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A DS sequel to Shantae rests in our hands

Remember Shantae? WayForward certainly does -- the Contra 4 developer spent two years producing the delightful Game Boy Color platformer, only to see it die a death at retail, its chances cruelly crushed by the increasing obsolescence of its host platform, as well as the rise of the newly released Game Boy Advance. Boasting an engrossing mix of Metroid-style puzzles and neat visual tricks, the game was an unsung gem that emphatically failed to register on the gaming public's radar.

A sequel was planned for the Advance, only for the project to be inexplicably shelved with the game 50% complete, but WayForward hasn't forgotten about the series entirely. With the all-conquering Contra 4 now out on store shelves and begging to be bought, the developer has posted a poll on its site, asking whether or not we'd be interested in purchasing a Shantae follow-up, and what platform we'd like it to appear on.

Hence, we implore all of you to hit the link below and get your vote on. If you're still wavering about giving thirty seconds of your time to one of the best DS-related causes we've heard of in ages, go past the break for footage of the canned GBA title.

Then go and get your vote on.

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GBA discontinued at Target?

We'll admit we haven't been in Target for awhile, so this news comes as kind of a surprise to us. Sure, we like to use our DS Lite to play GBA games (even if they stick out some), but sometimes you just can't beat the feeling of pulling a GBA SP out of your pocket, flipping it open and playing some Omega Factor. Apparently, the GBA SP's time on this Earth is limited.

Of course, we can understand why Nintendo would discontinue the handheld, but it doesn't mean we're not a tad bit hurt to see the handheld leave our life so quickly.

MASSIVE clearance at Best Buy starts today

If you're near a Best Buy store, gather up your $2 bills and get going, because they're in the midst of an epic videogame clearance, and you'll want to get there before the unscrupulous speculator types grab all the stuff to sacrifice to the ravenous eBay. You've got to be wily to get to the goods before the FatWalleters and the CAGs!

We've got a list of all the DS and GBA software on sale after the jump. Don't expect to find all of it-- most of it has been out of stock for months or years at most stores, and the price changed to clear out remaining copies. But we hope you do find what you're looking for in abundance. We wish we could go tomorrow and check it out ourselves. By the time we get there, there won't be anything but cobwebs and tumbleweeds, and those will probably be regular price.

[Thanks, ali emamdjomeh!]

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Tiny hotness: playing the Wii on a GBA SP (update 1)

In using a special cartridge that allows a video signal to be sent to the GBA, You Tube user jackal27 rocks his Wii on the portable's tiny screen. Obviously, the practical use of such a feature is almost nonexistent, but it makes for a fun little You Tube video. Check out the video, which has been embedded past the post break.

Update: me am not so English good (I omitted a word or two in the post).

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A different approach to cartridge storage

When we conducted our daily perusal of poppa site Joystiq, we were intrigued by the above image. A DS cartridge case that allows one to hold up to 4 DS game cartridges and one GBA game cartridge. The case is Shogakukan's Hyper Carrying Case, available to Japanese consumers for a cool ¥480 (or roughly $4 USD). Do not be fooled by the wonderful graphic on the front of the case though. Inside there are no Mega Man games.

[Via Joystiq]

Mazes of Fate 2 coming to DS

Sabarasa Entertainment has eyes for the DS apparently, as they already have begun work on a sequel to Mazes of Fate, a GBA title that released just this past week. We cannot find any reviews for the game online, having navigated the many tubes it is comprised of in search of just one score. Regardless, a sequel is coming, says Sabarasa Entertainment CEO Javier Otaegui:

"We are definitely thinking of the DS, but not for porting exactly this game. We have already started pre-production work for Mazes of Fate 2 for DS."

Nintendo: the Game Boy has one more holiday left in it

Even with the DS selling with the consistency of those hotcakes people seem to love, Nintendo thinks the Game Boy has at least one holiday left in it. In speaking with Reuters, Nintendo head honcho Reggie Fils-Aime lays it all on the table, revealing that the GBA is still selling well and is a great first handheld system for young gamers.

"We think that Game Boy Advance certainly has at least one more holiday season left in it. For us, it continues to be a great stepping stone for five-, six-, seven-year-old consumers to have their first great handheld gaming experience and then transition right into DS. For as great a Black Friday weekend that we had on DS, we had just as good a selling season so far on Game Boy Advance."

This is all confusing, making us wonder just how long of a life the handheld really has left. Reggie isn't willing to divulge anything on its future or a successor to its throne, obviously, instead leaving us to jump to our own conclusions. Considering the wild popularity of the DS, is there even a future for a new Game Boy?

New Harry Potter game under development

EA has announced a new Harry Potter game based on the upcoming movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The movie, which is based on J.K Rowling's fifth book, has Harry returning to Hogwart's only to be questioned about his previous year's encounter with Lord Voldemort. With the wizarding community questioning that Lord Voldemort has returned, as well as the Minister of Magic doubting Dumbledore, it's all up to Harry to set things straight.

