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Girl Gamer magazine thinks it's still the 1950s

Attention female readers of DS Fanboy! You know how you're ALWAYS thinking about nothing else but pink things, cooking, and raising cute ickle babies? Well, Nintendo is, like, TOTALLY on your wavelength! The company has just teamed up with publisher Future to launch gaming magazine Girl Gamer in the UK, and it won't cost you a penny, meaning you can save for those divine shoes that you just have to have or you'll die.

The 32-page magazine is being given away with the latest copies of Bliss and Mizz, two of the UK's most popular girl's titles, and is yet further evidence that Nintendo is completely in touch with female gamers. Just look at the cover: pink things? Check! Cooking? Check! Babies? Check!

[Via press release]

Study says girls prefer 'easier' 2D games

Here's an interesting little nugget we stumbled across: according to a recent study, girls prefer 2D over 3D when it comes to games.

To reach this conclusion, author Tina Ziemek offered a pool of 34 13- and 14-year old students a selection of six Nintendo 64 titles (Yoshi's Story, Bust-A-Move, Mischief Makers, Banjo-Kazooie, Wetrix, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), and noted down which of the games each subject preferred to spend time with.

As it happens, the females in the group opted to play Yoshi's Story most of the time, while the males chose Zelda. Ziemek also notes that a lot of the kids commented on the easiness and accessibility of the 2D games in interviews, and that the females "disliked the confusion in the 3D video games, whether it was unclear directions, objectives, camera perspectives, or not knowing how to control the character."

Ziemek's final conclusion? That the majority of females would rather play games that are "easy," while the majority of males would rather play games that are "challenging." If Ziemek's findings are correct, this may partly explain why so many females pick up a DS -- after all, which other platform has such a delightful array of 2D software?

[Via Kotaku]

Ubisoft 's double standard for awful game titles

Ubisoft's Imagine Babies is part of its Imagine series of presumably budget games for girls ages 6 to 14 years old. And what do little girls like? Cooking, clothes, and taking care of animals and babies, of course!

As troublingly insulting as the thinking behind the Imagine series is, the execution of the products is even more so. Take the UK Imagine Babies boxart seen here (and everywhere from Play.com to NeoGAF), complete with iStockphoto watermarks still in place. Could less money or effort have been put into this? Your commitment to young female gamers is apparent, Ubisoft. Also, isn't this one of those cases in which playing with dolls might be better accomplished with actual dolls? After all, we expect there's a reason Nintendo debuted Nintendogs and not Nintenkids, teenage pregnancy rates and the horror of starving babies aside.

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DS makeup game defies mockery with sales potential

We were all set to make fun of Cosmetic Paradise, but then we thought about it and realized that a makeup game on the DS will probably be something of a hit in Japan. Here's our reasoning:
  1. All people in Japan have at least one DS-- including little girls.
  2. This may be marketed as a "training" game for cosmetics, and the word "training" opens the sales floodgates.
  3. Using the stylus to apply makeup is probably a lot of fun for people who like dolls and stuff.
We admit, then, that this game is a good idea, from a business perspective, at least. And it does seem to have some adventure game elements, which we support. What do you think? Are there any little DS fans in your family that would enjoy this kind of thing?

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Powerpuff Girls adapted to anime, anime adapted to minigames

This news manages to be both supremely weird and completely banal at the same time. It's interesting conceptually, but mechanically, it's another licensed minigame set. Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z is the made-for-Japan adaptation of the Cartoon Network show, which was itself inspired by anime.

And just like you would expect for any anime, or, for that matter, anything popular in Japan (see also: food and walking) Powerpuff Girls Z is getting its own DS game. This has to be the most derivative game ever in terms of source material-- just surpassing the game adaptation of Street Fighter: The Movie.

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K.K. Slider featured on new Pet Shop Boys single?

UK Dance guys Pet Shop Boys apparently have a great appreciation for Animal Crossing's musical K-9 K.K. Slider. See, one of our fine readers recently noticed a bit of similarity in a song sung by the Boys and one performed on Saturday night by K.K. Slider. In his online blog, mrdiscopop posts segments comparing the two, which honestly do sound somewhat similar. If the band's name is unfamiliar, you've probably heard their hit West End Girls.

[Thanks Mark!]

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