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Another Week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 4/21-4/27

Not only did the PSP gain momentum with the hideous brown, er, we mean shiny bronze model that released in Japan last week, but the Wii also beat out its portable cousin, sending the DS to third place in hardware sales:
  • PSP: 92,411
  • Wii: 48,796
  • Nintendo DS: 42,435
  • PlayStation 3: 9,107
  • PlayStation 2: 7,108
  • Xbox 360: 1,283
DS software fared better, though, with two new releases gracing the coveted top ten. Taiko Drum Master: 7 Islands' Adventure was the shining star of the week, reaching almost 56,000 sales. Summon Night gets an honorary mention, though, as it debuted in the fifth spot.

To check out the other new releases and software placings, just keep on reading ... forever.

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Another Week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 4/14-4/20

Something caused a Phoenix Wright sales revival, and we suspect it was the Gyakuten Meets Orchestra concert (which was also a Gyakuten Kenji hype event). Both the first and second Gyakuten Saiban games for the DS ended up in the top thirty this week.

Newcomer We're Fossil Diggers (a second-party effort by RED Entertainment that actually sounds really fun, at least to the dinosaur lovers in us) deserves all the glory, though. Debuting at third place, this unique piece of software did rather well for itself in its first week.

Besides the same old games that have been showing up in the charts for the past few weeks, the other notable is Square-Enix's dull-sounding bookkeeping game. It seems like a rather niche title to end up in the top thirty, but who knows -- maybe a lot of Japanese folks are getting ready to take the Level 3 Bookkeeping exam. Or, maybe they just can't resist a game by the beloved Squeenix.

To see all the placings and numbers for yourselves, just click on past the break.

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We are First Impressions

Bokura wa Kaseki Horidaa (English name: We are Fossil Holders) doesn't launch in Japan until next week, but Siliconera got its hands on a copy early, and wrote about the experience of excavating one of the in-game fossils; apparently, it's a little more complex than casually chatting to an owl in a bow-tie.

There's a range of tools and techniques required to successfully excavate fossils without damaging them, including an X-ray device (to detect what lies underground), a hammer (to break down rocks and soil), and a drill (to chisel away smaller pieces of earth). Blowing dust away (using the DS's microphone, a la Spectrobes) is also an important part of recovering pieces for your dinosaur army.

Beware, however, for if greenish cracks appear on the fossil, that means that it's getting damaged, and could break. We'd recommend reading Siliconera's write-up, as it actually sounds like quite a tense (and delicate) process!

A brief dig unearths Kaseki Horidaa site

An official site has just appeared for Kaseki Horidaa, Red's dinosaur-based title in which players dig up fossils, assemble them to create a dinosaur army, and then send them out to fight with other dino armies. For the winners: ultimate victory! For the losers: uh, we presume they just perish and eventually become fossilized all over again. It's a vicious cycle. But we digress.

There's plenty of screens and character art over at the official site, and also (more interestingly) some footage of the game, including a brief slice of action from the battles (here), and also a video showing an actual excavation in process, with the stylus being used to gently chip away at the dirt around a fierce-looking skull (here - scroll down and you'll see it). There's elements of both Spectrobes and Pokemon on display here, and that's no bad thing.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Dig up fossils and enslave dinosaurs on your DS

Famitsu has a pretty interesting look at a new game for the DS. Developed by Red and published by Nintendo, Kaseki Horidaa looks like Pokemon on steroids. Instead of deceptively cute creatures that hide dangerous attacks, the game will feature blatantly scary dinos with unspeakable power.

Unlike Pokemon, the game will allow players to compose a 3-dino team. Gaining a new dino comrade demands the player dig up fossils, as each ferocious beast is made up of 4 different parts. And digging up fossils isn't as simple as blowing away virtual dirt by blowing into your DS's microphone.

There's a real sense of tension here, as players can just as easily destroy a fossil as liberate it from its earthy confines. But, with over 100 different types of dinosaurs in the game, breaking a fossil or two won't be too much cause for concern. And, based on what dinosaurs you make, they'll be adept at attack, defense or support.

That's about all we could get from the Famitsu page (machine translation is being a royal pain with this, for some reason), so for some more eye candy, be sure to head on past the break to see screens. And keep an eye on DS Fanboy for more news on the game as it develops.

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Show and Tell: Dual use

DS owners are all about maximizing potential through duality. To go with our dual screens, we're often looking for things we can force into double duty, and reader airpolgas has clearly mastered this art. He turned a simple watch tin into a veritable treasure trove of DS goodness. Sure, he says, it may not fit in a pocket, but that's okay -- his wife's purse is also dual use when they're on the go. We also can't help but admire his choice of Phoenix Wright for the glamour shot above.

Of course, his niece helpfully points out that, if anything happens to the case, he just may be screwed. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you!

Hit the jump to see a few more pictures of the Fossil tin, and remember, if you have something to show off, we want to see it. From crafts to cakes to collections ... whatever you've got, if it has a little Nintendo flavor, we want to see it. Just take some pictures (or copy your web album links) and send them to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

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Dig up this Animal Crossing necklace

We love Etsy. We just can't help it. The online craftster's marketplace seems to have a never-ending supply of Nintendo-related goodies. Well, never-ending until each one sells out, of course, but not to worry -- more items pop up to replace those that disappear. This one certainly popped up (oh, forgive us our puns) when we were digging around the marketplace this afternoon, and for Animal Crossing devotees, it's just adorable.

Also, it glows in the dark, which is an automatic win.

[Update: Except, like, it's not a necklace at all, as was helpfully pointed out by commenters. However! It's still cute. Who's with me? Yeah?]

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