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Dementium gets under Japanese skin

Renegade Kid's Dementium: The Ward is something you know we enjoyed. It was a very unique title on the DS, striving to provide a moody atmosphere full of scares. We think it succeeded, overall, and apparently so did Gamecock, as the title was chosen to release in Japan.

Now, the game's Japanese site has launched and it's an incredibly effective platform for advertising the title. Just checking out the site makes you think J-horror, in the likes of Silent Hill and Fatal Frame. It's a great way to market the title, we believe, so be sure to hit up the site for the goods.

[Via Insert Credit]

C.O.R.E. spells 'uninspiring'

Top-drawer first-person shooters are a rare breed on the DS (and after Metroid Prime Hunters almost gave us carpal tunnel syndrome, we're still wondering whether they're a good idea), so when Polish developer NoWay announced that they had a new futuristic first-person shooter in the works, simply titled C.O.R.E., our ears pricked up.

Then we read the press release for the game, and scoured the natty concept art, and our eyelids suddenly began to feel awfully heavy. The truth is that C.O.R.E. sounds pretty hackneyed, what with its promise of marines, rocket launchers, and a sci-fi-tinged plot.

Still, we'll forgive it for all of that if it provides us with a fast, fun shooting experience. Local play for up to four players off of one card is at least a decent start.

Gallery: C.O.R.E.

[Via press release]

Here come Amazon's Gold Box deals [update 2]

Just a reminder to all you friendly folks in the U.S. -- Amazon is having crazy DS deals today.

The retailer kicked off its Gold Box sales awesomely, offering Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for $16.99. If we don't say so ourselves, that is damn sweet. You have until 12am Pacific time to bite on this, but we recommend getting it sooner rather than later because we doubt supplies will last.

As for the lightning deals, we've listed them here (with our guesses for ones that haven't been confirmed yet). Keep in mind, these are in Pacific time, and each deal lasts for four hours (assuming they don't go out of stock):
We suppose that with such an awesome "Deal of the Day," we can forgive Amazon for everything else being subpar. Keep in mind, though, that these are just our guesses. We'll update the post as other sales are confirmed.

[Update 1: Master of Illusion was confirmed as the second lightning deal and was added to the post.]

[Update 2: Transformers: Autobots is the third lightning deal. And, would you look at that -- Master of Illusion sold out. Who would have thought?]

[Via CAG]

Japan gets demented this summer

Fans of Dementium (see: uh, DS Fanboy), you should pay attention. The game is headed to Japan in a few months, as it will see a release to the region on June 26th. It will retail for a price of 5,040 Yen. Other than that, Japanese gamers should pretty much know what they're in for.

The game was, in our eyes, an under-appreciated gem and a very competent FPS on a system lacking them. We can't wait to see what Renegade Kid has in store for us with their next game.

Gallery: Dementium: The Ward

Rumor: The Duke to get his own DS title

Here's a rumor straight out of left field for you: gun-totin', cigar-chewin', misogynistic idiot Duke Nukem could be about to get his own DS (and PSP) game, with a release allegedly scheduled for later this year.

That's according to one Dutch retailer, which claims that "Duke Nukem DS" is coming out at some point during Q3. Naturally, you'll all know about the great, big internet joke that is Duke Nukem Forever (a game that almost makes the existence of Sadness look plausible), so you can probably appreciate where we stand on this. In short: "do not believe." And "do not want" also, now that we think about it.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Renegade Kid says Moon will rock harder than Dementium

You all know we dug Dementiunm. It was a fine title and a decent FPS on a handheld that is seriously lacking in that department. Now, Renegade Kid is preparing their second FPS for Nintendo's handheld in Moon. What should we expect?

Well, Renegade Kid's owner and creative director, Jools Watsham, spoke with Joystiq about the new project and reassured us it's going to be something we'll want to play. It's a pretty interesting read, if we may say so. Head on over and check it out already!

Gallery: Moon

Promotional Consideration: Commercial of Duty

Promotional Consideration is a weekly feature about the Nintendo DS advertisements you usually flip past, change the channel on, or just tune out.

Though Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has sold exceptionally well in North America, topping the software charts for its PC and console releases, Activision is smart enough to know that marketing the title in Japan, where the DS is king and first-person shooter sales is an oxymoron, requires a different strategy.

The result? Activision actually produced a 30-second spot specifically for the DS version of the multiplatform game ...

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Solid port of Quake II almost a reality on your DS

That is, if you have the proper equipment to support homebrew on your DS. And, on top of that, the port of Quake II on the DS runs less than optimally. So, there will need to be a few sacrifices on your end if you so desire to enjoy the FPS on your DS.

First of all, there's no multiplayer at this time. Sucks, we know. Second, some of the code can get a bit funky. Because the game demands so much from the DS hardware, some of the levels don't really run that well. And, on top of that, some of the textures are misaligned. We're sure there are some other spots that need to be ironed out, as well.

It may not be a perfect release, but we're glad to see the homebrew community trying projects like this. The DS may not have been designed with PC games in mind, but seeing the homebrew community work toward solid releases for these games is something we very much appreciate.

[Thanks, Craig!]

