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Sweet, delicious release date and teaser for Viva Pinata

One of Rare's overworked carrier pigeons just landed on our windowsill, bringing with it some candy crucial news: Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise will be launching across North America on September 2nd, in Europe on September 5th, and in the rest of the world beginning September 11th. That's exciting enough (and hey: really soon), but that's not where the happy news ends: Rare also took the time to film a second spoof video for its game, again poking fun at the terribly serious Halo 3 teasers from 2007. You can watch the first after the break (and please do watch it if you haven't already).

Release dates here
"Museum" video here
Our Rare interview here

Gallery: Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise

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E308: Viva Pinata was an Xbox game?

Okay, confession time: I never played Viva Piñata the first time around. The allure of festive animal husbandry was insufficient to entice me into the console purchase required. I've researched the original (by, uh, watching some YouTube videos and such), but I went into my quick demo of Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise without a real preconceived notion of how Viva Piñata is supposed to look or play.

How was this ever anything but a DS game? The tasks involved in playing Viva -- watering and planting plants, clearing land, building structures for critters -- make so much sense in the top-down perspective of Pocket Paradise that it's hard to imagine this game in a different perspective on a different system. It would be so much harder, I think, to manage a large-scale garden in a more zoomed-in view. Having a larger, wider look at the goings-on in the garden makes the game seem more natural and easier.

Gallery: Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise

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E308: Bushels of excitement sprout as Harvest Moon trailer is revealed

A simple, relaxing day on the farm. Sounds like a perfect treat to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities, hostile takeovers and estate settlements. The Pensky file will have to wait, because the brand new trailer for Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness has arrived, and it will charm the pants off you.

Natsume was quick to deliver its E3 lineup, and they have already begun showering us with fertile, productive videos and news. Nice one! Go on -- use your powers of vision to check out the above video, then use your powers of purchasing to buy the thing when it comes out. Harvest Moon is a pretty failsafe franchise.

Gallery: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

Natsume makes us a happy blog with new Harvest Moon screens

The fine folk at Natsume just sent over a couple of new screens from latest installment in their popular Harvest Moon franchise, upcoming DS title Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness. For those of you familiar with the franchise, you should pretty much know what to expect. Farming, tending to livestock and interacting with NPCs is usually the order for the day, so we don't expect this title to be any different. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you. We like taking care of virtual cows as much as the next DS-obsessed blog.

Hit up our gallery below for the new screens from Island of Happiness.

Gallery: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

North America harvests Rune Factory 2 this fall

In the best DS news we'll hear all day (depending on which DS Fanboy staff member you ask), Natsume announced that they're bringing Rune Factory 2 to North America this fall. While we predicted localization would happen eventually, it was always a matter of when, so we're glad to see it being taken care of. Considering that the first game in the series took a year to find its way over here, a nine-month delay (Japan got the game last January) doesn't seem too bad at all.

While we initially thought this sequel would be too similar to the original Rune Factory, the premise adds some freshness into the RPG-Harvest Moon formula. In Rune Factory 2, you not only play as the main character, Kyle, but later you take over as his child. The game therefore spans two generations, providing us with double the fun.

If you share our excitement, make sure to check out the first English screens in our gallery below.

Gallery: Rune Factory 2

[Via press release]

Harvest Moon: Chicken of Happiness

Okay, the bad news first: it looks like that rumored delay for Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness was not only true, but understated: while GameStop still says July 29, Amazon now says August 26, and other recent updates to their listing seem to indicate that they know what's going on.

Those "other recent updates" form the good news: if you preorder Island of Happiness from Amazon, you get this amazingly cute plush chicken and chick, both of which look like they came from the Pac-Man cartoon. We don't care when it's coming out or, really, what the game is: we just want the spheroid chicken.

Gallery: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

[Via CAG]

Rumor: Harvest Moon: Delay of Frustration

Once mooted for a June 8th release, Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness now looks like being held up for almost two months, after Gamestop listed a revised release date of July 29th.

Oh, sure, that's not the same as official confirmation from Natsume by any means, but we won't lie to you: we're all worried sick. Our cow, Clover (far right), is so concerned she's barely yielding any milk, the sheep are bleating more than usual, while mealtimes at the old farmhouse are now conducted in deathly silence. Even the chickens look sort of anxious.

Gallery: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

[Via Go Nintendo]

Ubisoft harvests a new farming game

Ubisoft is entering the farm sim genre, bringing a game called Farm Life to the Nintendo DS. While it may not be as good as the games in the Harvest Moon series (that remains to be seen), we doubt it could be as bad as John Deere: Harvest in the Heartland. At any rate, we don't mind there being some more agriculture love on our favorite handheld.

The source for this information is the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle, which (if you don't sprechen Deutsche) is the German version of the ESRB.

Spencer Yip over at Siliconera also noticed a rating for another Ubisoft DS game called Midnight Play Pack. Anyone want to speculate on what this game might be? (Keep it clean, folks.)

2008's Biggest Blips: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

Developer: Marvelous
Publisher: Marvelous/Natsume
Release: June 8

When it comes to light-hearted, adorable games that make us want to smile, the Harvest Moon games top the list. The formula is relatively simple: grow and harvest crops, woo boy/girl, forge friendships, lather, rinse, repeat. Yet, if playing Harvest Moon doesn't tug at your heartstrings even a tiny bit, you're probably the kind of person that eats babies for a living. Not that there's anything wrong with that (in fact, we have an excellent barbecue sauce recipe, if you're interested).

In case you need even more evidence that the Harvest Moon series is full of feel-good games, the two upcoming entries for the DS are subtitled Cute and Island of Happiness. How much sweeter can you get without dying from an immediate sugar coma?

