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Mr. ESC plans his exit to Europe

An official website for Exit DS in Europe just launched, and its first order of business was to announce that the game is on its way to the region. When can fine European individuals such as yourself expect to get your hands on the game? This month!

A release day hasn't been finalized yet, so we're not sure as to when this month the game will release. Seeing as how this month is half over, at least you won't have to wait that long.

Gallery: Exit DS

Taito producers talk Exit DS, The Legend of Kage 2

We spent most of this year enthralled by the prospect of Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS. Now that they've shipped, we've transferred our Taito game anticipation to the two upcoming games The Legend of Kage 2 and Exit DS.

Jeremy Parish interviewed the producers of each game, learning interesting factoids about both. For example, Lancarse, part ofthe Etrian Odyssey development team, is responsible for Kage 2. And for the first time that we've seen, a Taito developer acknowledges the NES Demon Sword as a Kage series game -- before dismissing it. We had been wondering about that! And despite being a Taito side-view game with a lot of elevators (and, yes, some action), Exit was not inspired by Elevator Action.

Gallery: The Legend of Kage 2

Gallery: Exit DS

Source - Kage 2
Source - Exit DS

E308: Square Enix's E3 lineup in (a few) pictures

Following the announcement of the titles on display at this year's E3, Square Enix released one screenshot of each of the new games. Above, you'll see the single, very blown-up image of Chrono Trigger DS. After the break, new screen of Final Fantasy IV, Exit DS, The Legend of Kage 2, and Dragon Quest IV.

The Final Fantasy IV and Dragon Quest IV screens definitely feature the English versions of the game, but with the other three, it's kind of hard to tell for various reasons! The Chrono Trigger image has no text, so it sort of doesn't matter if the screen has been localized or not. Exit has English text, but it's the same English text found in the Japanese game. And Kage has both Japanese and English elements in its interface. If we hadn't just been told these games were coming out over here, we wouldn't be sure if these games were coming out over here.

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E308: Square Enix confirms North American release of Exit, Legend of Kage 2

Square Enix has announced its E3 lineup, and it features two ... not surprises, exactly, but games whose releases have so far been unconfirmed. We're very happy to see two more games from Taito's DS lineup, Exit DS and The Legend of Kage 2, planned for U.S. release. Maybe Arkanoid and Space Invaders Extreme are doing okay at retail!

Like the previous pair, Exit DS and Kage 2 are shipping simultaneously, on October 7. While Arkanoid and Space Invaders were both based on moving left to right and destroying columns of enemies on the top screen, Exit DS and Kage 2 are both side-scrolling platform action games. It's like these pairs were planned from the start! But where does that leave poor Pet Shop Monogatari?

On the non-Taito side, Square Enix will show off Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest IV, and Chrono Trigger.

Gallery: Exit DS

Gallery: The Legend of Kage 2


Exit DS escapes Japan, according to ESRB

We're happy to report that despite their efforts to stop unannounced games from showing up, the ESRB is still a source of news. The latest update reveals that, as seen on Gamefly's "Coming Soon" page, Taito's Exit DS is being planned for release in the U.S. Like Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS, Exit will be published by Taito's parent company, Square Enix.

Exit DS is a new version of Taito's popular PSP/Xbox puzzle platformer Exit, which involves maneuvering a character named Mr. ESC out of buildings, and rescuing other inhabitants while doing so. The DS version adds optional, potentially weird, stylus controls.

Gallery: Exit DS

Gamefly lists Exit, Legend of Kage 2 for U.S. release

It looks like Square Enix has deigned to release two more of Taito's DS games! Either that or another publisher noticed how awesome Taito's DS lineup is and decided to take a piece. Gamefly's "Coming Soon" list now lists both Exit DS and The Legend of Kage 2 for release on September 30. What an excellent day that will be for people who like to play games about running from the left to the right.

We couldn't be more thrilled, unless this were a 100% official confirmation that we could be sure wouldn't turn out to be a crushing disappointment. We really want to play Kage 2, and we want to help boost the Taito U.S. guy's self-esteem.

Read: The Legend of Kage 2
Read: Exit

Another Week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 1/21-1/27

We apologize for being late with Japan's sales figures from last week, but when we saw the Wii overtake the DS, we needed a minute to recover. Our beloved handheld was pushed out of the top spot in Japan? If you need to see it to believe it:
  • Wii: 79,000
  • DS: 74,000
  • PSP: 61,000
  • PS3: 29,000
  • PS2: 11,000
  • Xbox 360: 4,200
That's right, folks. According to Famitsu's numbers, the DS was dethroned last week by Nintendo's other system, the Wii. We crosschecked the numbers with Media Create's figures just to be sure, which (to our relief) had the DS ahead by a smidge. Since both numbers are equally credible (we use Famitsu numbers because they come out first), we were glad to see that the Wii didn't triumph as a clear winner. Still, we came to realize something -- Super Smash Bros. Brawl just came out in Japan. Once the sales numbers for the game hit the charts (next week), the Wii will probably blow the DS (and every other system) out of the water.

The DS also slacked slightly in software (compared to previous weeks). While games for the handheld still littered the charts, they didn't dominate over other titles as much as usual. Doraemon Baseball (which we haven't heard much of since its debut) did jump up into the number eight spot, though, while Final Fantasy IV fell out of the top twenty completely. Also, Exit DS came out in Japan last week, starting its run with only 5,500 sales.

Check after the break to see the rest of the software sales for the week of 1/21.

