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Develop Magazine: Iwata is a 'Game Changer'

Develop magazine's "Game Changers" is a list of 25 gaming industry luminaries who are "reshaping the games development business as we know it." At the top of the list: the lovable Satoru Iwata. The Nintendo president was cited as an influential figure due to his instrumentality in the creation of the DS and Wii, which have then led to a massive influx of new console gamers.

Other notable Nintendo-related names on the list include: Mistwalker's Hironobu Sakaguchi, who is creating more titles simultaneously in less time than he ever did at Square, by combining a core creative team with outsourced technical development; and Majesco's Jesse Sutton, who has turned a failing major publisher around with a casual-inclusive, Nintendo-friendly lineup.

Iwata: Wi-Fi to get expanded this year

Nintendo head honcho Satoru Iwata recently conducted an interview where his comments regarding Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connect were pretty darn interesting. While the dreamer in us was hoping for a retooling of the useless Friend Code system, such is not the case. What Iwata hopes to do is expand how the DS is used to access information, such as possibly downloading surrounding map data after getting off of a train.

The idea of being able to do things such as this with your DS is something we definitely can get down with, but we wonder about the execution. The homebrew community can definitely come up with applications to cater to these needs, but an official Nintendo solution, a kind of "all-in-one" thing would be great. Get on it Nintendo, we need more excuses to carry our DS everywhere.

[Via Nintendic]

Iwata: We aren't planning a next-gen DS

During a recent financial briefing, Iwata spoke about some concerns over a possible revision to the DS or a possible next-gen successor to the dual-screened handheld. Turns out, Iwata isn't so keen on a new handheld device coming from Nintendo right now, or anytime in the future. Instead, he plans on extending the functionality of the DS.

Iwata wants your DS to become a companion so deeply in touch with your life that you'll find it useful in everyday situations. Sure, you can enhance your life with your DS at the baseball game, museum or when you're studying hard at school. Until the DS can't do that anymore, we imagine it'll be sitting pretty in the driving seat.

[Via Game Informer]

Itoi and Iwata continue their dinner conversation

Normally, dinner conversation doesn't translate into a multi-part feature, but most dinners don't include Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and novelist/Mother creator Shigesato Itoi. Three more segments of the "interview" have been posted on Itoi's site, called "View Things over Someone Else's Shoulder," "Something Special about Mr.Miyamoto," and "On Management: 'Enhance your Strength.'"

The first two parts continue the de facto theme of the conversation, which is talking about how awesome Shigeru Miyamoto is, but the third part is most interesting to us, as it deals with Iwata's management style. Somehow, during the discussion, Iwata manages to omit any mention of his "yelling at NOA about Brain Age" tactic.

Iwata and Itoi talk shop over dinner

Perhaps inspired by our recent interview with's Reid Young, Shigesato Itoi, best known in video game communities for his work on EarthBound and the Mother series, posted a few English-translated notes from a conversation he had with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata six months ago over supper.

Itoi and Iwata spent a great deal talking about Shigeru Miyamoto, as Japanese developers/designers are wont to do, discussing his belief of ideas being "something which solves multiple issues at once." Though the two chums didn't chat much about past projects or games, there are still ten more portions of the roundtable that Itoi promises to release over the next two weeks. We'll make sure to notify you if we hear of any megatons.

Conjecture Countdown: 3 days to go

Even with a diminished E3, there's no controlling the wave of rumors that hit the Internet every year before the show. Why fight it? From now until E3 hits, we'll be posting one piece of wild speculation every day. Some may be patently ridiculous, and others just might turn out to be true. Even some of the ridiculous ones might turn out to be true! Rest assured, everything will be totally made-up and unfounded. Except, of course, when we speak about all the ass Reggie is going to kick. That part? Totally true.

Rumor: Iwata's face will appear much younger this year, for some reason.

