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New Indiana Jones game headed to the DS

We're used to seeing the ESRB spill the beans on upcoming games, but this time, that isn't the case. Instead, PEGI, the European rating system, informs us of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, a new Lucasarts game for the DS and PSP. Sadly, that's all we know, but seeing as how we all love Indiana so much (excluding his latest movie), it's enough for us to get excited.

Mega64's 'undisclosed DS guitar game' ad gets rejected

The above video was a proposed advertisement from comedy group Mega64 for Ubisoft's Jam Sessions an undisclosed DS guitar game. Instead of actually being used, the ESRB put the smack down on the troupe's ad for ... well, we'll just let you watch and find out for yourself. We don't want to spoil it for you.

If you liked that, then be sure to head past the break for the "safe for the ESRB" version.

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ESRB says 'konnichiwa' to My Japanese Coach

Following the listing that was found on Gamefly, the ESRB has revealed the above listing for My Japanese Coach, yet another language coaching title. Searching for My Chinese Coach comes up empty, but at least we can all be pretty certain that My Japanese Coach will be releasing to North America. We're totally expecting to hear about it next week at E3.

Exit DS escapes Japan, according to ESRB

We're happy to report that despite their efforts to stop unannounced games from showing up, the ESRB is still a source of news. The latest update reveals that, as seen on Gamefly's "Coming Soon" page, Taito's Exit DS is being planned for release in the U.S. Like Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS, Exit will be published by Taito's parent company, Square Enix.

Exit DS is a new version of Taito's popular PSP/Xbox puzzle platformer Exit, which involves maneuvering a character named Mr. ESC out of buildings, and rescuing other inhabitants while doing so. The DS version adds optional, potentially weird, stylus controls.

Gallery: Exit DS

Tomy localizing Licca-chan doll simulator?

We aren't exactly sure what the "Lovely Lisa" game found on the ESRB database is, but a quick jaunt over to potential Tomy's Japanese website gave us a potential solution. "Lisa" is pretty close to "Licca," as in Licca-chan, their line of fashion dolls. Last year, Tomy released a virtual Licca doll game on the DS, called Licca-chan DS Onna no Ko Lesson (Licca-chan DS Girls' Lessons), a combination of a Licca-chan doll with customizable clothing, and, of course, a suite of minigames.

If this is indeed Licca-chan DS, it might be a step toward launching the doll line in the U.S., in which case you can see the future of the pink aisles in Toys R Us. Or it could just be a cheap game that Tomy thinks they could sell.

ASH pops up on ESRB's site

Tactical title ASH, short for Archaic Sealed Heat, could be headed to the North America. It recently popped up on the ESRB's website, which, as you all know, pretty much means we can expect to hear news confirming our suspicions soon. The question is, though, do any of you still care about it, since it wasn't received with wide, open arms abroad?

Any of you interested in ASH? Did you already import it when it was on sale?

Pictoimage draws near, according to ESRB

Following the trademark registration, we now have more strong evidence that Sega will release their drawing-based party game Pictoimage in the U.S. The title is now rated by the ESRB. Despite an apparent "alcohol reference," it was given an E rating.

Now we want to talk to someone at the ESRB about how you would even rate a game like that. What criteria do you consider when deciding how to rate the content of a game whose content is almost entirely user-generated?

We'll put it another way: what's the first thing your friends are likely to draw in response to any prompt while playing a game like this? Is it suitable for an E-rated game?

Gallery: Pictoimage

ESRB rates Dragon Quest IV, virtually seals U.S. release

The apparently unassuming graphic above, freshly extracted from the ESRB's site, has some pretty serious implications for all of us.

Most obviously, it means that -- yaaaaaay -- Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen has been classified in North America, confirming recent suspicions about certain trademarks. Barring nuclear fallout/meteor strikes/some bizarre volte-face from Square Enix, we're almost certainly getting the game!

It also means that we'll be taking a break from blogging in the next hour or so to go outside, shoot our pistols in the air, and randomly hug strangers. And finally, it means that we'll be buying another damn Square Enix game in the coming months. Seriously, Square, can we not just pay you a flat fee directly from our bank accounts each month? Would probably be simpler.

New Castlevania title: there's good and (potentially) bad news

Mysterious Castlevania title Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia has just appeared on the ESRB website, where it's been rated as -- huzzah! -- a Nintendo DS title. Obviously, you shouldn't need us to tell you why that's good news -- just the fact that it's moar Castlevania should be enough -- but don't go letting the party poppers off just yet.

See, there's something peculiar going on here. For games to be assessed and classified by the ESRB, they need to be in a more or less complete state. In other words, Konami must have finished Order of Ecclesia already. So either:
  1. The company has made a completely unique DS game and kept every aspect of it under wraps (which we found doubtful).
  2. Order of Ecclesia is (as was suspected in some quarters) a port of last year's mobile title, Order of Shadows.
We could be entirely wrong, of course, and either way some Castlevania is better than no Castlevania. But we'd like it to be exclusive.

