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Let them eat (store-bought) cake

Not all of us are blessed with the talents needed to bake an edible cake, much less a video game cake with an identifiable shape. More often than not, the desserts we've pulled from the oven look like something you'd shoot and put out of its misery. As you turn your head and watered eyes to the side, pulling back the hammer on your heavy, shaking pistol, you sometimes catch the cakes looking up at to you, wishing they had more time to spend with you.

For those of you left in depressed states after having to euthanize so many cakes, there might still be hope for you, an opportunity to make things right. Flickr user Neko Joe spotted this pre-made Nintendo DS and New Super Mario Bros. layered sponge cake at Sainsbury's, a UK supermarket chain. It comes with a janky cardboard top screen, but you can add your own custom message: "It's-a-me, Mario Cake!" or "Sorry we didn't buy you a real DS!" or "You're adopted!"

We don't suggest you bring this sponge cake to any birthday parties, however ... Watch the NSFW video past the break to find out why!

Gallery: Nintendo cakes and other confections

Let them eat (store-bought) cakeWii and weddings, so happy togetherThe tastiest console we've seen all weekWii classic controller birthday cakeWho needs red potions when you have delicious cake?

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Cooking is so fun, cooking is so fun ... yay! Video is ready!

Cake Mania 2 is roasting away in the proverbial oven of development, ready to rock our socks on the DS. The original title was a bit on the non-good side, but hopefully this latest entry can pull something magical out of the baking tray.

Funnily enough, the above trailer claims that we will experience "cake-baking nirvana," reaching a higher plane of human existence localized entirely within our kitchens! If a lifetime of happiness isn't enough, CM2 features Endless Baking Mode -- for those who feel the need to get their cake on until the end of time.

Ice up that mouse and click through past the break for some extra screenshots. This is simulation with sugar, people.

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Kirby's latest ability: being delicious

Kirby is a smart choice for video game-inspired cooking projects, because his games are eating-themed. In addition, his circular shape is the easiest to recreate in food of any of the Nintendo stable -- chances are you don't have a Samus Aran cake pan. For that matter, based on the general cutesyness of his universe, Kirby could very well be made of cake or something, unlike other Nintendo characters like Mario, who are unambiguously made of human flesh.

For her cousin's birthday, Craftster indeliblechange made 24 sweet cuppin' cakes featuring Kirbies of different colors as well as various Kirbyana. The chili-chocolate (!) cupcakes were decorated using fondant. They look really great!

[Via Craftster]

Show and Tell: Lies, damned lies, and DS Lites

If there's anything we like, it's customization. Call us crazy, but even if it's, uh, not the best, we'll usually find something to say about it*. Lately, though, we've been blessed here in the Show and Tell corner with some really awesome submissions from readers who've been taking the look of their Lites into their own hands. Reader Josh didn't draw the art that he's used to adorn his DS, but he made it work on the case, so we'll credit both him and the artist. Can you puzzle out what it is? If not, teleport past the break to see it in full-sized glory. Actually, go whether you can guess or not!

Got something you want to show off to all the other DS fans? We like just about anything with a little Nintendo flavor, so snap a few pics, tell us your story, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

*We didn't say it would be necessarily positive, but in that case, the artist herself seemed to be with us!

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About the best cake with Mario on it ever

Well, it looks like we may have stumbled on the best Mario-themed cake on the planet. While not particularly the news megaton you were looking for today while cruising DS Fanboy, you still have to admit that this cake is pretty damn cool. Also, is there a better way to celebrate your 30th?

Head past the break for some more shots of the cake.

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'We're sorry, but your Princess is on another cupcake'

Quick, call your mom, your sister, whomever has the baking skills in your life. Tell them that they have a difficult task ahead. You desire some cupcakes that compare to the look and, we're fairly certain, the delicious taste of these treats presented above.

Well, maybe we just desire some, but what's good for us is good for you, right?

[Via Boing Boing]

Possibly the second best gaming cake ever

Okay, during Zelda week, we said that after we had seen the ultimate in gaming cakes, we would never post another one again. Well, first of all, we lied, blatantly and outrageously. Still love us? Good. Second of all, this one has the whole first Super Mario Bros. level! C'mon, how could we resist? Short answer: we could not.

We just hope none of the guests got the urge to smash any bricks ....

Zelda Week: Possibly the best gaming cake ever

Okay, that's it. We're done. From now on, gamer weddings just don't matter. They're empty, soulless shells next to this. Sure, Tetris cakes are awesome, and Zelda ice sculptures are cool as, well, ice, but this one takes the cake -- literally. This Wind Waker-inspired wedding cake is a work of art. We're pretty sure we wouldn't even be able to cut it, much less eat it ... in fact, we would need to create some sort of force field technology to preserve this thing until the end times. Bounce on over to Kotaku if you want to see the top in detail, and weep that you do not have such an item preserved on a high shelf in your home.

