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N+ merchandise is like official fan creations

This may be a first: Metanet, creators of the original N, the 360 N+, and the levels for the DS N+, have set up an Etsy shop to sell handmade N+ merchandise. Is it possible for these people to be any cooler? We don't think so, unless they send us some free stuff.

For surprisingly reasonable prices, you can buy ninja t-shirts, really cool-looking stationery sets, and a vinyl cuff (like a big fat bracelet) with an N+ screenshot on it. All of it is very limited-edition (because, like the game, just a few people worked on it), and happens to be very attractive due to the N+ aesthetic. We're putting serious consideration into a set of cards, but we rarely have call for ninja-mail.

Space Invaders get wooden

Deciding that a Triforce cutting board wasn't enough of an outlet for his talents, Etsy user 1337motif went ahead and made one with a Space Invaders theme, too. While $125 is way too much for any normal person to spend on a cutting board, we can't deny the fact that we want it.

If you enjoy the wood-meets-Space Invaders style, though, 1337motif also has some nice, reasonably priced jewelry to offer. Oddly enough, his necklaces look like mini cutting boards. Still, they're cute, and even more importantly, they feature the alienoids from one of our most anticipated games.

[Via Technabob]

Cozy up with Blooper

We're not exactly sure where each of you would place cushions on a list of life's essentials -- they're right next to DS games ending with 'z' on our list -- but if you are a lover of cushions (and some of us live with such people), you may as well be a lover of totally awesome cushions.

That's where Etsy member punzie can help out, because she's crafted a (currently very small) range of $20 Nintendo cushions, including the charming teal Blooper design you see above. While there's only three to choose from right now, she does take requests -- we're half-thinking about asking for a Kuribo's Shoe cushion to call our own. Sit yourself down in your cold, hard, unpadded chair and hit the break for a couple more examples of her work.

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Passing on that fanboy love

As Nintendo fans, we're pretty much required to at least attempt to pass on that love to our spawnlings, and if you're going to do it, you might as well get started early. Y'know, before they can crawl away from you and protest over your choice of clothing. Thanks to Etsy marketeer kaytea, you can start dressing your children in geeky style before they can wriggle out of your insistent hands. The above NES-decorated onesies are available in both yellow and green for $20 -- a bargain for any fanboy parent.

Unimportant side note: You'd better believe one of these is going on the boychild. He's already alarmed.

Rest your DS in these oldschool pouches

Since we're unabashed game enthusiasts, we appreciate any opportunity to combine our love for modern day gaming with our nostalgia for gaming of the past. That's why we find these DS covers to be absolutely darling. The Game Boy cover makes more sense to have, since the system belongs in the same family tree as Nintendo's dual-screened handheld. Yet, the NES controller is a perfect shape for a DS pouch -- and who doesn't love a NES controller? -- so that works, too.

Should you like these as much as we do, you can check them out at Janis13's Etsy store, along with some other DS cases.

[Via Technabob]

It's dangerous to chop vegetables on an unprotected surface alone! Take this!

We'll be honest -- as charming as it was, we found ourselves struggling to understand how the Zelda universe was an appropriate choice of subject for a themed, crochet teapot mat. Eventually, we concluded that, hey, Link does occasionally drink potions in his games, right? And you can also drink ... what? Yes! Tea! Ahem.

Anyway, this Triforce-branded cutting board from Etsy user 1337motif ... we're stumped. Totally at a loss. There's just no reasonable connection between Zelda games and cutting boards. Then again, we're yet to find a more awesome way to chop vegetables, so we'll roll with it. Cough up $125 (yes) and it's yours.

[Via HawtyMcBloggy]

Mega Man scarf is mega sweet

It's been a while since we've seen a Mega Man game akin to the ones of the days of yore, but now, yore comes in scarf form.

Beatboxtaun, the same craftster behind the Punch-Out! scarf, has gone and designed some winter gear based on Mega Man 2 (a game which, incidentally, has one of our favorite video game soundtracks). It might be getting a little too warm for scarves, since spring is just around the corner, but we're sure your nostalgia can keep you cold enough to don this beauty.

