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Aksys Q&A: Dodgeballs and Detectives

It seems like only a few days ago when publisher Aksys Games announced that it would be localizing Super Dodgeball Brawlers and Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles (Tantei Jinguji Saburo), much to our delight. Though both titles have been met with mixed reviews, we can't help but be thankful that someone took the risk to bring over these titles that likely would have stayed in Japan otherwise.

With both Super Dodgeball Brawlers and Jake Hunter now on store shelves, we chatted with the studio's localization crew -- associate producer Mike Manzanares, assistant associate producer Frank deWindt, and marketing director Gail Salamanca -- about the two titles and Aksys's future. Jump past the break for details on Super Dodgeball Brawlers' unlockables and Jake Hunter's abridged case load!

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River City Dodge Ball All Stars!!: The other new Kunio Dodge Ball game

If you neglected to pick up Super Dodge Ball Brawlers two weeks ago -- and we suspect you did, considering how few people are talking about the game -- you can still terrorize playgrounds with River City Dodge Ball All Stars!!

Developed by doujin groups Miracle Kidz and Downtown7 (along with Famicom Kunio series creators Yoshimitsu Yoshida and Mokeke Sekimoto), this PC title was actually released several months ago in Japan, but the demo is still worth downloading and playing. Plus, there's an English version of the trial!

The game doesn't suffer from the slow pace many have complained about with the DS release, and it even offers two speeds -- Normal and Retro. River City Dodge Ball All Stars!! doesn't, however, include some of the cool features introduced in Super Dodge Ball Brawlers, like the equipment shop, throwable items on the field, and the 8-player local wireless brawl mode.

As its title suggests, the PC game comes with the added bonus of a roster filled with recognizable names from the River City Ransom cast! Smack people in the face as end-boss Slick! Dodge super shots as Zombies gang member Turk! Wear panties on your head as, uh, Panty!

Gallery: River City Dodge Ball All Stars!!

[Via Insert Credit, Nico Nico Douga]

Metareview: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

With Super Dodgeball Brawlers releasing late last week, we've finally got enough reviews in that we felt comfortable putting up a Metareview for the game. Also, you all have likely had enough time with it to form your own opinions. So, without further ado, let's get to it:

  • Play Magazine (85/100) grades it as good, but thinks the characters are a bit too slow: "This is damn near as good a version of Dodgeball as I could ask for...if only overall character speed could be tweaked." [May 2008, p.66]
  • Nintendo Power (65/100) says "Dodgeball fans won't be disappointed with Brawlers, but if you've been waiting for something new to bring you back on the court, the wait continues." [June 2008, p.89]
  • 1UP (58/100) thinks that it's not as good as the first game: "It's certainly entertaining enough, and it offers plenty of detail for dedicated gamers to sink their teeth into. But will fans still be playing it two decades from now? Probably not. It's an acceptable rendition of a time-tested classic -- a little too complex to stand beside its classic inspiration, a little too primitive to stand up to contemporary releases, but still decent."
Any of you with the game want to chime in? Is it as good as the original NES title?

Gallery: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

With our Metareview feature, we comb the internet for reviews on popular games and conveniently place them into one post. But, we also like to review things ourselves, when time permits. So, be sure to check those out!

WRUP: Take a ball to the face edition

Are you sitting there and reading this? May we ask why? You have a game that you should be out getting right now! Okay, you ordered it online? Fine, you may read the rest of this then.

Seriously, only one game is on our mind right now: Super Dodgeball Brawlers. We've been waiting on this sucker for what seems like forever now and we're finally going to be able to play it. How many of you out there are doing the same this weekend? If not Brawlers, then what will you be playing?

Gallery: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

Undodgeable SDB screens from U.S., Korean releases

North American publisher Aksys has accompanied Super Dodgeball Brawlers' stateside release this week with an image bonanza of (Japanese) screenshots, character art, and other promotional assets, all of which we've conveniently collected for you in the gallery below.

