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It seems obvious now: Drawing training

Do you like to draw or paint, or maybe just sketch or doodle? Well, if you do, chances are you have the interest needed to buy You Can Draw Well in Ten Minutes a Day (1-nichi 10-pun de E ga Jouzu ni Kakeru DS). A DS adaptation of a popular how-to-draw book series, Draw Well uses audio and animation to walk kids through a simple drawing every day.

Using collections of basic shapes, the game teaches kids to draw a collection of more than 100 animals, insects, and vehicles. The drawings can then be integrated into a set of minigames or used in animations.

A training game about drawing fits not only the DS's most popular genre, but also its unique capabilities better than just about anything else on the system. It's just a perfect idea for the DS.

Tecmo's upcoming DS games cover the spectrum

At a Tecmo press conference, the company showed off two new DS games for completely different audiences. Misa Yamamura Suspense is a sequel to the hit detective adventure Kyotaro Nishimura Suspense, based on the work of a different author, in a different setting (Kyoto) and sporting a new appearance -- the geisha-themed game now uses photographic backgrounds. This new game is focused on determining the connections between the people involved in the case, rather than simply finding clues.

The other game, Oyako Asoberu DS Emon Ukkari Penelope (Parents and Children Can Play DS Picture Book Ukkari Penelope) is a game for families of preschoolers, based on a series of TV animated shorts (which are themselves based on a series of French children's books) about a blue koala bear.

We find the pairing of a very adult-focused game and a purely child-oriented one (though designed to be played with adults) very odd. That's what expanding the audience is like, though!

Nintendo of Italy donates handhelds to hospital

In the latest show of charity for Nintendo, the company's Italian division donated a DS to every child in the pediatric ward at San Paolo Hospital. Nintendo also gave copies of Nintendogs, New Super Mario Bros., and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the kids to enjoy, as well as a few Wiis. Some cynics might cite ulterior motives for Nintendo's actions, but the fact is, you can't argue with a smile on a sick child's face.

Check out the video (with music that Super Mario Galaxy fans might recognize) of the event embedded above to get a nice feel-good start to the weekend.

[Update: The video is now after the break because of its autostarting tendencies. Be warned, if you check past the break, the video will autostart.]

Continue reading Nintendo of Italy donates handhelds to hospital

505 Games did it, Mum!

European budget publisher 505 Games announced a new title for the children. Because the children are a very profitable demographic our future!

The game is called I Did It Mum! and comes in boys' or girls' versions. Both versions are jam-packed with educational minigames like "Toy Train" and "Drive the Car." And both versions are totally for preschoolers, so you have an excuse not to be interested in the thing yourself. But if you have kids, this may be perfect "Playing DS Games Training" to help them get ready for other training games.

[Via Joystiq]

Nintendo dishes out the facts on Children of Mana

We haven't had much news on the game as of yet, mostly due to a lack of official word from Nintendo and Square on the game's contents. Now we know, for example, that there are over 180 magic gems that players can use to customize their characters.

Turns out, in the game world, 10 years before the start of the game for the player, a great catastrophe has struck the land of Illusia and monsters have taken over the land. This, in turn, causes the Mana Tree to become corrupt with its own power and mysterious Mana pillars to have erected across the world. With the aid of the Sword of Mana, the player must free the locked guardian spirit within each pillar and restore Illusia back to its original status.

The main characters of the game are Ferrik, who was saved as a child by a nameless swordsman and has spent the entirety of his saved life trying to become a great swordsman himself. He lost his parents and older sister during the catastrophe. Tess is a more scholarly type, spending all of her time studying the Mana Tree and its Mana Goddess. Poppen is a magician from the desert of Jadd. Tamber is a young dancer who lost her brother and parents during the catastrophe. Finally, Wanderer is an outcast of the niccolos race and is described as loyal and compassionate.

The verdict is in: children prefer the DS

Vinnk, a blogger and Ninty devotee at 4 color rebellion, is also a teacher in Japan. And in his off time, he makes children cry. Doesn't sound like someone we want on our side -- at least until the whole story comes out.

Vinnk often takes his trusty DS Lite to school and allows the children to play with it. This is a practice of which we heartily approve (get 'em young!). However, on the day in question, his students found not the DS Lite they'd come to love nestled inside Vinnk's blue Nintendo case, but a Sony PSP. The students were so horrifed and disappointed that one even began to cry.

He asked them if they wanted to play with the PSP. They weren't interested. He showed them a game, and they stared at him, stoic, as loyal to the DS as samurai to their lord. It almost makes us want to cry. Score one for the DS -- as though it needed to win any more battles.

[Thanks to Andrew at PSP Fanboy, where we're sure they're hanging their heads in shame.]

Screenshot roundup: Children of Mana

The US boxart and various screens have been released for the latest installment in the World of Mana series. Children of Mana, which is being developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo for the DS, is set for release on October 30th in North America. The final game will feature four-player co-op gameplay and see the return of the 8 elemental spirits. The game's homepage for English-speaking readers can be found here, while Japanese-speaking readers can access the entire World of Mana page here.

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