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Another Week In Japan: Hardware and software numbers 2/4-2/10

Aside from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, the best seller for the DS last week was L, the Prologue to Death Note: Rasen no Wana. It's no surprise that this game did well in Japan, as it's based off a popular anime series. It wasn't enough to help the DS overcome the PSP or Wii this week, though, as Brawl and Mobile Suit Gundam kept their respective systems on top easily.
  • Wii: 81,737
  • PSP: 75,912
  • Nintendo DS: 60,464
  • PlayStation 3: 23,985
  • PlayStation 2: 11,038
  • Xbox 360: 3,615
The rest is the same story as last week, with After-School Boy managing to stay in the top thirty, and a new Brain Age-like game thrown in. Check after the break to get a look at the software rankings and sales.

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Another Week In Japan: Hardware and software numbers 1/28-2/3

It's a sad day for the DS in Japan. As Media Create's hardware figures from last week were released, we found out that not only the Wii topped the DS (like the week before), but also the PSP managed to overtake the dual-screened handheld.

  • Wii: 94,473
  • PSP: 72,528
  • Nintendo DS: 67,472
  • PlayStation 3: 41,796
  • PlayStation 2: 12,115
  • Xbox 360: 6,060
According to Media Create, the DS only had one game in the top ten (Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games). That's not surprising, since there were many new releases on other systems, but it's far from the DS dominance that we're used to. Still, it was nice to see some low-key games like After-School Boy, Taiko Drum Master, and Doraemon Baseball getting love in Japan.

Check after the break to see the full list of software rankings from last week.

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Another Week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 1/21-1/27

We apologize for being late with Japan's sales figures from last week, but when we saw the Wii overtake the DS, we needed a minute to recover. Our beloved handheld was pushed out of the top spot in Japan? If you need to see it to believe it:
  • Wii: 79,000
  • DS: 74,000
  • PSP: 61,000
  • PS3: 29,000
  • PS2: 11,000
  • Xbox 360: 4,200
That's right, folks. According to Famitsu's numbers, the DS was dethroned last week by Nintendo's other system, the Wii. We crosschecked the numbers with Media Create's figures just to be sure, which (to our relief) had the DS ahead by a smidge. Since both numbers are equally credible (we use Famitsu numbers because they come out first), we were glad to see that the Wii didn't triumph as a clear winner. Still, we came to realize something -- Super Smash Bros. Brawl just came out in Japan. Once the sales numbers for the game hit the charts (next week), the Wii will probably blow the DS (and every other system) out of the water.

The DS also slacked slightly in software (compared to previous weeks). While games for the handheld still littered the charts, they didn't dominate over other titles as much as usual. Doraemon Baseball (which we haven't heard much of since its debut) did jump up into the number eight spot, though, while Final Fantasy IV fell out of the top twenty completely. Also, Exit DS came out in Japan last week, starting its run with only 5,500 sales.

Check after the break to see the rest of the software sales for the week of 1/21.

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Another week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 12/17-12/23

Another week in Japan has come and gone, which means yet another week of ridiculous success for the DS. The hardware managed to top 300k for the week, while heavy hitters like Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest IV, and Mario Party DS littered the top ten in the software charts. It was also a good week for baseball game Dorabase, which debuted at the number nine spot with 96k, selling 90% of it's total stock.

  • DS: 319,000
  • Wii: 264,000
  • PSP: 162,000
  • PS3: 51,000
  • PS2: 24,000
  • Xbox 360: 8,100
Check after the break to see the software numbers for 12/17-12/23 in Japan.

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Take me out to the robot cat ballgame

There is a noticeable dearth of robot cat baseball games on the DS -- or robot baseball games, for that matter. Or cat baseball games. Luckily, Dorabase will fulfill that obvious need for the Japanese audience, at least.

It also fulfills another desire of ours. In addition to its wacky concept and equally wacky stylus control scheme, Dorabase will feature some nonstandard tactics. For example, a robotic-penguin-looking hitman can trip a runner by firing at him with a rifle. Kuroemon seems to be able to spin his bat so quickly that he creates a vortex, sucking the pitched ball towards his bat. An item called the "Big Light" increases the ball to an enormous size, so that it crushes any fielder who tries to catch it. As fans of wacky superpowered baseball, we wholeheartedly approve.

Robot cats that play baseball? Where do we sign up?

It's no Baseball Stars, but for those of you craving a good portable baseball game, Dorabase DS might be your best bet. The game is set from a Japanese manga of the same name (sans the "DS" part), featuring a baseball loving, cat-like robot named Kuroemon and his team.

We recently told you about another baseball game called Famitsa DS, but unlike its sounds-like-a-Japanese-magazine counterpart, Dorabase DS utilizes stylus controls. For example, the ball is hit or pitched depending on the direction of the line drawn with the stylus. We know we made that sound as lame as possible, but the controls actually appear to be easy and natural.

Another nice thing about Dorabase DS is the Kuroemon themed, screen cleaning strap "reservation gift" (pictured after the break). Of course, this is (currently) a Japan-only title, so if it strikes your fancy, you'll have to import it come December.

Check out some game-related pictures after the break.

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