Apparently, lots of people are having trouble finding the game in stores, so here's an opportunity for you to flip past the screenshots quickly to approximate an animated match, imagining that you're really playing the game. We had no problem finding Super Dodgeball Brawlers ourselves, as most of the GameStops around our area kept two copies on their shelves.

In related news, Fujitsu also plans to ship Super Dodgeball Brawlers to stores in Korea next week and has released a huge, 80-image-strong batch of Korean-translated screens, which, for some reason, includes shots from the staff credits and celebration scene that appears after a completed tournament. Perhaps they were accidentally released in Fujitsu's rush to get the word out -- the word(s) being "Kunio in Korea!"

Gallery: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

Super Dodge Ball gets super remix

Before we go into fits induced by the awesome fact that Super Dodgeball Brawlers is releasing in a mere two weeks, we figured that the least we could do is spread some love for an aspect of the original game that's often ignored -- its music.

Of course, the best thing to do with great video game music is remix it, and The Bad Dudes have done just that. Taking Kazuo Sawa's score from the original Super Dodge Ball (NES) and arranging it with some ethnic flavor (based on the different teams' countries of origin) makes for a great combination. Don't just take out word for it, though -- give it a listen or download the zip file over at No Balls, No Glory.

Aksys also plans to use this EP to promote the upcoming DS remake, which is set to hit American stores on May 27th.

[Via Destructoid]

Promotional Consideration: Moons, Zombies, Dodgeballs, and Tactics

Aside from its preview page tease and Time Hollow's localization, there wasn't much in the way of exclusive DS news in this month's Nintendo Power, at least compared to what we've seen in recent issues.

Paging through the magazine, however, we spotted at least two advertisements that we wanted to share with you. As we were tearing them out to throw into our scanner, we thought, "Why not post all of the other DS ads (and the cover)?" Join us past the break for the scanned pages!

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Super Dodgeball Brawlers sped up for American release

The only complaint we've heard about the Japanese version of Super Dodgeball Brawlers is that it is very slow compared to previous games, though you gain the ability to speed your characters up over time. Aksys Games, publisher of the American version, apparently paid attention to this criticism: according to IGN, who totally got to play the game already, Brawlers has been sped up, and this timing has had a positive effect on their ability to catch the ball.

The items have also been rebalanced since the Japanese version, which now makes us glad we've waited. Just like Bangai-O Spirits, which will come with many new Treasure-created stages not found in the Japanese release, the American version will be the definitive Super Dodgeball Brawlers.

Gallery: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

DS Daily: Super Bangai-O Brawlers

There's a considerable number of DS games out there that we cherish, but Super Dodgeball Brawlers and Bangai-O Spirits must rank amongst our greatest obsessions.

By a happy coincidence, both titles recently released within days of one another in Japan, so the next question is obvious: as the U.S. still has a couple of months to wait for these gems, did you buckle under the pressure and import either? If so, we'll be happy to place our extreme envy to one side for the time being, and listen to your impressions! We're nice like that, see.

Gallery: Bangai-O Spirits

Gallery: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

Super Dodgeball Brawlers plays dirty

Hands-on impressions of Super Dodgeball Brawlers have been coming in since the game's release in Japan earlier this week, and while previews indicate that the game's "pacing" seems slow in comparison to the NES original, we're happy to hear that this design decision is in favor of a much deeper experience with stat-tweaking and buyable upgrades. Even without an online component, Brawlers already sounds like a title with a lot of replayability!

All the special throws and jumping skills won't save you, however, when your opponent can pick up and toss a bomb at you, literally (0:50). As you can see in these two in-game videos -- complete with face-smashing sound effects -- a mess of potential weapons litter the arena, enticing you to abandon the gym pastime's dated rules. According to 1UP's preview, the Canadian team, in particular, has no problem relying on under-the-belt strategies rather than its own abilities.

