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UK teachers getting free DSes, bloggers rethink career paths

Hands up -- do we have any UK-based teachers in the audience today? If so, you may wish to turn your head towards the Handheld Learning Conference, due to take place in London between October 13th and 15th. Apparently, organizers of the event will be dishing out free DS Lites and a copy of Brain Training to every attendee.

The point of this? According to conference founder Graham Brown-Martin, it's not a gimmick, but a chance for delegates to "experience an environment that would typically not be allowed in a classroom," while the conference itself is all about "exploring the convergence between consumer electronics, entertainment software, educational technology and learning" and HAY GUISE TOTALLY FREE DSES.

On a serious note, it's actually really satisfying to see any gaming device viewed as potentially helpful to the chil'n. Maybe in a few years Dr. Kawashima will teach all of the world's kids. His blunt manner would be a winner at parent teacher conferences, and he'd never do what we now know as a "Mr. Brown" and run off with Mrs. Carruthers.

Girl Gamer magazine thinks it's still the 1950s

Attention female readers of DS Fanboy! You know how you're ALWAYS thinking about nothing else but pink things, cooking, and raising cute ickle babies? Well, Nintendo is, like, TOTALLY on your wavelength! The company has just teamed up with publisher Future to launch gaming magazine Girl Gamer in the UK, and it won't cost you a penny, meaning you can save for those divine shoes that you just have to have or you'll die.

The 32-page magazine is being given away with the latest copies of Bliss and Mizz, two of the UK's most popular girl's titles, and is yet further evidence that Nintendo is completely in touch with female gamers. Just look at the cover: pink things? Check! Cooking? Check! Babies? Check!

[Via press release]

DS Daily: Bonus GET

We hinted in the Phoenix Wright covers post that we're completely in the thrall of the preorder bonus. Sometimes, a free thing that we don't really want will help tip the scales in favor of buying a game. We were totally going to get Gyakuten Saiban 3 anyway, but now we're feeling more pressure to get our preorder in expediently.

Have you felt this way? Are you drawn to free stuff that isn't really that great, because it's free, and because it's got pictures of characters from games you like? Does it influence your decision to purchase the game? Really cool stuff we understand, but we're talking about a 'meh' bonus that drives you to change your purchasing habits. We'll put it another way: Who's got the Pokemon stylus holder?

GameStop Spectrobes giveaway

Here's something cool for Spectrobes owners: every week from now until the 17th, you can go down to your local GameStop and pick up a free collectible card that will unlock a new Spectrobe. No preorders, no Game Informer subscriptions, just free.

Here's something cool for everyone else: you can get three free things from GameStop. You may be able to sell them on eBay or something in a couple of years. Whatever the reason, we know you want this free stuff even if you've never heard of Spectrobes.

Like a Phoenix from the ashes: Nintendo World 2006

Okay, so it's not Space World, the legendary Nintendo-only event whose last appearance occurred in 2001. Nintendo's announcement of a new event, however, named Nintendo World 2006, certainly conjures fond memories. The event, which takes place over a mammoth ten-day period from November 3rd to the 12th (and again on November 25th and 26th), will feature hands-on playtime with the Wii and some of the hottest new DS titles. Best of all, it's open to the Japanese public, and completely free. Awesome.

While it's unknown if Nintendo will be making any major announcements at the event, it's understood that they will, at the very least, announce more specific details of the Virtual Console service (read: launch titles) a bit closer to Wii Day. What better place to spring some good news on the unsuspecting Japanese?

(The image is a personal favorite, from digital artist Greg Martin. Check more of his work here.)

Giveaway frenzy: snag a DS and Wii from Nintendo

Nintendo giveaways are everywhere lately, but this time it's official -- Nintendo is giving away a Wii and a DS in conjunction with their Fusion Tour. Sadly, they'll be autographed by some guys you've never heard of, but hey! If we can file the gloss off a DS, anything is possible.

The full grand prize is: one DS Lite, one DS game, one Wii, CDs from the bands on the Fusion Tour, and tour swag. Five lucky members of Nintendo's website will pick up those packages. You do have to register to enter, but that's okay. It's, so aren't you registered already?

[Thanks, Author X!]

Nintendo celebrates Star Fox in Animal Crossing

K-Man, whom you may remember from a previous Animal Crossing update, recently wrote in to us documenting his latest free gift from Nintendo. The fact that Nintendo would keep giving away free gifts in the game to keep players active in the game as well as one of its players constantly maintaining their town just reiterates how awesome a game this is. The latest gift given our by Nintendo is none other than an Arwing. The letter from Nintendo reads:

"Dear K-man,
Star Fox Command stats are live! We were going to give you Slippy, but take this instead!

Congrats on the free gift K-Man and all you other readers out there should make sure you let us know how your town is doing. We're always watching, always listening...

[Additional thanks to Reeve, who tipped us off, yet failed to include pictures.]

Get your deal on with Best Buy

Not always best, but okay for now.Here at the Fanboy, we're always looking out for our reader's financial interests. We could charge you a daily fee to read our articles, like those ridiculous "paper" publications do. We could make you register and send you spam E-mail nineteen times a day. But no! It's all free, kindly bestowed upon you from the bottom of our hearts.

In a similar vein, we thought we should inform you of this oh-so-wonderful deal that Best Buy is offering: buy 2 DS games online, and get another (of equal or lesser value) free! That's right, it's time to go beef up your collection. We recommend some oldies-but-goldies: Sonic Rush, Nintendogs, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, and Meteos are all prime (and perhaps discounted) games that deserve your attention. Heck, you could enjoy two new DS games and get a present for your little brother without having to spend a penny on him. Brilliant!

Some qualifications: you need to have a My Nintendo account (something we'd recommend anyway, as they tend to send out free bonuses every so often) and register your Nintendo DS with the site. Also, be sure to order directly from The promotion ends on September 15th, so get buyin'!

[Thanks, Vincent!]

Nintendo documents Toys 'R Us goodies

We just can't stop covering this game! We love it and we aren't afraid to admit it. Our parents forbade that love, but we eloped and now they're forced to accept it.
With the recent partnership between Toys 'R Us and Nintendo, there has been plenty of reason to keep plugging away in our towns (well, maybe not for some).

In an effort to save you time and some of your life span as sunlight undoubtedly causes you pain, Nintendo of America employee Chloe felt she should document what exactly the 6 free gifts available are at your local Toys 'R Us. So maybe you've been holding back, thinking that dangerous star in the sky is not worth enduring for fabulous free gifts to place in a virtual home. Well, maybe this list of available gifts will change your mind:
  • Green Pipe
  • Flagpole
  • 1-up Mushroom
  • Starman
  • Fire bar
  • ? Box

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