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New troops charity seeks your handheld spares

You should have seen us when we were fifteen. 'Orrible, we were. All sulky, zit-ridden, and full of attitude (of course, we're regular sunbeams now) as we moped around in our NAFNAF jumpers and spent most of our free time scowling at the profound injustice of the world.

We certainly weren't as impressive or as honorable as, say, young teens Peter Gallagher and Jack Wilson, who spent an inordinate amount of time and effort setting up, a non-profit, registered charity that aims to get handheld games and systems (DSes, Game Boys, that Sony one, N-Gages) into the mitts of the brave men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gallagher tipped our daddy site Joystiq about their project, and asked if they could shed some light on this worthy cause. They did, and now we're doing the same!

Obviously, there are similar initiatives going on elsewhere -- at least one of which we've posted about -- but you can never have enough goodwill, eh? Hit the "Read" link below to see how you can help out.

[Via Joystiq]

Make those used game trade-ins worthwhile by donating to troops

Many of you aren't fans of a certain trade-in retailer that we know, so why not donate some of your used games instead?

Drew Koehler started Trade-ins for Troops, a charity dedicated to giving used video games to U.S. soldiers that are currently overseas. As Koehler puts it, "I think there are a lot of people that may be interested in supporting in a non-financial way, and it's a great opportunity to show the world that gamers care about our troops and would want to see them supported while they are away from home." We agree, good sir.

The charity is especially interested in receiving handheld titles, since portable systems are popular among the troops, but all games are welcome. Video games are a welcome distraction to the men and women overseas, so this charity seems like a nice and easy way to give back a little for the sacrifices they've had to make. With that said, it's time for us to stop being PSA Fanboy; and now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Nintendo of Italy donates handhelds to hospital

In the latest show of charity for Nintendo, the company's Italian division donated a DS to every child in the pediatric ward at San Paolo Hospital. Nintendo also gave copies of Nintendogs, New Super Mario Bros., and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the kids to enjoy, as well as a few Wiis. Some cynics might cite ulterior motives for Nintendo's actions, but the fact is, you can't argue with a smile on a sick child's face.

Check out the video (with music that Super Mario Galaxy fans might recognize) of the event embedded above to get a nice feel-good start to the weekend.

[Update: The video is now after the break because of its autostarting tendencies. Be warned, if you check past the break, the video will autostart.]

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Nintendo gets its philanthropy on

As we all know, there's a ridiculous number of very good reasons to own a DS. But here's another anyway, for those who reside in Canada: right now, for every 20 DS Lites sold at a Canadian branch of Wal-Mart in the next week (November 3 - 10), Nintendo has agreed to donate one Lite to your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

A most considerate gesture, Ninty, and if any of our Canadian readers were wavering over whether or not to pick up a DS, here's your perfect excuse.

DS Zelda mod in a cooler shade [update 1]

This Zelda DS mod is pretty much exactly like the other well-known Zelda DS Lite: same raised sword-and-shield emblem, same lighting effects, and even the same two-tone design. The only real difference is that it uses two different tones. It's even being sold for charity like the last one. Australian high rollers can feel good about bidding on this item, because 15% of the final purchase price will go to the Child's Play charity.

While the previous effort evoked a very classic Zelda feel with its stately gold and black hues, this DS, with its vivid blue-on-white design, fits in more with the Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass aesthetic, which is more DS-appropriate anyway!

[Update: Auction relisted, new link here.]
[via Kotaku]

Pretty much the best DS Lite mod ever

When aliens come to lay waste on our planet after an interstellar decree to rid the galaxy of our race before our warlike nature spreads to other solar systems, this Nintendo DS Lite case mod could be humanity's saving grace. At the precipice of mankind's extinction, the extraterrestrial army will stay its advanced armaments, realizing that any society capable of producing such an awe-aspiring object deserves to continue its existence!

Forged by the same hands that brought the Legend of Zelda-themed Wii mod to life, this gold and black beauty's metal die-cast Master Sword/Shield crest rotates to match your handheld's orientation and illuminates when being charged. Buying this one-of-a-kind DS Lite will also net you a custom charging dock, two painted styli (silver and dark blue), and the admiration of your peers and cosmic beings alike. Proceeds from the auction will once again be donated to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity.

Head past the post break for more photos of the DS Lite mod. It's a good preview of what we'll spend the rest of our enslaved lives assembling after our alien overlords decide to spare our pitiful race.

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Child's Play receives a huge donation from Nintendo [update 1]

Nintendo sent out an avalanche of Nintendo DS handhelds and games to the Penny Arcade headquarters last week, donating the towering collection to Child's Play. The gamer-run charity has been donating toys, games, and other gifts to children's hospitals since 2003. Since then, the altruistic group has raised millions of dollars for its partner hospitals.

Nintendo made sure to provide something for everyone with its donation, delivering DS systems in every color and handing out hundreds of copies of Nintendogs, Big Brain Academy, Mario Kart DS, and many other titles. Gabe posted photos of the mountainous shipment and assured readers that the DS Lites will find their way to the gracious hands of kids in children's hospitals soon.

[Update 1: According to Penny Arcade's other half, Tycho, the systems and games were actually bought from Nintendo at a deep discount, using the money raised by the Child's Play charity. We apologize for this misinterpretation.]

Update on the London charity Meetup

Last week, we told you about the best positive use of the DS this month: the DS Meetup group in London and their upcoming charity tournament. Well, the group has finalized tournament details, so we thought it worth updating our readers in London who may be interested in the event, which is scheduled for this Saturday at the University of London Student Union. If any of our readers go, we'd love to hear about it!

[Thanks, Joe!]

Play DS for a good cause

Not that "enjoying yourself" isn't a good enough cause, but this is for a good social cause., a group that gets together in London for DS multiplayer sessions, is holding a charity tournament on March 10, to benefit Comic Relief, who we had no idea still existed, and who continues to raise money for various causes in Africa.

The event is being held to coincide with Comic Relief's "Red Nose Day", which is kind of like Britain's version of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, but with more comedians and novelty nosepieces. British readers, feel free to correct us.

Participants pay £1 to get into the tournament, and all of the proceeds go to the charity. We admire the DSMeetup group for wanting to do something positive with their DS gaming sessions; the most charitable thing our Game Nights here do are keep us from debilitating, painful loneliness. And even then, only for a few hours.

[Via Wonderland]

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