Why bother waiting to get beaned when you can just run across the chalked line and mollywhop whoever has the dodgeball? Head past the post break for another foul-play-filled Super Dodgeball Brawlers clip.

Gallery: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

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Super Dodgeball Stats: the strategy behind the face-smacking

NeoGAF's Sp0rsk has provided us with new information about Million's Super Dodgeball Brawlers -- after buying it. At least those of us waiting for the English version can benefit from his gameplay sessions (even as we cry).

The "Create a Dream Team" mode gives you 150 stat points to distribute among your team. There seem to be some light RPG elements involved as well, as you can shop at one of the stores from River City Ransom, which probably ups some of those stats. You can also change the appearance of your team members.

In addition, the special team attacks actually temporarily change the team's stats rather than executing a large attack. You can boost your team's catching ability, speed, and such. Now we just need someone to change Brawlers' "American release date" stat.

Videos from 'that other Brawl'

Though Aksys published these Super Dodgeball Brawlers clips to keep the game fresh in our minds, the videos are also a reminder of the potential that playgrounds have to serve as battle arenas for our nation's youth. Imagine a utopia in which children of all creeds and races, rich or poor, can come together during recess and pummel each other with dodgeballs, crude weapons, and their own two fists. It is a dream we have worked our entire lives to realize.

The Brawl Mode in Super Dodgeball Brawlers is a window to that dream, allowing up to eight kids to battle it out in a no-holds-barred, free-for-all game of Murder Ball. Adolescents are encouraged to swing lead pipes at each other, throw exploding rocks, and transform the dodgeball into a tire-hugging panda whilst a small yapper-type dog cheers them on. Wipe that proud tear from your eye and step past the break for another clip of elementary school children locked in gladiatorial combat.

Gallery: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

See also: 2008's Biggest Blips: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

Continue reading Videos from 'that other Brawl'

Guard your grill: Super Dodgeball Brawlers trailer

We estimate that about 95% of the people who're hyped about Super Dodgeball Brawlers's release are nostalgic fans of the original NES game, scarred veterans of the flickering playground. Publisher Arc System Works must have come to the same conclusion, as its latest promotional trailer introduces the return of the Kunio dodgeball series with "archival footage" of the 1988 title, positioning Brawlers as a modernized remake. Smart move!

This minute-and-a-half-long video has a lot more excitement than the mini-clips we've featured the past two months -- it has florid lines of text flying around, chaotic scenes grabbed from the 8-player free-for-all battle mode, and some dude lifting a vending machine over his head. Expect Super Dodgeball Brawlers to hit Japan this March 19th (the February 21st date advertised in the trailer is from before the game was delayed).

Gallery: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

See also: 2008's Biggest Blips: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

Super Dodgeball Boxarts

According to Amazon, Super Dodgeball Brawlers now has a release date: May 27th. That's pretty far away, but okay! We don't mind having just Dodgeball to play during what is usually a lull in game releases. That's totally fine. Also, take a look at that boxart! It uses the same artwork as the Japanese boxart (which is welcome), with the characters all rearranged and the background replaced with some purple lightning or something.

Most interesting to us is the little "Kunio Series" label on the box. Since there aren't that many Kunio fans who wouldn't already know about this game, we totally take that to mean that Aksys is looking forward to continuing the series. Or they're just making us happy.

See also: 2008's Biggest Blips

You can't dodge these Super Dodgeball Brawlers screens

We haven't really seen much on what is sure to be the sports game of the century: Super Dodgeball Brawlers. Actually, scratch that. We've seen so many different aspects of the game, we can probably already go insane within a mental playground constructed of the game itself. We will feel the agony of being crushed by a 225mph fast ball to the gut. In reality, we'll have just walked into a bus. Probably on the day it releases.

But, we digress. There's always more to look at, more to appreciate about the game. These new screens in our gallery, for example (which come courtesy of JeuxFrance) are more the former: just more of the game to look at.

Gallery: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

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