DS Daily: The signing

His signature rocks.Yesterday's eBay treasure-find got us thinking. We tend to idolize certain figures in the gaming world, even if they happen to just be suave business men. And don't get us wrong, Iwata-san is the very definition of a ladies' man. But in all the realm of gaming, from players to publishers, who would you want to sign your DS?

Bonus points if you don't pick Miyamoto, but, uh, we totally pick Miyamoto. I mean, he deserves it, right? And he's got such a cool signature.

eBay alert: DS Phat signed all over

Up for grabs on eBay is a DS Fanboy's dream: a DS signed by not only Shigeru Miyamoto, but also Satoru Iwata and the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet. Why would anyone want to get rid of such a priceless beauty? Turns out, school loans. But all of the money won't be going to school loans, as the seller will be setting aside 25% of the profit to go to Child's Play.

At the time we were writing this piece up, the current bid was $330.00. We have a feeling that'll be going much higher before the end of the auction on the 19th.

Japanese stores overflowing with DS titles - Iwata on the case

So many DS games are fighting for shelf space that Japanese stores are having trouble squeezing them all in. Space is now at such a premium that most games have to be displayed spine-out, making things difficult for consumers, particularly the army of first time gamers that Nintendo has been so successful in attracting.

Nintendo's butt-kicking boss, President Iwata, is concerned that too much choice may lead to consumers missing out on the best games. They may even turn their backs on gaming completely. Keeping standards high is, he says, "one of the most critical themes for us to combat this year." Having recently bitch-slapped Nintendo of America, and clipped the sails of Korean pirates, it seems Nintendo expects Japan to pull its socks up, too.

[Via Game | Life]

Iwata reminds Nintendo of America who's boss

(Hint: it's Iwata. Iwata is boss.) Nintendo just released their financial results briefing, which contains a transcript of a question-and-answer session with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Ever wondered what it would be like to work for Iwata? This quote should replace that wonder with terror: "When I received a report from the U.S. that they sold 1 million Pokémon Diamond & Pearl already, I asked them, 'why did you sell only 10,000 Brain Age last week, when Europe sold through 30,000?' This is a typical example of how I communicate with our people in the U.S."

Why would Iwata be so mean in the face of ostensibly great news? Because he's a huge jerk? Probably not. For one thing, Pokémon selling a million copies doesn't mean that anyone at Nintendo of America did anything particularly well. All they had to do was release it, making sure that the word "Pokémon" was clearly visible on the box.

But more importantly, Iwata isn't looking just to sell a bunch of games. He wants to expand the gaming market in the US like the DS has in Japan, and for that, Brain Age needs to get into non-gamers' hands. Then Nintendo can sell a bunch of games to them as well as to Nintendo fans. As Iwata notes in the report, 500,000 DS systems were sold in the US in March, which is a large number, but not as large as the 600,000 to 700,000 sold in Japan each month.

[Via NeoGAF]

DS and Wii headed to Korea

Nintendo is headed to the Korean game market in 2007, deciding to release their first ever Korean language consoles in the Wii and DS Lite. The DS Lite will arrive first to the region on January 18th, followed by the Wii late next year. This isn't the first time Nintendo's products will be available in the region, however.

Earlier, Nintendo's games and consoles were available to Korean gamers through a distributor, although they were only available in Japanese. Nintendo's Satoru Iwata says they "plan to actively support Korean game software developers who have great expertise in developing online games and support their advances into foreign markets."

[Via Go Nintendo]

DS, Wii not cannibalizing sales [update 1]

Prior to the Wii release, analysts (those pesky analysts!) were worries worried that the Wii and DS might eat each other alive, literally cannibalizing one another in their quest for a similar market. Ninty president Satoru Iwata, however, knew better. "We had come up with the current earnings forecasts before we sold even a single unit of the Wii and when we were not so sure about the cannibalisation effect between the Wii and the DS." We're totally not surprised that Iwata was not surprised ('cause we're smart like that!). Sure, there are similarities between the DS and the Wii, but there are similarities between any two game consoles ... and if the success of the rainbow that is the DS, in all its many colors, indicates anything, it should be that Nintendo fans can get behind similarity.

