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Blue Dragon DS nothing to do with cards after all

Remember those vicious rumors regarding Blue Dragon DS being a card-based RPG? Well, looks like they may have been wide of the mark, as a new scan gleaned from the pages of Japanese publication Shonen Jump suggests otherwise. Instead, the magazine describes the game as a "real-time simulation RPG," a label that brings to mind the recently released Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Whatever the hell Mistwalker's game is -- and the screens do suggest a kind of real-time strategy/RPG hybrid -- there's certainly no mention of cards.

Pleasingly, that March 2008 Japanese release date seems to have held, which surely means we'll have more information on this in the not-too-distant future. Go past the break for the Shonen Jump scan.

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Famitsu deals out Culdcept scans and info

Almost a month since Sega announced it'll be publishing a Nintendo DS version of OmiyaSoft's Culdcept Expansion, Famitsu has revealed the first screenshots and details for the CCG/boardgame hybrid.

Far from a straight port, all of Culdcept Expansion's cards have been reviewed for balance, and every returning character has been redrawn. Culdcept DS will also receive new cards (now over 370 in total), Cepter symbols, and an achievement system. Since this will be the first portable version of the game, more focus will be placed on its versus options, nixing out any hopes for a new story mode.

The big question now is, "Will there be any support for online matches?" It would be a terrible decision to ship this sort of title without it, in our opinion. Roll the dice and hop past the post break for the scanned magazine pages and to see how this Monopoly-meets-Magic-the-Gathering title plays out.

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Sega dealing Culdcept to DS

As champions of hybrid-genre games (e.g. Puzzle Quest), we've ached for a portable version of Culdcept ever since Penny Arcade's Tycho began touting Culdcept II for the PS2. That was over four years ago, but good things come to those who wait, as Sega announced today that it will publish Culdcept for the Nintendo DS in 2008. With Namco Bandai planning to bring Culdcept Saga for the Xbox 360 to North America early next year, there's actually a sliver of a chance that this DS entry to the niche series will also see localization.

For those of you unfamiliar with Culdcept, and we assume that's pretty much all of you, it's a board game/collectible-card-game mix that would be best-described as Monopoly meets Magic: The Gathering. Players roll a die to travel around the game board, summoning creatures to defend their property. Other players who've landed on your property can pay a toll or battle your monster to win the square. Of course, there are spells and items which can also be brought to play. Slap some online functionality on this bad boy, and this will be a day one purchase for us.

[Via Famitsu]

Looking for closure with Puzzle Quest

For all its charms, Puzzle Quest is not a game that ends well. Once you've completed every mindless fetch mission and julienned the anticlimactic final boss, you're dropped back into the worldmap with hardly any ceremony save some brief epilogue text. The landscape appears just as you left it, unaffected by your victory or valor.

The New Gamer laments in its review, "I keep hoping that, finally, my character will have some complete and utter impact on the lands, that all those I've interacted in will pronounce the lands free of evil, free of conflict and that they can finally live their lives in peace." But your deeds are quickly forgotten by the townspeople you've saved, and there's little to indicate that you've had an impact on the kingdom of Etheria. In short, it never feels like the Challenge of the Warlords has actually been completed.

Though this lack of finality isn't exclusive to Puzzle Quest, we really expected more from an otherwise fantastic game. Hopefully, Infinite Interactive will take pains to address the issue before putting out its next puzzle/RPG hybrid, Galactrix. Until then, we'll be haunting Etheria's dusty roads, matching gems against any soul that stumbles across our path, sighing no matter what the outcome.

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