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Metal Slug 7 rescues North America this fall

Ignition Entertainment has finally offered some hint as to when Metal Slug 7 will be released stateside in a press release sent out today. The company specified a fall release for the SNK Playmore-developed (and co-published) run-and-gun sequel.

"Truth be told, I have a pink DS and was embarrassed to play it in public," said Ajay Chadha, Ignition president. "Now with Metal Slug 7 loaded, I have no qualms," said Ajay Chadha, President of Ignition Entertainment. Good thing this was a textual release and not an audio announcement, because it would have been really hard to say that with his tongue that far in cheek.

Along with the release window, Ignition sent out the American boxart, which, we are happy to say, isn't completely different from the great Japanese art. The contrast has been increased, and the logo has been moved into a more prominent position and framed by explodies, but we fully approve of those minor changes.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

Ignition officially announces Tornado, first media blows in

Confirming Nintendo Power's statement, Ignition Entertainment sent out a press release announcing their intention to release Success's Tornado in North America. Surprisingly, the game isn't even close to being released in Japan yet: Success's barebones Tornado website still shows an "undecided" release date.

As Toki, a member of the Cosmic Cleaners, Tornado players must use upgradable Tornado Machines to clean up the world and reclaim all the items, people, and buildings that a malevolent Prince has stolen from Earth. Like Katamari Damacy with a different rotational axis. The focus is on acquiring unique items, and completing levels in the Story Mode unlocks them in Arcade Mode for replay and continued collecting.

The first English screens are available in our gallery. Take them for a spin, why don't you (oh man, sorry about that).

Gallery: Tornado

[Via press release]

Metal Slug 7 boxart will soon wrap copies of Metal Slug 7

The appearance of a boxart image for Metal Slug 7 means that SNK is one step closer to putting the game in boxes and shipping it out to stores in Japan (which happens on July 17!). Then, some time in the future, it'll get shipped out to the U.S. Then, shooting stuff time!

Even without the portent of Metal Slug on the way, we'd be happy with this boxart, which can only be described as classic SNK -- detailed, colorful hand-painted art that would be right at home adorning the box for a $300 game. Hopefully SNK realizes it would be cheaper to keep the same awesome art for the American box, rather than replacing it with something boring.

More retail confirmation of Elebits 2, Docomodake

A few weeks ago, Elebits 2: Adventures of Kai & Zero for the DS showed up on Gamefly's "coming soon" list. That listing has now been joined by one on Gamestop, with a similar title (minus the number) and an even closer date (August 1). Konami still has yet to make any announcements about a DS sequel to Elebits -- we were sure it would come out at their Gamers Day event, the same time Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (itself the subject of protracted rumors) was revealed.

Another noteworthy new addition to Gamestop's list of upcoming games: Ignition Entertainment's release of the cell-phone mascot platformer Docomodake. We knew from an ESRB rating that it was coming, but not when -- Gamestop says next February. The new English title? Docomodake BOING!

North American Tornado confirmed

It looks like GameFly was right once again.

We recently reported that the renter/retailer put up a listing for Tornado, which was assumed to be a localized version of the Japanese game sharing the same name. Now according to a blurb in most recent issue of Nintendo Power, the Katamari-like game is indeed confirmed to pop up in North America, although no timeline details were given.

Nintendo Power also reveals that Tornado will include some microphone blowing elements, which worries us a little bit. As long as the game doesn't overdo it, though, we can't help but think that this will be a nice addition to the DS library.

[Via GoNintendo]

Gallery: Tornado

Tornado might blow over to North America

The comparisons between Tornado and Katamari Damacy are extremely evident, but there's one major difference: Katamari Damacy games are available outside of Japan, whereas Success's title has yet to accomplish that.

In fact, Tornado hasn't even released in Japan yet. It was originally scheduled to come out last year, but later become delayed indefinitely. Oddly enough, though, GameFly has a listing for a DS game called Tornado. Can it be the same game? Perhaps -- we hope so, at least. We wouldn't mind having a portable Katamari-like game release in North America for our favorite handheld.

Whatever this game is, it's being published by Ignition Entertainment and has a GameFly release date of September '08.

[Via Siliconera]

Promotional Consideration: Moons, Zombies, Dodgeballs, and Tactics

Aside from its preview page tease and Time Hollow's localization, there wasn't much in the way of exclusive DS news in this month's Nintendo Power, at least compared to what we've seen in recent issues.

Paging through the magazine, however, we spotted at least two advertisements that we wanted to share with you. As we were tearing them out to throw into our scanner, we thought, "Why not post all of the other DS ads (and the cover)?" Join us past the break for the scanned pages!

Continue reading Promotional Consideration: Moons, Zombies, Dodgeballs, and Tactics

SNK enlists Ignition to help fire Metal Slug 7 at North America

Ignition Entertainment currently co-publishes SNK Playmore's games in Europe, and they have announced today that the two will partner for the North American market as well. This new partnership has an immediate, tangible benefit for people who think awesome things are awesome: Metal Slug 7.