What's nice about this scarf is that it not only features the Blue Bomber himself, but also the villains of the game. Now, all she has to do is make a Mega Man 3 scarf that includes Proto Man, and we'd be super happy.

This neck mitten certainly isn't cheap, as it will cost you $150 on Etsy -- but until we get a classic Mega Man game on the DS, this is probably the next best thing. For now, though, we guess we'll have to settle for Mega Man Star Force and the like.

Another picture of the scarf is posted after the break, if you want to see the rest of the villains included.

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These Game Boy plushies smile back at you

Do you love your Game Boy so much that you just want to hug it to death? Then perhaps instead of a game system, you should have a plushie. These cute little handheld dolls also have sweet little facial expressions, making them all the more lovable.

The best thing about KungFuCowgirl's Etsy creations is that they're not ridiculously overpriced. They only cost $14 a pop, which is very reasonable for something handmade. We love craftsters, but we always appreciate them more when they don't exploit our gaming love for everything it's worth.

[Via Technabob]

Space Invaders on our ears and necks

Every week it seems like we show you some sort of Space Invaders or Pac-Man themed memorabilia. We don't know why it's so hard to let go of these characters from the arcade days of yore, but it is -- so we won't.

Neither will crafter Pardalote, who makes adorable beaded Invaders jewelry like the earrings shown above. The best news is, the earrings and necklaces are reasonably priced, especially for handmade items. You can see for yourself at the Australian's Etsy store here.

Do any of you geekettes out there like these, too? Or is this blogger just blinded by her love for all things Space Invaders?

[Via Technabob]

Take that, books

A crafter going by the nom-de-Etsy cyberhadji has created some incredible original Mario character art, and printed it onto (scans of) thematically appropriate vintage book pages. The effect is convincing enough, but by using photo paper instead of actual book pages, he is able to create non-fading images. The print-over-book-page technique elevates what would be lovely fan art to art, we think.

In addition to the Bloober pictured above, cyberhadji has created a Frog Mario, a Baby Mario, a Lakitu, and a Cheep Cheep. There's also a wonderful series of Katamari Damacy prints that, regrettably, aren't appropriate for display on a DS blog (what with there not being a Katamari game and all.) These are perfect for the "vaguely classy but still totally nerdy" look we're all trying to pull off in our homes.

[Via Wonderland]

This piranha plant won't bite you

We usually don't feel warm and fuzzy when thinking about piranha plants, but we suppose it can't be helped when one actually is warm and fuzzy. Still, years of training (read: playing Mario games) have conditioned us to keep our fingers away from these beasts, even if they look harmless.

This precious pincushion was made by a Toronto artist named FoulFowl, and was wet and needle felted. Since we're domestically challenged, we're not exactly sure what that entails, but it sounds impressive -- at least, we hope so, since the craft is set at $25.

[Via Technabob]

YA RLY: Another homemade case

Norwegian craftster Silje sewed together this charming pouch to protect her Pink DS Lite and separate her games from the clutter in her purse. It's amazing what can be done with just buttons, ribbons, a cute print, and a sewing machine! Silje picked up the owl fabric from an Etsy shop with dozens of similarly playful patterns, if you're interested in tackling a case project of your own.

The back of the pouch has three cart slots that secure their contents with a button and ribbon system similar to the enclosure on the front. You can see a close-up of those pockets and another shot of the case after the break!

Continue reading YA RLY: Another homemade case

Nintendo collages for Nintendoholics

If your love for Nintendo is so great that you not only need Nintendo things hanging about, but Nintendo things made from Nintendo things, you'll probably enjoy these collages.

Artist Chris Lange (Etsy user sscjl14) is offering to create customizable collages of Nintendo characters, made completely out of Nintendo Power magazines. The results are pretty neat, no doubt, but you probably have to really bleed Nintendo love to shell out $250 for one of these 20 X 30 inch pieces of art. Still, we love the concept, and can't help but gawk at this kind of stuff even if we'll never buy it.

Check after the break if you're interested in seeing two more of his creations.

Continue reading Nintendo collages for Nintendoholics

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