Besides, there's one big thing working in Nintendo's favor. The combined cost of both a Wii and a DS Lite still looks reasonable in today's gaming market. Why choose when you can get both on the cheap?

[Update 1: Typo issues!]

Japanese hardware sales, 16 October - 22 October: Nintendo All Hallows Eve Edition

Creepy.Satoru Iwata (dressed as a vampire): DS Lite perform amazing feat in global market! More hundred thousand units in time of week! Much party enjoyment, everyone, so scary is coming!

George Harrison (dressed as Link): Ugh, these tights are starting to chafe. Perrin, wanna trade costumes?

Perrin Kaplan (dressed as a slutty cat): Um ... no. But you should ask around, really. Has anyone seen Matt? He looks so damn good in that costume ....

Matt Cassamassina (dressed as Mega Man, special guest to the event): Perrin. Storage closet. Now.

Perrin: Rawr.

Iwata: They are doing the fun, yes?

George: Uh, yeah. Where's Miyamoto-san, by the way?

Iwata: There. (points)

George: The dinette set?

Shigeru Miyamoto (dressed as a dinette set): Ah! You see, this is the inspiration for my next masterpiece. Get ready for the next generation of fun!

George: Sunnuva bitch. Miyamoto, stop doing shrooms, and...ah! Finally, someone normal. But why aren't you dressed up, Reggie?

Reggie Fils-Aime: What do you mean?

George: It's Halloween. You need a costume. You're just dressed normally.

Reggie: This is my costume.

George: ...


George: ...

Reggie: Now get me a sandwich.

George: Friggin' ... fine ....

- DS Lite: 116,941 12,454 (11.92%)
- PS2: 22,380 2,347 (9.50%)
- PSP: 20,271 1,332 (6.17%)
- GBA SP: 2,421122 (5.31%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,660 54 (3.15%)
- Xbox 360: 1,287 456 (26.16%)
- Gamecube: 638 15 (2.30%)
- DS Phat: 130 143 (52.38%)
- GBA: 37 25 (67.57%)
- Xbox: 6 3 (100.00%)

[Source: Media Create]

Nintendo DS: Fastest-selling system of all time! (In Japan.)

lol, DSAnd the good times just keep on rolling for Nintendo. Stocks are up, confidence is high, and Mario hasn't starred in a sports game for close to a year. (A streak that will soon end with Mario Hoops: 3 on 3, alas.) Here's another reason to toss a few down, Shiggy: Japanese newspaper Kyoto Simbun reports that sales for the Nintendo DS in Japan have hit ten million, making it the fastest-selling system (console or otherwise) in the country's history.

Worldwide estimates of Nintendo DS and DS Lite sales are currently hovering around 22 million, which means that almost half of systems sold worldwide were done so in the Land of the Rising Sun. Another impressive statistic: around 8% of all Japanese citizens own the system. What does that mean? A cute girl on the street has a one in twelve chance of owning a DS.

We like those odds.

[Thanks, Romath!]

[via Joystiq]

Iwata says Wii will not interfere with DS Lite production

Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata is no farmer, so it should be no surprise that he is in no way trying to place many, many eggs into a single basket. As such, his recent statements about Wii production and the insatiable desire for DS Lites having no effect on one another have left many of us Nintendo sheep able to sleep soundly, assured we will be able to procure our Wii without any worry and DS Lites may reach the hands of gamers the world over steadily, without a dry spell.

Of course, this could very well be a different situation for Japanese gamers, who have bought up DS Lites as if they were the hottest, most delectable cakes. So with two completely different production lines manufacturing each of Nintendo's consoles, the company should (hopefully) be able to satisfy gamers in this generation and the next. We sure hope so...

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