Borrowing a page from Lost in Blue, Island of Happiness kicks off with your character and a handful of friends stranded on a deserted island. As the game world changes and the number of buildings increases, more and more people start settling there. The game features 100 different NPCs, some of whom are bachelors (or bachelorettes, depending on whether you start the game as a girl or boy) that you can woo and marry. The game also features 3D graphics and utilizes stylus controls, thereby making full use of the handheld's capabilities.

We only wish more games could be as relaxing and refreshing as those in the Harvest Moon series. As far as we're concerned, all games could use a good dose of Harvest Moon in them. To prove our point, we've made a few suggestions of game mash-ups that we'd like to see happen.

1. Harvest Moon meets Contra in Super Seed

Is it just a coincidence that one of the heroes of Contra is Lance Bean? If you ask us, this game is just begging for a Harvest Moon infused sequel.

2. Harvest Moon meets Resident Evil in Mansion of Magical Itchy ... Tasty

Did you ever stop to think that zombies need a little love, too? Did Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine ever take the time to invite the zombies to a festival, or try to gain some heart points with a platter of fried brains? Maybe impaling people is just the tyrant's way of indicating that he'd really like someone to bring him a kebab.

3. Harvest Moon meets Metroid in Metroid Prime: Gatherers

Samus has done enough hunting. It's time for her to switch gears.

4. Harvest Moon meets Castlevania in Dawn of Happiness

Castlevania needs to turn that frown upside down. Dawn of Sorrow? No thanks, Debbie Downer IGA.

5. Harvest Moon meets Dementium in A Wonderful Ward

Ending up in a mysterious place without knowing why you're there isn't uncommon in the Harvest Moon games. If one of these protagonists ended up in Redmoor Hospital, we're sure they'd spend their time planting crops and making friends with the locals.

Gallery: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

N+ Back Come the revolution

DS Fanboy Review: John Deere: Harvest in the Heartland

What do tractors, video games, and shoveling up cow poop have in common? If you guessed John Deere: Harvest in the Heartland, you probably read the title of this review. In case you haven't heard of this brand-licensed game, though, it's essentially a farming simulator that was recently released for the Nintendo "Niche Games Haven" DS.

While the brand might not mean much to gussied up city folk, Deere & Company happens to be the world's leading manufacturer of farming equipment (thanks, Wikipedia!). In fact, the John Deere brand became so popular that it incited a horrible fashion trend a few years ago that led to people who weren't truckers wearing trucker hats. But, what does this all mean for Harvest in the Heartland? Is it possible that John Deere would not only find success in agriculture and fashion, but in video games as well? Let's find out, shall we?

Continue reading DS Fanboy Review: John Deere: Harvest in the Heartland

Rune Factory 2 screens give us deja vu

As we see more and more Rune Factory 2 screens, it's becoming pretty evident that the game is going to be almost exactly like its predecessor, only with slightly altered characters and possibly a kind-of-different storyline.

Does the prospect of an extremely similar game excite you Rune Factory fans, or was one time around enough? Since we loved the first game so much, we're going to go with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra, although it'd be nice to see a few more changes made to the sequel.

You can check out some more screens that probably won't surprise you after the break.

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Rune Factory 2 manufactures some fresh screens

If checking out screens of in-game characters conversing is your idea of a good time, then put on your favorite jig-dancing shoes and prepare to get down. Dengeki put up some new screens for Rune Factory 2 and they're focused on the fun conversations one will have in the game.

So, be sure to head on over and check those out, should you be so inclined.

See also: Additional screenshots and the Japanese extras

The Rune Factory also manufactures videos

The website for the fantasy-farming sequel*, Rune Factory 2, has been updated with new character art and, most importantly, a new trailer. Marvelous is throwing everything they can at the audience, pulling out the full bag of Japanese trailer tricks: anime intros, soaring J-pop background music, and, on occasion, footage of the game.

While the trailer smartly focuses on aspects of the game that play well in trailers, like romance and fighting, you can also see plenty of the farming action that Harvest Moon series fans care for. If you look over at the monsters page, you can check out some of the creatures that your hero Kyle can capture and tame, many of which look suspiciously similar to livestock. Or Gollum. All of these creatures can be found in the previous Rune Factory, with the exception of the "Orc Viking," who is not nearly as cute as the Woolly seen here. Also be sure to hit the system page for new screens.

*That is, a farming game in a fantasy sequel. You don't actually grow fantasies.

Rune looks like a lady

With only a few weeks left before the North American release of Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (5/1), developer Neverland Co. has announced a sequel to its farming sim and RPG hybrid. The latest issue of Famitsu has screenshots for the follow-up, and they show a remarkable amount of improvement to the original's graphics.

It's still too early to call the redhead protagonist's gender, but our money's on the character being a guy. You can never tell these days, what with all the effeminate farmhands running around. Let us know what you think -- is he one of the dudes? Or is she the princess of Cootie Town? Check past the jump for the Rune Factory 2 magazine scans and a full profile shot of the androgynous hero.

Continue reading Rune looks like a lady

Harvest Moon: The Island I Develop With You screens

While the title itself is different, it still contains one key element -- Harvest Moon. The popular series that took the sweat and toil out of real farming and made it fun in a game is branching out to sea.

After a terrible disaster while at sea you are stuck on an island with a few other colleagues. Instead of just being stranded on an island, you are going to be stranded on an island and farm it. Genius! Take a look at the new screens and see the excitement yourselves.

We are thinking pineapples. Lots and lots of pineapples.

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