Five gifts that PAL gamers should import this Christmas

Gaming sites are inundated with holiday gift guides at the end of the year, listing the best and most popular games that everyone pretty much already has (or knows about). Well, we're not going in for that this year. Our gift guide will help you find the best gifts in categories the other sites won't cover -- because we just made them up.

Nintendo's indifference towards PAL regions is infamous, but there's arguably less room for complaining when it comes to the DS. See, the DS is (and we do not use this phrase lightly) an importer's dream. It doesn't faff around with region-specific software, there's a huge library of diverse and interesting NTSC-only titles, and the games themselves are cheap. As in, cheaper than they'll be when they arrive in the UK/Europe/Australia six months from now. Frankly, we can't think of a good reason for you not to import.

Which brings us to our latest anti-guide, featuring the five DS-related gifts that PAL regions won't be seeing until 2008 at the earliest -- if ever. All deserve to be imported without hesitation, so read on fellow PAL folk, and prep that credit card!

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DS Fanboy Review: Dementium: The Ward

If there's one thing Dementium: The Ward delivers on, it's atmosphere. From the audio -- which is truly something special in the DS library -- to the overall mystery of the story of Redmoor Hospital, Dementium provides exactly what it promises: a survival horror/FPS fusion that you can take with you.

What it's not is perfect. Of course, no game is, but Dementium is peppered with a few looming frustrations that bring down the game experience. It is developer Renegade Kid's first effort, and at times it shows, and it's a somewhat clichéd game from a genre built on the power of cliché. The good news is that none of those frustrations are terribly huge. The bad news, however, is that some of those flaws may be just the sort that keep certain types of gamers away.

Gallery: Dementium: The Ward

Continue reading DS Fanboy Review: Dementium: The Ward

WRUP: Getting Demented edition

There is really only one game that came up on our radar of releases this week and it's none other than Dementium: The Ward. We like the survival-horror genre as it is, not to mention that this looks like the first engaging FPS game on the DS (not to say that Metroid Prime Hunters wasn't engaging, but the single-player was a bit lacking). We haven't a had a chance to pick the game up yet, but you can bet that we will be doing so immediately.

What about you all? Are you planning on picking up the game or are you playing something else?

DS Fanswag: Check into The Ward

We've been talking about it forever, and now you've got a chance to win it -- a copy of Dementium: The Ward, valued at $29.99, will land in the lap of one lucky reader. Want it? All you have to do is leave a comment on this post talking about the scariest moment you've ever had playing a horror game. Did someone happen to slip up behind you while you were sneaking past Bad Things? We want to hear about it. Never been scared? Flex your anti-horror muscles all you want. Just leave a comment -- and remember, you can only enter once per day -- between now and Sunday, November 4, because at 11:59 EST, we'll be closing down the contest. Monday, November 5, we'll toss everyone into the random drawing and choose one winner, who'll receive a spankin' new copy of the game.

There are, of course, a few caveats. Winners must be both U.S. citizens and over the age of 18. You can check out the full official rules here.

Fan-made Dementium trailer creeps us out

There's not much to say about this trailer, except that it's full of understated brilliance. Dementium: The Ward videos have all (successfully) tried to scare the crap out of us, but somehow this one is the most disturbing. At the very least, it's certainly the most comical.

Interestingly enough, this video is fan-made. Gamecock fanatic Regie Miller sent his videos to Destructoid and told them, "Whether it was Gamecock's plucky chutzpah or the Je ne sais quoi charm of a man in a rooster mask I'll never know, but one way or another this starry-eyed idea machine found its way into my heart and there it stayed and laid eggs." Oh ... okay, then.

It's unclear as to whether Gamecock bought the rights to Miller's trailer, but it certainly looks that way. Since we couldn't find it at the official Dementium and Gamecock websites, however, we can't be sure.

The many sounds of Dementium

In this latest trailer for Dementium: The Ward, the focus is on the sounds of the game. It follows the same theme as the previous trailers, combining live-action segments with in-game footage. As if we could have any more reason to absolutely need this game, we find ourselves at the point where we'd assassinate a foreign diplomat if it meant getting our hands on this title sooner. Harsh, we know, but how great does this game look?!

Gallery: Dementium: The Ward

Renegade Kid talks challenges with Dementium

After Fountainhead's Anna Kang spoke about the "younger audience" the DS commands this week, it's refreshing to see someone taking the opposite position. Jools Watsham, Creative Director at Renegade Kid, the team behind Dementium, has a lot to say about M-rated games on the DS, a system that commands an audience of, well, pretty much everyone. While some companies may be worried about sales numbers before plotting out a game, the good folks at Renegade Kid were more interested in finding ways around those barriers, and Watsham was happy to tell us all about it.

"When I think about it now, there I was trying to convince publishers to pick up our game while putting up every red flag there is. They must have all thought we were crazy! Our hope was that publishers would think our game was good. And thankfully they did. Gamecock didn't want changes or anything watered down. They just told us to go for it," Watsham said, and we're glad to hear about Gamecock's faith in the new developer. With no other titles behind them and without an established franchise to lean on, as with some of the system's other mature fare, Watsham knew they were going to face challenges with Dementium: The Ward.

Gallery: Dementium: The Ward

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