While this is the first Harry Potter game to grace the newest consoles, the DS and GBA versions of the game should not be excluded in the excitement of all Hogwarts-loving fans out there. With multiple characters at your disposal, the concepts presented by this game sound interesting and we'll update you as news develops.

DS Fanboy Review: Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam (GBA)

Just about everyone has heard of Tony Hawk. Whether you're a fan of skateboarding or gaming, the man has made an impact, often considered equal, in both cultures. With his first game being released way back when on the original Playstation, folks have had plenty of time to learn how to bust kickflips and grind massive rails in his games.

His games on the GBA have been no joke, either. Featuring an isolated bird's eye view, previous games featured excellent 3D graphics and gameplay on the portable system. But where the old games were all about busting big lines and tearing up the course to your heart's content, this game is more of a racing game and, as such, you're limited in the tricks department.

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GBA gets new My Little Ponies game, DS Fanboy staff reveals dark secret

Yes, we love them. Something about taking a small, boldly-colored plastic pony and combing its hair for hours just clicks with us. It was worth the torrent of swirlies and beatings we took during High School for our High five if you love My Little Pony T-shirt. We refused to stop wearing it. It was our favorite shirt.

Anyway, today we suddenly find ourselves having more of a spring in our step on those days we've played with our ponies and catching ourselves looking at the sky with an awe for life unequalled. Playing with those ponies puts us in a great mood. It gives us a reason to live and no matter how many times we're caught playing with them in the dark, we'll never stop. We'll never stop loving those ponies.

So it is with great elation and comfort that we found out a new GBA game based on the property was being handled by THQ. Being able to take the ponies on the road without, well ... actually taking them on the road (you don't want to see us have to give them a bath, because we will). Soon, we'll be able to practice our obsession safely behind the screen of our GBA SP or DS Lite.

September NPD sales numbers

The September NPD sales numbers have come in and the DS, once again, did favorably. Out of all consoles, DS titles had a good showing, taking up four spots. Of course, Madden took the top spot, showing that we Americans love our football.
  1. Madden NFL 07 - PS2
  2. Saints Row - Xbox 360
  3. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - PS2
  4. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team - DS
  5. Madden NFL 07 - Xbox 360
  6. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team - GBA
  7. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - GC
  8. Madden NFL 07 - Xbox
  9. Star Fox Command - DS
  10. New Super Mario Bros. - DS
  11. NBA Live 07 - PS2
  12. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - Xbox 360
  13. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - Xbox
  14. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus - PS2
  15. Test Drive Unlimited - Xbox 360
  16. Dead Rising - Xbox 360
  17. Mario Hoops 3-on-3 - DS
  18. Okami - PS2
  19. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - PS2
  20. Madden NFL 07 - PSP
We've included a listing of the top DS and GBA game only listings, available after the break.

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Metal Slug on GBA no more

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, by way of DS-x2, four Metal Slug titles slated for released on the GBA have been cancelled. Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug 3, and Metal Slug X have all been tossed to the garbage. No other information explaining why the titles have been cancelled is available. Could it have something to do with the upcoming release of Metal Slug Anthology?

Have GBA, will travel

Here's one from the just plain unusual file: one intrepid family has decided to turn traveling around the world into a photo project starring the GBA. Rather, a young boy playing a GBA, hence the pun in the name of the set at Flickr -- "Game Boy Around the World."

Ah, Game Boy-spotting, Game Boys in the wild, Game Boys gone wild -- the humor potential here is almost frightening in its vastness. Too bad the photos are actually good; we'd much prefer to crack jokes, but we're too busy goggling at all the wonders. We just hope the kid featured in the pictures took some time to look around as well ... after all, this project is funny because it's true.

[Via Joystiq]

DS releases for the week of October 23rd [update 1]

Another week comes and another assault of games are released for the DS and GBA. This week brings plenty of tasty morsels of maniacal offerings, but if you're like us, you're wondering just how you will store any more games in your already crammed case. Personally, our entire wardrobe of pants had to be changed out for cargos since we need at least 3 pockets just for our DS Lite and games.

Click into the post to check out the releases and tell us which game (or games) tickles your fancy this week!

[Update: We added a photo image credit to 8 Bit Joystick.]

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Minisite for Final Fantasy V launches

For those of you with an addiction for turn-based role-playing games and fantasies of the final sort, the Japanese minisite for Final Fantasy V has launched. Within it are such treasures as character bios, a breakdown on the game's job system, and an introduction to the game's story. With three new job classes in Gladiator, Cannoneer, and Oracle, along with a new dungeon, Final Fantasy V is one appealing GBA game.

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