and you can choose whether or not to play with chests, cards, and combat.

Of course, this is one of those "only in Japan" things (those Japanese folks just love their Dragon Quest), so if you fancied getting the game you'd have to import the 5800 yen ($53 USD!) item from somewhere. You would probably also need to have a good understanding of Japanese to read the rules and cards.

Or, you could always just wait for the video game based on this board game that was based on a video game to come out. And yes, that's just crazy talk. Check after the break to see if you've sunk my Dragon Lord. Oh, and there's more board game pictures, too.

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Sega dealing Culdcept to DS

As champions of hybrid-genre games (e.g. Puzzle Quest), we've ached for a portable version of Culdcept ever since Penny Arcade's Tycho began touting Culdcept II for the PS2. That was over four years ago, but good things come to those who wait, as Sega announced today that it will publish Culdcept for the Nintendo DS in 2008. With Namco Bandai planning to bring Culdcept Saga for the Xbox 360 to North America early next year, there's actually a sliver of a chance that this DS entry to the niche series will also see localization.

For those of you unfamiliar with Culdcept, and we assume that's pretty much all of you, it's a board game/collectible-card-game mix that would be best-described as Monopoly meets Magic: The Gathering. Players roll a die to travel around the game board, summoning creatures to defend their property. Other players who've landed on your property can pay a toll or battle your monster to win the square. Of course, there are spells and items which can also be brought to play. Slap some online functionality on this bad boy, and this will be a day one purchase for us.

[Via Famitsu]

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