Downtrodden Taito U.S. employee confirms Arkanoid and Space Invaders

With the boxarts, prices, and release dates on Gamestop's website, it seems like a pretty sure bet that Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS will indeed be published by Square Enix in North America. However, in the absence of an official press release like the one that just came out for Europe, we could use all the confirmation we can get. Two recent bits of information help cement the notion that these games really will come out.

First, Arkanoid has finally joined Invaders as a game rated by the ESRB. The E rating has finally shown up on the ratings board's website, indicating that it is planned for release. Second, Keiji Fujita, the sole Taito rep in the U.S., confirmed it directly in a Gamasutra interview. "Arkanoid was released last year in Japan, and Space Invaders Extreme [was released in February]. In fact, these two games will be published by Square Enix in the United States." Since they're being published by Square Enix, though, Fujita has nothing to do with them -- with the only Taito console games to come out this year.

If we want more Taito games (and we do), then we should maybe consider buying at least one of these two. Fujita said that the future of Taito games, at least as published by Square Enix, hinges on the success of Invaders and Arkanoid.

Ubisoft curls up with the DS for a winter sports game [update]

An ESRB rating has been assigned to a mysterious new game called Curling DS. This is either:
  • a game based on the bizarre (yet popular!) sport in which players slide a rock down some ice and sweep in front of it
  • an exercise game that focuses only on working your arms, or
  • a hair styling game.
To be honest, we would be equally amused by any of these! We are guessing, however, that it's going to be the first one. Could this be a localized version of Rocket Company's Minna no DS Curling (pictured)? Ubisoft (the publisher listed in the ESRB rating) has been known to pick up obscure Japanese titles before!

[Update: a news item on Rocket Company's site confirms that Ubisoft has licensed Minna no DS Curling.]

Space Invaders Extreme shows up on ESRB database along with miscellaneous game

The latest ESRB rating update fuels the pretty believable rumor that Square Enix will be releasing Space Invaders Extreme in the U.S. The Rez-like shooter has shown up in the database, with the same E rating seen on the boxart. Wait, did they release that boxart before the ESRB issued their rating?

While we're (very) happy to see Space Invaders Extreme, we find the listing for Docomodake more interesting. Why would Ignition Entertainment choose to localize a game about the mascot for Japan's NTT DoCoMo cell phone company? The game sounds vaguely interesting, but will they have to pay NTT DoCoMo for the rights to the character? Or will DoCoMo be happy to advertise in a country where they don't offer services?

Also seen on the ESRB page: Chronos Twin, the bizarre time-travel sidescroller that occurs simultaneously in two time periods.

See also: 2008's Biggest Blips -- Space Invaders Extreme

[Via Siliconera]

ESRB throws the Gauntlet (rating) down

A mysterious rating has shown up on the ESRB's search page for a DS game called Gauntlet. Our first assumption is that this would be a continuation of the modern Gauntlet series from Midway, but the game is listed as being published by Eidos. Furthermore, the specifics of the rating (Alcohol Reference, and Fantasy Violence as opposed to the Cartoon, Animated, or just plain Violence described in the others) suggest that this is an original game.

Is it a remake of the arcade game, maybe? Whatever it is, as long as there's top-down arcade (fantasy) violence and the pressing need for food, we're interested. We just hope it's not some kind of Road Rules game.

[Via Siliconera]

DS is the best handheld for the ninja in training

This new game could be hitting North Amercian shores sometime soon. How, you ask? Well, an ESRB listing for the game recently surfaced, calling it Naruto: Ninja Destiny. Sounds appropriate enough.

But, it isn't exactly fact. The game name could pertain to another in the long-running series, but there's a good chance it could be a new Naruto game on the DS. Fighting game? RPG? Only time will tell ...

DS Daily: Do game ratings even matter?

With all the controversy surrounding the Wii's Manhunt 2, we're reminded of a question we've been pondering for some time. In fact, since we here at DS Fanboy were discussing the issue just today, it seems like a good time to get your take on it: do game ratings even matter? It seems as though we all had stories that seemed to indicate that they didn't; so many people don't seem to pay attention to the content of games. In her column at GameSetWatch, Leigh Alexander mentioned something along these lines recently when talking about our secret favorite game: "Look at the bright-and-sunny box art-if parents can be dense enough to grab more forbidding-looking games for their inappropriately-aged kids, you can imagine how many weekend dads will try and bring home a pink-haired cartoon witch to their elementary-school daughters."

It's funny because it's true. Too many parents don't pay attention to anything except the cover, if that, and sometimes it seems that the ratings don't even matter. Anyone who's worked in retail around games can testify to that. It's much worse than with the movie industry, wherein the rating actually seems to make a difference at times. But that's just our opinion -- we're here to find out what you think.

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