The first game to be published in the U.S. by the two companies is the new DS-only sequel to the popular, and totally badass, run-and-gun series. Since we had yet to hear any concrete confirmation of a localized version, other than the fact that a playable demo of the Japanese game was on display at GDC (a fact that took even SNK's American staff by surprise), this announcement is more than welcome. Even in the early state it was in, Metal Slug was the real thing.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

Teenage Zombies: Launch Party of the Alien Brain Thingys

Throngs of the walking dead children and people with nothing else to do will descend upon the Nintendo World Store on April 12th for a Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys release party. We're quite surprised -- Teenage Zombies doesn't seem like the kind of high-profile game that usually gets honored by an event like this. It's usually first-party games, anticipated third-party games in established series, and, of course, big licenses.

If you're at all interested in this game, and, of course, you're in the New York area, this is your chance to go and high-five the other Brain Thingys fans and probably pick up some kind of promo thingys! It's at the Nintendo World Store in New York City, on April 12th, from 11 to 4 (a NWS employee informed us of the time change when we called).

[Via GoNintendo]

Invasion of the slightly underwhelming trailer

We want to love Ignition's Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys, and thanks to its camp title, satirical take on '50s sci-fi, daft storyline, and brain-feasting anti-heroes, Ignition's platformer had already caught our eye from the other side of the bar.

However, just as we were preparing ourselves to waltz over and strike up conversation (this is possibly the worst analogy ever -- sorry), this new trailer appeared. Featuring lead villain Big Brain laughing and joshing his way through dialogue that is -- to put it kindly -- creaky, it smacks of a particularly bad Saturday morning cartoon. Maybe some of you will find that to be part of its appeal. But seriously: the crickets are still chirping after that "snicker" pun.

[Via press release]

Teenage Zombies dev says price is key to success

The folks over at InLight Entertainment put their smart cap on today, citing their reasoning behind the DS's incredible success. While we all here who work at DSF and you, the lovely readers, would probably say that all of the great games on the system make it so wonderful, they said that ... uh, the great games and affordable price really made Nintendo's handheld. Well, how astute of them.

Darren McGrath and Mike Lowry from InLight commented "The DS captures the market we're targeting with this game - the ever expanding casual gamers sector." They went on further to add "Nintendo has been very smart with making a fun system that is affordable so everyone can enjoy games like ours without breaking the bank."

The guys know what games to take inspiration from, also, commenting that titles like "Elite Beat Agents, Feel the Magic, and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass have really made use of the touch-screen in unique and interesting ways that you wouldn't be able to accomplish on any other platform." OK, we agree, mostly. We wouldn't actually go around telling people that Feel the Magic XY/XX was one of the best uses of the handheld's touch-screen when there is probably a billion other better examples.

Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Gameplay Video Thingys

The first video of Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys is notably light on the aliens and brains, and the only thingys invading are rats. Invasion of the Kind of Large Rats doesn't catch the ear in the same way.

Speaking of not really generating interest, the game itself is pretty underwhelming. We didn't think we'd ever be able to say that about a game that stars a legless zombie on a skateboard, but even for the most sidescroller-obsessed of us, we find the footage uninspiring. Maybe some more aliens would help. The Voodoo Vince/Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy system of inflicting damage on the zombies to give them abilities is pretty cute, at least.

[Via Game|Life]

Fresh Teenage Zombies screens for consumption

As if oozing from the cranial cavity of a fresh corpse, we find ourselves gently moaning and purring like undead cats (or, you know, zombies) for these fresh screens. Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Brain Thingys looks like it's right up our alley and the kind of time deserving of ... well, our time.

If you're as infatuated with the undead as we are, then stumble on over to 1UP for the fresh eye candy.

Teenage Zombies won't eat your neighbors

Despite its similarly campy plot and titular promises of zombies, Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Brain Thingys (due next spring) won't be the spiritual successor to Konami's Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Yes, we were fooled too when we initially saw the game announced -- jumping off the couch and doing karate kicks in the air, such was our excitement -- but reading more about Ignition Entertainment's title revealed very few similarities with the SNES/Genesis classic.

Instead of fighting off zombies and their B-movie colleagues, you'll be playing as the undead in this comic book-styled adventure, choosing from one of three reanimated characters, each possessing unique abilities. You'll swap between the three to take advantage of their powers and defend the Earth against invading Alien Brain Thingys.

Also, while Zombies Ate My Neighbors was a run-n-gun shooter from a top-down perspective, Teenage Zombies will be a side-scrolling platformer supplemented with puzzles and stylus-based minigames. ZAPS! (Zombie Assembly Pop-up Screen), one of the minigames, has you collecting dismembered body parts to put together a zombie and regain "unhealth points."

Though Ignition Entertainment's short trailer for Teenage Zombies shows very little in the way of action or the actual game, we've embedded it past the post break anyway. To make up for the brevity and vagueness of the video, we've also pasted some lyrics from Salt-N-Pepa's hit single, "Let's Talk About Sex," reimagined as an ode to zombies. We have a lot of these "fixed" songs just lying around our hard drive, waiting to be shared with you.

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