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Get into Exit DS with this Flash demo

Taito has finally uploaded the Flash demo for Exit DS, and we aren't sure if it was actually the best thing to do. We can only hope that the real stylus controls work better than the mouse controls in this simulated version. To move Mr. ESC around in this demo, you click on him and then drag in the direction you'd like him to move, or tap him and tap a destination. To interact with an item or the environment, you click on Mr. ESC and then the item. That part took us a while to figure out, causing our hapless Mr. ESC to make multiple attempts to extinguish a fire bodily.

Rather than making the game's operation either fresh or simple, as the best new control schemes do, this wacky scheme obfuscates what would be some simple movement, and makes tedious chores out of just about every motion. Of course, the DS version also has the option to play with a normal control scheme, so you should look not only at the controls, but also at the demo as a whole when deciding whether to grab Exit DS or to run away. We think the puzzle-adventure gameplay manages to shine through the mess.

[Via GoNintendo]

Mr. ESC is a lifesaver, knows his way around a building

We've made our interest in a certain game involving rescuing certain individualities from certain doom in certain dangerous situations well-known (certainly!). With each new piece of media that comes, whether it be screens or video, like in this latest trailer, our desire grows. It was given great marks on the PSP and folks seemed to dig it on XBLA, so we're excited to see how the game will fare on the DS and how the different control schemes will handle.

Gallery: Exit DS

Don't escape from these Exit screens

The upcoming Exit DS is something that we, honestly, can't wait to get our hands on. Frankly, we were jealous the PSP got to enjoy the game for quite some time. Finally, our jealousy can be neatly stowed into an overhead compartment on some plane off to nowhere.

These fresh screens come courtesy of Game Watch and number in the lots. Seriously, Game Watch has tons of screens up and they're pretty good. Frankly, we need this game. What about you all?

Gallery: Exit DS

Taito's terrific trailers (Exit DS, Arkanoid DS, Legend of Kage 2, and Cooking Mama 2)

Much like with yesterday's fantastic Space Invaders Extreme clip, Taito put out new promotional videos for four of its upcoming games -- Exit DS, Arkanoid DS, Legend of Kage 2, and Cooking Mama 2. The three-and-a-half-minute Exit DS trailer above, in particular, is pretty slick, reminiscent of Lucky Number Slevin's opening credits. Despite the touchscreen control issues many brought up when previewing Exit DS at the past TGS event, the action-puzzler looks pretty fun!

The rest of the streaming videos are available for you to check out at Dengeki's news page. Make sure to watch the Legend of Kage 2 clip all the way through, as the gameplay bits have been tucked at the end, after all the character art and gusts of cherry blossom petals.

Exit from traditional control schemes, if you'd like

We've been wondering about the relative wackiness of Exit DS's controls since we first got word of a DS adaptation of the PSP game. Would Taito emulate the PSP's pad-and-buttons approach? Would we be sending Mr. ESC out of disaster situations with deft stylus maneuvers! As it turns out, the answer is yes! To both! Alternately!

Taito has opted for the smartest control scheme possible: either one. There's a PSP-style control scheme that uses the buttons, or a new DS-style scheme that allows you to trace Mr. ESC's route lines with the stylus. Not only does this allow you to play in the style you prefer, it basically turns Exit DS into two fairly divergent games. Check the link for new screens!

Play Arkanoid DS right now

The websites for Taito's largely retro-tastic DS lineup have all appeared, just in time for TGS. Unfortunately, the text is not going to be of much use to anyone who can't read Japanese (or, as personal experience can attest to, anyone who can only kind of read Japanese). And even if it were, most of the links in the sites are still greyed out, awaiting updates.

However, the site for Arkanoid DS contains treasure in the form of a generous five-round Flash demo. We are impressed, both with Taito's largesse and with the actual game. New additions to Arkanoid include a robotic voice that announces the name of every powerup you pick up, and thumping, hypnotic techno music courtesy of Zuntata. We didn't even know Arkanoid needed techno music, but it turns out it totally does.

Speaking of thumping techno music, the Space Invaders Extreme site is basically a browser rave-- which works, for us. Here are all the new Taito DS game sites:
  • Arkanoid DS
  • Cooking Mama 2
  • Exit DS
  • The Legend of Kage 2
  • Pet Shop Story DS
  • Space Invaders Extreme
A demo for Exit DS will be on the game's site soon, but the link is inactive at the moment. May we suggest playing the Arkanoid demo as a way to pass the time?

[Via GoNintendo]

Taito goes DS-only at TGS

Taito knows where the money is in the Japanese video game market: the DS. Thus it seems that they've decided to concentrate their development efforts on games for the money-printing handheld. The company released the list of games they'll be displaying at this year's Tokyo Game Show, and every single one is a DS title.

Most of the games are things that we already know (and have said "yay") about, but two games are new: the first is Space Invaders Extreme, which, we hope, is either more of an update than Space Invaders Revolution or includes Akkanvader. We also hope it works with the Arkanoid paddle controller. The other is Pet Shop Monogatari DS, which is an RPG about a pet shop.

The lineup includes: Cooking Mama 2, Exit DS, Arkanoid DS (and its controller), The Legend of Kage 2, Pet Shop Monogatari DS, and Space Invaders Extreme. All games that we would totally play at TGS ... if we were going. Which we aren't.

Escape with these new Exit screens

Alright, we've seen scans and now we have a lush new gallery so we can ogle the slick art style of Exit DS, but what we really need is a little information on the control scheme for the port. After all, the PSP version debuted to mixed reviews; while many praised the art style (we can only agree), it was the pacing and control scheme that racked up frowns and the occasional head-shake. Per Jeux-France, this version is being (re)developed exclusively for the DS, so perhaps we can hope for more than just a rearranging of screens. The Japanese version isn't set until January of next year, but we'll keep an eye out for the news as it develops.

Gallery: Exit DS

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