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Famicom Lite

Genius modder Kotomi is at it again. A couple of years ago, he redid a DS Phat in the old Famicom colors -- his favorite console, apparently -- but as he recently came into some free time, he realized it was time to live in the now. At least, as "now" as you can be when doing a modern system over in the colors of a retro console.

With a black DS Lite as his base, the modder worked his magic, and the result is simply stunning (and shiny!). Kotomi says he's got some more projects in the pipeline at present, so we'll be keeping an eye on this master.

Want more? We've got a few of his other, older projects in the gallery below.

Gallery: The best (and worst) handheld mods

Someone put a damn unicycling llama on their DSPretty much the best DS Lite mod everWhere once there was beauty, there now lives despairTwo Lites enter, one Lite leavesHalo DS a reality after all

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Promotional Consideration: Dragon Quest IV commercials were weird

With the Dragon Quest IV DS remake announced for the US and Europe this week, we thought it'd be good a time to dig up Enix's commercials for the original Famicom game's release in Japan. They're completely different from the retro ads used last November when the DS remake shipped.

As with Squaresoft's chocobo commercials for Final Fantasy IV on the Super Famicom (launching a little over a year after Dragon Quest IV), these ads were just plain odd! They show hardly any in-game video, relying on logos and recognizable theme music instead. Gather your party and meet us in the fifth chapter, past the post break, for the commercials.

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Clean up with a cheap Famicom-style towel

NCSX is selling their remaining stock of these lovely red-and-gold Famicom towels for just $13.90 each. These are big beach towels with the "Family Computer" logo and some controller outlines emblazoned on them, and they were originally produced by Banpresto in 2005.

We're guessing that, for some reason, the segment of NCSX's customer base that regularly visits the beach is smaller than they expected. If we needed a beach towel, we would totally buy this one, but we have no use for a beach towel, much like most shut-in game nerds. Well, except for when we run out of regular towels and we have to awkwardly dry off after our shower with one of these giant things. But we're not buying a beach towel just for that.

Familator taken out for a test-Familate

We are still fascinated by this gigantic, impractical Famicom cartridge adapter. That's why we were delighted when GAME Watch picked up one of CYBER Gadget's CYBER Familator Lite adapters and tested it out, taking plenty of pictures during the process. Unsurprisingly, but still sadly, the various issues with the device make it a suboptimal method of playing Famicom games.

Most notably, you can't plug a second controller in, meaning also that the Famicom microphone (which is embeded in the player 2 controller) cannot be used. Also, the system can't hook up to the Famicom Disk System. The Familator also suffers compatibility issues with a few games, including Bases Loaded.

GAME Watch did a side-by-side comparison of the Familator's TV output of Xevious to the Wii's Virtual Console version of the same game, and found that the colors and the sound were inferior, even without taking into account the Wii's ability to use component and D-terminal connections. Battery life was, of course, also an issue.

None of these concerns are exactly dealbreakers, but even as a novelty it would be hard to justify the expense of such an item without excellent performance.

CYBER Familator Lite: Faminow available

The CYBER Familator has been described as "... unique ..." , "neat", and "Nomad-sized" by our commenters. And now we'll finally get an opportunity to purchase this critically-acclaimed item. Starting tomorrow, NCSX will offer the DS Lite Famicom adapter for $68.

Yes, you could easily load up a bunch of ROMs on a Flash card or whatever, but you shouldn't. Whenever possible, we do enjoy having an option for retrogaming that doesn't involve violating copyright. And anyway, if you're looking at this huge thing in terms of its real-world utility, you kind of missed the point. This item is fully in "wacky contraption" territory.

Dragon Quest V screens for comparison and perusal

Square Enix has released new images from the upcoming DS remake of Dragon Quest V, and that means two things for you: a gallery of spiffy new(ish) shots, and several comparison images. With two earlier versions to look at, we just couldn't help finding some comparable shots and setting them up side-by-side for your viewing pleasure. You can check them out after the jump, and the new DS images are all safely tucked away in our gallery below, along with some character art.

Gallery: Dragon Quest V

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Famicom adapter makes the DS useful

Finally, we can stop playing all those awful DS and Game Boy Advance games on our DS Lite. Really, we like the hardware, but we want to play real games on the thing. Like Final Fantasy III, Dragon Quest IV, and Ys, not whatever's out on the DS. We're sure you feel the same way.

