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Race Driver: GRID trailer revs up, impresses

Can the DS do "serious" racing games? As things stand, there are three such titles due this year on the handheld: Evolution GT, Trackmania DS, and Race Driver: GRID. Developer Codemasters showed off the latter earlier today, and you can color us impressed. Watch the trailer above and you'll see pure, white stallions emerging from magnificently rendered waves that this is already looking remarkably fluid -- and that's with eight cars on track at once and an array of weather effects.

It's an early lead for GRID then, though there's every chance that Trackmania's vaunted track creation mode could see it pull back in front.

[Via press release]

Race Driver: Create and Race (and buy for ten bucks)

How did Race Driver: Create and Race end up in Best Buy's bargain bin? The Codemasters-developed title received favorable reviews, and, by most accounts, it doesn't deserve to share the same shameful shelf as Julie Finds a Way and Original Frisbee Disc Sports.

As you can see in the above trailer, it doesn't look terrible at all! In addition to its robust track designer, Race Driver's multiplayer features include online matches and single-cart download play for up to four people. Best Buy's uninformed markdown means savings for you, however, as you can now purchase the game for only $9.99 from the retailer's online store. Of course, you'll still have to pay for shipping, but you can skip that by finding Race Driver at a brick and mortar location.

[Via CAG]

Codemasters reveals DS racer

Codemasters is striving to do what nobody has done before: create a competent racing game on the DS, as they've announced they're working on Race Driver: GRID. While we're not ones to believe that the platform is designed for games in the racing genre, we remain cautiously optimistic about this. Codemasters released Dirt, a game that even this Nintendo Fanboy can admit was amazing, so we're hoping this title shows the same care and polish.

Check out some screens in our gallery below.

Codemasters wants you to read books on your DS

Templar Publishing and Codemasters have struck a deal to release some games based on the Ology series of books. Due to hit the DS and Wii late next year, first three books in the series, Dragonology, Wizardology and Pirateology, are going to be the first of the titles to grace the systems.

The difference in the DS and Wii versions of the games are supposedly going to be fairly vast, with the DS versions offering more of an interactive book experience. While we might have seen this idea as a little odd following the launch of the DS, for how many other non-games the system has, we're sure these interactive books will find their audience.

Rainbow Islands Revolution for $10

If you weren't "lucky" enough to have a glitched copy of Bubble Bobble Revolution and the free Rainbow Islands that came with the replacement, you can get Rainbow Islands now for a very reasonable price. Gamestop is offering Codemasters' sequel for $9.99 new, no broken Bobbles included. It's backordered on the website (which has happened since we started writing the story) but it may be available in a local store or following a restock online.

$10 is just about the right price for a game with a Metascore of 54. The original Rainbow Islands is worth like 500 million imaginary Metascore points, and if playing this one even evokes the arcade game a little, it's worth it. Also, $10 is like 1/6 of a copy of Gundam: Crossfire. When you think of it that way, it's quite the bargain!

[Via CAG]

Codemasters fixes Bubble Bobble, hands out swag

While the idea of waiting an extra three to four months just to play a broken game may seem ridiculous, Codemasters is trying to make it worth your while. It's not news that they're replacing the busted Bubble Bobble Revolution cartridges, but we were surprised to learn that they're hooking gamers up with a freebie upon delivery of new, working games! Gamers who returned their faulty cartridges are receiving not only fixed versions, but an apology ... and a bonus of Rainbow Islands Revolution. While that doesn't really make up for lost time -- Bubble Bobble Revolution released last October -- it is a pretty slick way for Codemasters to try to worm their way back into our good graces.

We didn't see any mention of this on the official Codemasters website, but you can reach their customer service department via e-mail: custservice @ Any of you guys waiting for a replacement?

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