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Shiren GB2, Shiren DS 2 compared

No more than a week after Shiren 3 for the Wii shipped in Japan, Chunsoft already has a teaser site and screenshots out for its next Shiren the Wanderer game for the Nintendo DS -- Fushigi no Dungeon: Furai no Shiren DS 2: Sabaku no Majou (Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer DS 2: Demon Castle in the Desert). It's a long title!

Seeing that this roguelike is a remake of a Game Boy Color title, we thought that this batch of new images would make for a great opportunity to compare the updated game's visuals to the original's. While we expected Shiren DS 2 to look pretty much exactly like the first Shiren DS game released in March, we're surprised by how similar Shiren DS 2 and Shiren GB2 (GBC) look based on the shots released so far.

Jump into our comparison gallery to see what we mean!

[Via Famitsu]

Dragon Quest V screens for comparison and perusal

Square Enix has released new images from the upcoming DS remake of Dragon Quest V, and that means two things for you: a gallery of spiffy new(ish) shots, and several comparison images. With two earlier versions to look at, we just couldn't help finding some comparable shots and setting them up side-by-side for your viewing pleasure. You can check them out after the jump, and the new DS images are all safely tucked away in our gallery below, along with some character art.

Gallery: Dragon Quest V

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More comparisons between FFIV 3D and the original game

The latest issue of Shonen Jump has a page of new CG artwork and cutscene screenshots from Square Enix's 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV, previewing a game that we likely won't receive until next year. If the release schedule is anything like Final Fantasy III's (DS), we'll have to wait three months after the game ships in Japan before a localized version hits North America.

Siliconera sectioned off the characters, and compared the images with their counterparts on the original SNES game. Cecil doesn't seem to have lost any of his femininity, and Kain's dragoon outfit looks just as badass as ever! You can check out the rest of the juxtaposed pieces at Siliconera, but we've got the original Japanese magazine scan after the post break.

Also see: FFIV 3D remake compared with original 2D games

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FFIV 3D remake compared with original 2D games

Using the magazine scans that revealed Final Fantasy IV for the DS yesterday, NeoGAF forumer Speedpop cropped screenshots of the 3D remake right next to their respective scenes from the SNES and GBA releases. The juxtaposition gives you a good idea of how different Square Enix's updated game will look from the originals. Compare and contrast after the post break.

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DS Lite mega-review

Shiny!Only those boys over at Arstechnica could post a review so awesome, so comprehensive in its scope, that it could only be called a mega-review. They go through just about every nook, cranny, and caveat that the shiny new system has to offer, including a size comparison to a brick and a low-key Seinfeld reference. What should you know?
  • The battery isn't necessarily all Nintendo cracked it up to be. You'll only get around 6 to 7 hours on the brightest setting, though that can be significantly lengthened by lowering the veritable solar flare coming from your gaming device.
  • Dead pixels appear to be a problem, so be sure to check your unit before messing with it too much.
  • The outer coating is surprisingly scratch-resistant, despite the fingerprint-showing gloss. Good for sliding into your pocket.
  • It's sexiness rating is somewhere on the level of a young Catherine Zeta-Jones. That's REALLY sexy.
Bottom line: you should get one. Wait for the other colors if you must, but don't let this slice of portable heaven pass you by.

[via Joystiq]

And then there was Lite

Like many of you, I was forced to endure a torturous waiting period before I could even consider touching and otherwise inappropriately fondling a Nintendo DS Lite. After wrestling the package away from a disgruntled postal worker and slashing him it to ribbons with a few well placed knife strokes, I was finally able to grasp that which had eluded me for so long. A DS Lite--Enamel Awesome. I mean Navy.

Of course, I can't just tinker with this wonderful device and keep all my findings and thoughts to myself. That would be rude. Instead, I'll spend this weekend putting the system through its paces, informing you of its inherent dangers and in doing so, undoubtedly take so many comparison shots that you will become violently ill upon seeing them.

If you have questions about any aspect of the DS Lite, post a comment and let me know which parts of the system I should be putting under a magnifying glass or sticking a screwdriver into. I'll try and answer to the best of my limited and frequently embarrassing ability.

No, you can't have it.

Lite vs. Phat: Round Five

If you still needed convincing of the DS Lite's considerable improvements upon the original DS design, Shacknews has now posted their analysis of the Enamel Navy variant. Of course, you won't even bother reading it since you're clearly the most stubborn person in the known universe.

As usual, the culprits behind the Lite's criminal allure are present and accounted for here: Brighter screens, more tactile buttons, a better stylus, sleeker trimmings and the ability to gather a wide variety of dirty fingerprints. It's interesting to note that the Enamel Navy unit looks almost pitch black in the photographs, though that may be attributed to weird lighting conditions and/or meteorological phenomena.

See also:

Lite vs. Phat: Round Four

This week, Eurogamer joins in on the rather one-sided battle that is the original DS versus the swanky DS Lite. Their conclusions are strikingly similar to the ones shared by most sane people, in that Nintendo's revision boasts a more compact design, sleeker looks, a better stylus and much brighter screens.

"We never really complained about the old DS screen, but put next to its younger sibling it draws howls of derision. Really, howls - we're not showing it to girls any more, they hurt our ears."

If you find yourself swelling with hatred and jealousy after reading the rest of the excellent article and realizing that your import Lite has yet to find its way to you (join the ever-growing club), at least find some solace in the fact that, unlike Eurogamer, you didn't opt for the Arctic Blue Lite.

We're joking. Don't kill us, Blue fans. Seriously though, it's the worst one.

(Yes, still joking.)

See also:

Lite vs. Phat: Round Three and a Half

With some questions still lingering after his conclusive DS to DS Lite comparison video, Cabel has uploaded another informative video of Nintendo's smart redesign, this time examining how it handles monstrous GBA carts, how its thickness compares to other handheld devices and, of course, the insane brightness levels. He also hands down some pointers with regards to holding the DS Lite. Apparently, coddling it like a baby isn't the way to go about it.

[Thanks Bbasya!]

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