That's why we think CYBER Gadget's CYBER Familator Lite is so great. Based on their CYBER Familator "Famiclone," It plugs into the DS's GBA slot and allows the system to play genuine (and pirate, we suppose) Famicom cartridges. And, with the right Gyromite cartridge, it'll play American games too. It even has TV out, making it a fully functional Famicom!

It'll be out in Japan next month, but CYBER Gadget has yet to announce the price. The amazing name will probably bump it up an extra 1000 yen or so. Familator.

Sleuth site and a detective demo

It's doubtful that any publishers will ever pick up Detective Saburo Jinguji for North American localization, but with adventure titles making a comeback on the DS, maybe it's not that farfetched of a dream?

Developer Arc System Works has posted a teaser site to drum up interest for the seasoned private eye's DS debut, detailing some of the its features and providing a Flash demo for visitors to try out. Though the trial consists mostly of Japanese dialogue and menus, it's a nice preview of the game's jazzy soundtrack and photographic presentation. Plus, if you investigate the crime scene enough, you might come across some familiar consoles!

Hardboiled detective title coming to the DS, but not the US

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Tantei Jinguuji Saburou's (Detective Saburo Jinguji) debut on the Famicom Disk System, WorkJam plans to bring the adventure game series to the DS. Despite appearing on a multitude of consoles ranging from mobile phones to the PS2, the chain-smoking sleuth's bebop-jazz-filled murder mysteries haven't yet been localized for the US audience.

Given the success of Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk in the states, both of them also being adventure titles, perhaps we'll finally see an English translation for this one? Come on Atlus, we can cross Touch Detective 2 off the possible-projects list and bring this gumshoe game over instead, right?

Players investigate their cases through menu-based interrogations and actions, piecing together clues found at crime scenes while taking Saburo through Shinjuku's tough streets. Bring your magnifying glass and deerstalker hat past the post break for screenshots of the stylish DS title and a gameplay trailer from the series' GBA release, Detective Saburo Jinguji: The Woman With the White Shadow.

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The most hardcore Mario yet

So, you found all the coins in New Super Mario Brothers? Easy. All the levels on Super Mario World? No problem. If you're after a real challenge, try Hard Relay Mario Brothers. This swirling maelstrom of spikes, jumps and spinning fireballs looks almost impossible to play through. You'll need to take advantage of minor glitches in the game to complete this emulator-only hack. You'll also need patience, skill and balls of steel if you want to make it to the end. Making use of emulator save states might also give you an edge.

A lot of the jumps here involve lining Mario up exactly with the bottom of each block. If this done correctly, the game tries to push Mario through the block, enabling him to jump again. Around the 11.30 mark, more than 20 of these jumps are strung together - impressive stuff.

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DS Daily: Toys and tie-ins

Yesterday, we showed you some bounty from NCSX: fun little doodads, "lifestyle items," apparel, furnishings, and such with video game connections. We already know you guys are fans of video games (or Nintendogs), so we know you're the target audience for this kind of stuff. We also know that you've got the drive to collect burned into you from a decade of catching 'em all and a few years under Nook's totalitarian regime.

But we also know that games are really expensive, and sometimes if you don't have a job (or, in some cases, even if you have two jobs) you can barely afford to buy games, you just have to let the Um Jammer Lammy alarm clocks go unpurchased.

Is your desk decorated with game-related toys? Do you have the Famicom-shaped version of everything you can have a Famicom-shaped version of? Or do you prefer to save your game money for games?

Complete World 1-1 without looking, get on TV

It got one guy on TV, at least, in Japan. Super Mario Bros. has completely become a spectator event, and deservedly so-- check out this guy's virtuoso performance of the first stage (of the Famicom Mini version of Super Mario Bros. played on a DS Lite). Sure, he wanders a bit, but that's only because he's playing it without looking.

We're going to start training to perform this feat ourselves. And then we're going to practice our creepy vacant smile so we'll be ready for our big television debut. Check out the video after the break.

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Cartridge takes a beating, keeps on ticking

Apparently an up-and-comer in the Japanese celebrity world, Haruna Anno has decided to test the toughness and durability of a couple SNES (Super Famicom) cartridges. All being Street FIghter II: The World Warrior, one was left to freeze in an icebox, another left to burn on a stove and the last was chucked down a flight of steps.

The conclusion? Upon placing each game into the console and turning it on, they all worked and played fine! Amazing, especially in the case of the one subjected to fire, as it had to be filed down to actually fit into the console. So has this launched her further up the ranks of the Japanese celebrity list? We don't know, but now at least we know our cartridges might be safe if we accidentally flung them down a flight of stairs.

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