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Dressing Mama

What's more appropriate for the kitchen than a cheerleader's outfit? Oh, right, anything else. We're not saying that women can't leave the kitchen, by any stretch of the imagination. You can go ahead and delete that half-written comment right now. Put away your Jump to Conclusions Mat.

We're of the opinion, however, that a fictional character called "Cooking Mama" whose sole purpose is to scold you when you screw up a recipe probably doesn't have any business holding pompons. We're pretty sure that's a reasonable observation. She's not a real person at all.

Rather than being put off by the weirdness of the dress-up capability, we look forward to juxtaposing out-of-place fashion into our cooking minigames. How ridiculous will we be able to make Mama look? Can we put her in a space suit?

Other than the random non-cooking activity, Cooking Mama 2 appears to be shaping up quite nicely into another kitchen-based minigame festival. It's one of the winners of the genre, in our opinion, and it's got ice cream this time! Who doesn't like ice cream?

TGS07: Checking out Cooking Mama 2

Over at the TGS booth for Cooking Mama 2, GameSpot got a sneak peek at the cook-em-up title. While engaged in the virtual kitchen, cooking up some dishes with the mama, they prepared a couple of select dishes, including ice cream and pizza.

From their impressions, we gather that fans of the first title should be pleased at where the direction of the new game is headed. Also, with the addition of some new recipes, the title should be fresh and inviting to new chefs aspiring to make a name for themselves in the virtual kitchen.

Just don't cross mama. She's liable to grab a knife and cut you.

Play Arkanoid DS right now

The websites for Taito's largely retro-tastic DS lineup have all appeared, just in time for TGS. Unfortunately, the text is not going to be of much use to anyone who can't read Japanese (or, as personal experience can attest to, anyone who can only kind of read Japanese). And even if it were, most of the links in the sites are still greyed out, awaiting updates.

However, the site for Arkanoid DS contains treasure in the form of a generous five-round Flash demo. We are impressed, both with Taito's largesse and with the actual game. New additions to Arkanoid include a robotic voice that announces the name of every powerup you pick up, and thumping, hypnotic techno music courtesy of Zuntata. We didn't even know Arkanoid needed techno music, but it turns out it totally does.

Speaking of thumping techno music, the Space Invaders Extreme site is basically a browser rave-- which works, for us. Here are all the new Taito DS game sites:
  • Arkanoid DS
  • Cooking Mama 2
  • Exit DS
  • The Legend of Kage 2
  • Pet Shop Story DS
  • Space Invaders Extreme
A demo for Exit DS will be on the game's site soon, but the link is inactive at the moment. May we suggest playing the Arkanoid demo as a way to pass the time?

[Via GoNintendo]

Cooking Mama wasn't enough as Majesco profits show loss

Majesco may be bringing forth a sequel to their smash hit Cooking Mama, but apparently it wasn't enough to bring them into the black. Hopefully, that'll change with the upcoming release of Cooking Mama 2, but the Q3 financial results show the company's profits are down to $10 million from $12.4 million last year.

The DS is an important platform for the company, as 66% of their total sales come from games on the handheld. And with the first Cooking Mama game selling over 500,000 units, the company has high hopes for its sequel, as well.

Taito goes DS-only at TGS

Taito knows where the money is in the Japanese video game market: the DS. Thus it seems that they've decided to concentrate their development efforts on games for the money-printing handheld. The company released the list of games they'll be displaying at this year's Tokyo Game Show, and every single one is a DS title.

Most of the games are things that we already know (and have said "yay") about, but two games are new: the first is Space Invaders Extreme, which, we hope, is either more of an update than Space Invaders Revolution or includes Akkanvader. We also hope it works with the Arkanoid paddle controller. The other is Pet Shop Monogatari DS, which is an RPG about a pet shop.

The lineup includes: Cooking Mama 2, Exit DS, Arkanoid DS (and its controller), The Legend of Kage 2, Pet Shop Monogatari DS, and Space Invaders Extreme. All games that we would totally play at TGS ... if we were going. Which we aren't.

Cooking Mama sequel could bring Majesco back from the brink

Known gaming analyst for Wedbush Morgan Securities, Michael Pachter, recently made comments that the sequel to Cooking Mama could actually help Majesco get out from the red and into the black. Pachter states "Majesco may continue to struggle with its low cash levels, we believe that the company is close to returning to profitability, due to improvements in its sales and cost management."

Pachter says that the success of the sequel title will help stabilize Majesco's revenues."We are increasingly positive on the story now that the company has been able to stabilize revenues in the $12 – 13 million quarterly range, and believe that Majesco can be slightly profitable at $65 million in annual revenues."

Majesco is due to report its third fiscal quarter earnings later on this month on September 11th.

The evolution of 'Cooking Papa'

When we started working on a post about some new characters in Cooking Mama 2, we saved the image seen to the right of a salaryman called, of course, Papa. When we reloaded the Dengeki page, Papa was no longer pictured in a suit, opting instead for a more casual outfit with khakis.

Did we just see game design in action? That's so cool! We aren't sure if Papa will appear as a player guide like Mama does, or if he'll be around at the end of meals for the new judging system, in which people sit down and eat the meals you prepare via minigames.

In any case, we can only hope that he cooks as well as Beard Papa.

Cooking Mama 2 gets Japanese date and American dessert

Cooking Mama 2 knows how to attract an audience: with virtually delicious fake pie. Who can look at that picture of an apple pie and resist the urge to pretend to want to eat it?

Actually, we've never gotten hungry from playing Cooking Mama. The gameplay tasks are so accelerated and the final images so cartoony that we rarely associate our creations with actual food. It's a good thing to, because we wouldn't know how to cook three-quarters of the menu without a touchscreen. Check out the link if you'd like to see the whole pie-making sequence! SPOILER: Apples are inside the apple pie.

It'll be coming out November 15 in Japan, and we expect that since the game is more popular in the US, Office Create and Majesco will do their best to make sure it comes out over here as close to that date as possible.

Majesco picks up Cooking Mama 2 for US

We knew that Europe and Japan were going to be returning to Mama's kitchen (which is apparently enormous if it accommodates the entirety of both Japan and Europe), and we expected similar announcements for the rest of the world. Majesco is, as expected returning to the table to provide US gamers with a second helping of Cooking Mama, and to provide bloggers more excuses to mix cooking metaphors.

The new game, Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends, will contain 80 new recipes and 150 different cooking procedures. It's also got single-card multiplayer and the feature that nobody even knew they wanted: the opportunity to decorate your kitchen and give Mama new clothes.

Mama will have to share shelf space with Ubisoft's Imagine Master Chef, part of its Imagine line of cheaply licensed, sloppily-packaged games "for girls." Don't pick up the wrong one by mistake!

[Via Siliconera]

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