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Tornado might blow over to North America

The comparisons between Tornado and Katamari Damacy are extremely evident, but there's one major difference: Katamari Damacy games are available outside of Japan, whereas Success's title has yet to accomplish that.

In fact, Tornado hasn't even released in Japan yet. It was originally scheduled to come out last year, but later become delayed indefinitely. Oddly enough, though, GameFly has a listing for a DS game called Tornado. Can it be the same game? Perhaps -- we hope so, at least. We wouldn't mind having a portable Katamari-like game release in North America for our favorite handheld.

Whatever this game is, it's being published by Ignition Entertainment and has a GameFly release date of September '08.

[Via Siliconera]

Gamefly lists new Elebits 2 title, possible Dragon Quest IV date

The rumors of a DS Elebits sequel, fueled by an "Elebits 2" Gamefly listing, have gotten a lot more plausible with a revision to that same listing. The title for the supposed sequel is now Elebits 2: Adventures of Kai & Zero, and the release date has been moved up two weeks to August 14.

If this is real, we expect to hear about it very soon, since a Konami Gamer's Day took place yesterday. If it's fake, we expect to feel surprised.

In other Gamefly news, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen has an August 30 release date on the rental service's web page. No idea if it's accurate, but if it is, this is the summer of Square Enix "IV" remakes!

Gamefly lists Exit, Legend of Kage 2 for U.S. release

It looks like Square Enix has deigned to release two more of Taito's DS games! Either that or another publisher noticed how awesome Taito's DS lineup is and decided to take a piece. Gamefly's "Coming Soon" list now lists both Exit DS and The Legend of Kage 2 for release on September 30. What an excellent day that will be for people who like to play games about running from the left to the right.

We couldn't be more thrilled, unless this were a 100% official confirmation that we could be sure wouldn't turn out to be a crushing disappointment. We really want to play Kage 2, and we want to help boost the Taito U.S. guy's self-esteem.

Read: The Legend of Kage 2
Read: Exit

Air Traffic Chaos promises all the fun of the world's most stressful job

According to Gamefly's all-seeing eye, Majesco is planning to release a DS game called Air Traffic Chaos on July 30th. Siliconera's Spencer Yip thinks it may be a localization of Boku wa Kuukou Kanseikan DS (I am an Air Traffic Controller DS, pictured) which simulates traffic control from Japan's major airports, requiring players to direct planes' flight paths via the touch screen.

Whatever it turns out to be, one thing is clear: Air Traffic Chaos would be the least relaxing game ever to play during a flight. Or, really, anywhere. We don't mind killing dudes or whatever in games, but even pretending to direct air traffic sounds like a nightmare!

Rumor: Elebits to make shocking transition to DS?

If you ask us, Konami's Elebits is one of the Wii's truly underrated gems, so when we saw that a page for a sequel had appeared in the database of rental specialists Gamefly, we whooped, punched the air, performed chest bumps with one another, and said stuff like "OH YEAH!!" a lot.

Then we calmed down, only to realize that Gamefly has Elebits 2 listed as a DS title, with a release date of August 30th! Cue further bumping of chests and abusing of the exclamation mark key!

Unless this is a simple error (and Gamefly is usually right on the money with these kind of things), we're dazzled by this development. Could a DS version of Elebits successfully recreate the wonderfully tactile sensation of chucking furniture about that was such a key part of the Wii title? Why, yes, we think it could!

October may be Ninjatime

Gamefly, the online rental service that takes too long to ship things to our apartment, now has a release date for the adorable Ninjatown: October 16th of this year. This is the first we've heard of even a ballpark release date for the action/strategy/awwwww game based on Shawn Smith's characters. Gamefly tends to know their stuff, too, so if this release date turns out to be inaccurate, it's probably because the publisher changed it.

Now that we know when the game is coming out, we can start budgeting our expenditures of hundreds of Pocket Staches and plush ninjas versus the actual game.

