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Strike gold with this new SHOCK! shell

If gold is your thing -- your luster of choice, you might say -- then NDS Central's latest addition to its SHOCK! series of replacement DS Lite cases is just what you need. Unlike the Phantom Hourglass edition DSes, these Magnum Gold shells reportedly contain real gold, having actually gone through the gold-plating process. The online shop plans to release its Magnum Golds early next year and is already accepting preorders for the cases for $59.90.

If you're going to spend that much cash modifying your DS to show off your rapper status, why not go all out and glue on some gaudy rhinestones? While you're at it, you should have the system engraved with big script letters: "Doing It Big." When people ask what exactly it is that you're "doing big," you can tell them that it's your bad taste.

Bling-tastic Game Boy makes us weak in the knees (and wrists)

Holy excess, Batman! Featuring a level of bling that would make Snoop Dogg wince, this one-off, solid 18 karat gold Game Boy comes with a diamond-encrusted screen border, diamond set on/off buttons, and weighs more than twice as much (27 ounces) as the original version (11.2 ounces). It was commissioned by Aspreys of London, and is now on sale over at Swiss Supply Direct Inc., which describes the portable as "an unbelievable conversation piece." Well, quite.

Although you may balk at its $29,500 price tag, you do get gold-tinged copies of Super Mario Land, Golf and Monopoly for your outlay, mainly because there's nothing worse than having no games to play on your new solid gold console come Christmas morning.

[Via Hawty McBloggy]

Sears Black Friday ad reveals two new DS Lites

The annual pre-"Black Friday" bargain hunting has started among predatory shoppers, and we're already reaping the benefits of shoppers' insane vigilance. This detail from a Sears ad has revealed two new DS hardware configurations. We already knew of the gold Phantom Hourglass box, but this is the firmest confirmation we've seen from an actual retailer.

More interesting is the reveal of a metallic pink Nintendogs: Best Friends Edition bundle for $149.99. We don't know if this is a Sears exclusive, but the little ad clipping makes no mention of exclusivity. We doubt it, since one of our intrepid commenters hinted at exactly this hardware for GameStop as well. A new hardware bundle for a two-year-old game? Seems ludicrous on the outset, but it'll probably sell a (few million) bundle(s).

[Thanks, Steve 3.2!]

All that glitters is gold decal

We've showed you some nice DS sticker skins from South Korea before, but we think these decals are a little bit nicer. Why? Because they're 24-karat gold, of course. The SGP Metal pack, which makes the DS shiny and delicious, is being sold in South Korea for 26,200 KRW (approximately $29 USD).

Adding metal trim to the DS is apparently all the rage in South Korea, which is fine by us. If we ever make it over there, we'll have to keep an eye out for all the pimped out handhelds.

Hit the jump to see what this DS looks like on the inside.

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This special-edition DS Lite was photographed by GoNintendo's RawMeatCowboy at the recent Phantom Hourglass launch event at the Nintendo World Store. The store displays all kinds of stuff that you can't get anywhere else, but this may not be one of those items. This may soon be available at regular stores.

A rumor on NeoGAF has this lovely gold DS Lite being released as part of a Phantom Hourglass bundle for the holiday season. A few other posters came in to confirm it, but, being anonymous GAFfers, their confirmations are as reliable as the original rumor. We've already got all the DS systems we need, but for new owners or obsessive collectors, this would certainly be awesome.

Pretty much the best DS Lite mod ever

When aliens come to lay waste on our planet after an interstellar decree to rid the galaxy of our race before our warlike nature spreads to other solar systems, this Nintendo DS Lite case mod could be humanity's saving grace. At the precipice of mankind's extinction, the extraterrestrial army will stay its advanced armaments, realizing that any society capable of producing such an awe-aspiring object deserves to continue its existence!

Forged by the same hands that brought the Legend of Zelda-themed Wii mod to life, this gold and black beauty's metal die-cast Master Sword/Shield crest rotates to match your handheld's orientation and illuminates when being charged. Buying this one-of-a-kind DS Lite will also net you a custom charging dock, two painted styli (silver and dark blue), and the admiration of your peers and cosmic beings alike. Proceeds from the auction will once again be donated to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity.

Head past the post break for more photos of the DS Lite mod. It's a good preview of what we'll spend the rest of our enslaved lives assembling after our alien overlords decide to spare our pitiful race.

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Trioncube goes gold

NamcoBandai sent word to us today informing that its DS puzzler Trioncube has gone gold and is set to release on the 20th of this month. While some may have already gotten their hands on the title, the rest of us eagerly await the final product. According to Yoshi Niki, Director of Localization at NamcoBandai Games America Inc. the game is going to be tough to put down as it will "offer players a thrilling and action packed puzzle game that will have them coming back to their DS time and time again."

Available, via the official site for the game, is a Flash demo allowing you to taste the succulent fruit the final product promises. You can go right to the demo here. Anyone out there in Reader Land plan on giving this a go?

[Via press release]

The bling you just can't live without [update 2]

Mad bling, yo.You know, as we walk in the 'hood with our decked out diamond chains, pinky rings, and various gaudy objects of choice, we can't help but feel that something is missing. We thought it was something like love, or a sense of self-respect, but that's just silly. Future Shop Accessories has shown us the truth: what we're missing from our lives isn't some intangible emotion or joy, but a bitchin' 18K gold DS Lite stylus.

That's right. It's shiny. It's bling-tastic. And it's yours for only (Canadian) $19.99! Not to do their advertising for them, but this might just be the most important video gaming purchase of your lives. Don't miss out. Make like Midas and get clickin'.

[Update 1: They appear to have run out of stock for the time being, but more should be available soon. Also, noted that the $19.99 was in CDN.]

[Update 2: They're back in stock!]

[Thanks, Hannah!]

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