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You! can buy Exclamation Warriors! YES!

The multiplayer-only shouting-based game Zekkyou Senshi Sakeburein (Exclamation Warriors Sakeburein) was made available by Nintendo only to Club Nintendo members who bought enough games to earn the points for it. Retailer YesAsia has now made the game available to a slightly larger group: people with $36. Take that, exclusivity!

We don't know how they did it; maybe they opened all the games in their warehouse and got the Club Nintendo codes out. We also don't care, because the end result is awesome. If you've got a few friends who like to shout in Japanese while playing video games (uh, so, if you're a Naruto fan), then this Power Rangers/Super Sentai spoof may be for you! Or if you like things that are normally hard to obtain, obviously.

[Via NeoGAF]

New puzzle from Nintendo: How to get this puzzle from Nintendo

Nintendo showed off some new giveaways for Japanese Club Nintendo members, and we thought we could all wallow in our misery together. We all buy so many Nintendo games in the U.S. and Europe, and what do we get for it? The games? Bah. Occasional stylus sets and that one time we got a Zelda collection don't make up for the fact that we have no chance at any of the awesome stuff that Japanese game buyers can get.

In addition to the previously-mentioned Exclamation Warriors game, Club Nintendo members can now choose from an assortment of DS Lite and DS card cases, a canvas Wiimote box (which we don't mind missing out on that much) and this awesome star-shaped Ten Billion Barrel puzzle.

It's a new Club Nintendo-themed version of a puzzle invented by Gunpei Yokoi and released by Nintendo in 1980, and it would certainly look nice on our desk. Just another limited-edition item that shows Nintendo's appreciation for its customers ... in Japan.

Exclamation Warriors sounds awesome

NeoGAFfer rareside got a copy of Exclamation Warriors Sakeburein, the Japan-only Club Nintendo giveaway game that we have no chance of getting to play, ever, and wrote up some impressions. If you're interested in playing a multiplayer-only brawler that uses voice commands, then this is the game for you-- you're welcome to share in our intense feelings of jealousy.

The game is a basic brawler, using the B button for attacks, until you build up enough power. You then yell "Change bakuretsu" to transform, giving you access to stronger attacks and voice-controlled special moves, such as "quake" and a higher "jump."

If we lived in Japan, and had a bunch of Club Nintendo points, and some friends, we would be all over this game. We considered using our power and influence as popular DS bloggers to try to score some points, but then we remembered that we don't have any power or influence.

Club Nintendo brightens up yet another Japanese day

If it's not Tingle's Balloon Fight, it's a Game & Watch compilation. If it's not that compilation, it's kickass swag. Anytime we hear about Club Nintendo, we become incredibly jealous and often find ourselves just crying away half of the day. Those Japanese gamers get all the good stuff!

This time around, they're getting yet another unique game in Exclamation Warriors Sakeburein. The game is apparently multiplayer only, for 2-3 players, and is only played through the microphone. Moves are performed by all players shouting them at the same time. If it's anything like Brain Age, we're sure players will find themselves frustrated when trying to play.

Hit the link to check out one of Nintendo's experience videos and some screens for the game.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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