[Pocket Stache available here]

Let's Speculation

Frequent new game release news source and occasional rental service Gamefly has come through again, hinting strongly at a probable U.S. release for two previously unannounced games: Let's Yoga and Let's Pilates. We're not terribly surprised to see this news: Let's Yoga (called Doko Demo Yoga in Japan) was released in Europe in November, and Ubisoft has announced their own competing yoga game, Quick Yoga Training.

Gamefly currently says that both games will release on May 1st, just in time to provide DS owners with an outlet for Wii Fit-related fitness enthusiasm. We're interested in seeing how American gamers (or non-gamers) respond to the widening genre of training games.

Read - Let's Pilates
Read - Let's Yoga

The Twelve (well, thirteen, actually) Sales of GameFly

Video game rental service GameFly has a pretty big year-end sale going on through January 4th for over 30 of its used DS games. Though the carts are all pre-played, each one will come with a new manual and case, so you need not worry about receiving an incomplete set.

As usual, we've picked the notable titles out of the bunch and listed them for you, except this time, we've done it in Christmas carol form!

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
DS Fanboy sent to me:
  • Twelve Diddy Kong racers Racing ($17.99),
  • Eleven Spectrobes for collecting ($15.99),
  • Ten Hoshigamis a-SRPG-ing ($14.99),
  • Nine Planet Puzzles Leaguing ($19.99),
  • Eight Custom Robos a-fighting ($12.99),
  • Seven Sim Cities a-building ($16.99),
  • Six Bombermen a-touching ($22.99),
  • Five of Sonic Rush's golden rinnngggggs ($17.99),
  • Four Mana Children ($14.99),
  • Three Elite Beat Agents ($22.99),
  • Two Mega Man Star Forces ($17.99 each),
  • And a Naruto: Ninja Council 3 ($17.99)!
[Via CAG]

OMG: could this rumor be true?

The answer is yes. We have no reason to doubt the prescient Gamefly, and we have absolutely no reason to doubt the existence of more minigame collections. According to the rental service, a new game called O.M.G. -- Our Mini Games 26 is being published by UFO Interactive, for an October 25 release. No idea what any of the games will be like, but if they're as cute as the title, we might be on board. Finally, the DS has its answer to WTF on the PSP, LOL on the Dreamcast, and AFKBRB

... oh, that last one wasn't a game title. We were making a sandwich-- sorry about that.

[Via Siliconera]

Tops on GameFly DS: Brain Age 2

No wonder the Brain Age franchise keeps getting NoA's Reggie Fils-Aime in trouble -- we're all renting it instead of buying it, according to GameFly. We're actually pretty surprised to see Brain Age 2 at the top of the list on the rental service. The other games rounding out the current top five most-requested DS titles aren't surprising to us at all; it's a rousing round of try-before-you-buy, especially with the sketchy Heroes of Mana swinging in at number two. We can even understand people wanting to try out Picross; after all, not everyone loves paint-by-number, even when it comes in an awesome package. But with a budget-priced sequel, we figured most people who were interested enough in Brain Age 2 to be looking ahead would just pick it up come release day, or toss down a preorder somewhere.

Are you looking at this one as a rental? Maybe considering that shiny bundle? While you ponder, check out the current top five most-requested DS titles at GameFly; we've tucked the list behind the break.

Gallery: Brain Age 2

Continue reading Tops on GameFly DS: Brain Age 2

Would a fifth grader buy this?

If there's a listing on Gamefly for a previously-unannounced DS game based on the game show you host, you might be Jeff Foxworthy. The show is Fox's Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?, and the game is apparently going to come out on November 15. If you find this to be good news, you might be Jeff Foxworthy.

For those of you who haven't seen the show, it's a test of fifth-grade textbook knowledge in which a contestant has the option to get assistance from a stable of authentic fifth-graders. We doubt the DS game will come with real children. Who knows, though-- maybe it'll use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to connect you to a team of kids who will help you answer trivia questions via voice chat! Or some kind of exciting "artificial intelligence!" What a magical world we live in.

[Via Siliconera]

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