Unless you do. In which case, we want it.

Show and Tell: Gaming is so delicious

The awesome (and yet disturbing) Kirby cake we showed you a few weeks ago inspired reader Ricky to send in his own bit of sugary birthday gaming goodness, and does it ever make our mouths water. His girlfriend put this together for a 20th birthday celebration that we wish had been ours -- and from the care that obviously went into this cake, Ricky's princess is probably not in another castle. We're certain he's found her. It's not just pretty on the outside, either; beneath the super-sweet recreation of a classic gaming screen lie layers of chocolate cake, strawberries, and chocolate mousse. Ricky reports that, while it hurt a little, deep inside, to munch on his beloved Mario, the cake was totally worth it. If only he'd sent us a piece.

Has someone put together a unique gift for your special day? Are you sitting atop a throne made of NES carts as you read this? Maybe you just own a particularly cool gaming shirt or two, or are proud of how your gaming set-up looks. If you have something you want to show off, snap some pics and send them over to us at showmeit at dsfanboy dot com. We'll take care of the rest.

From Russia with fondant

Game cakes may be well on the way to cliche-dom, but we don't care, since they continue to be almost uniformly awesome. For the happy occasion of Tetris überfan Nightsnack's wedding, his sister and friends had this cake made by A Piece of Cake, being careful not to complete any single layer lest it blink and disappear.

It looks like this cake was made just for us, doesn't it? Actually, the topper represents the bride and groom's first initials, which break apart into Tetrominoes to be fit into spaces on the body of the cake. Only after these and the other floating Tetrominoes were placed did the cake get cut up and served.

We wish the happy couple a lifetime of eating their favorite games together.

[Via Kotaku]

Show and Tell: In Dreamland, cake eats you!

Okay, we admit it. We're cheating a little. Instead of letting someone come to us with their nifty gaming goodness, we saw something that was simply so awesome we had to ask if we could share it with you ... and luckily, NeoGAFfer cloudwalking had no problem with us showing off this incredible cake. Hey, if it was ours, we'd want to show the world as well!

Birthday girl cloudwalking's good pal jarosh had this Kirby cake made, but the fun didn't stop there. As he was slowly dismembered devoured, the pair had fun changing his features around, as you can see in the gallery ... though the reddish filling on the knife is a little disturbing. Poor Kirby! We're not sure we could have made ourselves eat the little guy. Then again, it could be revenge for the times we've been inhaled in various Smash Bros. matches.

Can you top a nummy Kirby cake? If so -- or if you have anything else you want to show off -- you too can be in this spot, with everyone cooing over your awesome stuff. Just take some pictures and send them to showmeit at dsfanboy dot com. We'll take care of the rest.

Gallery: cloudwalking's Kirby cake

You're the best (cake) around

Made by Su-Yin of The Journal of a Girl who Loves To Cook, we don't think we could bring ourselves to eat such a work of art. Seriously, the only thing we can think of is that Joe Esposito song from The Karate Kid when viewing this cake. It is the best around and nothing is ever going to keep it down. It looks like a cake that would just punch itself right out of your stomach, escaping your body so that it may realize its dreams of being free. This cake is so good it's sentient.

Gallery: Su-Yin's Mario Cake

[Via Joystiq]

Nintendo for the tummy

We can imagine coaxing anyone into marriage must be quite the ordeal, but to get your soon-to-be wife to agree on having a Nintendo-themed cake is a task that must be accomplished by slipping some sort of unmarked pill into her drink and drafting up a series of contracts. Seriously, what wife would agree to that? A pretty awesome one, we suppose ...

See also:
Have your cake and eat it

WRUP: Have your cake and eat it too edition

Us American gamers only received one new game this week, one we don't find ourselves interested in that much. Personally, we've been busy playing a little game called Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. Now that we've gone and reviewed it, though, we're looking to get ourselves back to playing something new. We never got really far into Hotel Dusk, so maybe we'll go back to playing that this weekend.

But, enough about us! What are you playing this weekend?

Previous posts: What were you playing?

Every sweet-toothed gamer's dream

There's already enough video game cakes on the internet to give you a mouth full of cavities, but we couldn't pass on a slice of this dual-screened dessert from Patrick and his girlfriend, Zara. The UK couple celebrated Mother's Day yesterday by baking this treat for Patrick's mom, a 60-year-old gamer.

The attention to detail is impressive, taking into account a matching stylus, icing-covered screenshots, and even a red battery light! Every single curve and recess on an actual Nintendo DS Lite is mirrored on the cake, ready to be gobbled up. It's going to be tough for other video game desserts to meet the standard Patrick and Zara have set.

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