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Jammin' Guitar Pick stylus lets us shred our touch screens

We've seen a listing for a product called the "Jammin' Guitar Pick" for a while, but we've been patiently waiting for a picture to show up. Today, one day before the product's release, one has surfaced. It's a very simple idea: a guitar pick with a stylus stuck to it, and it comes in a pack of three for $8. Oddly, the pointier part of the pick doesn't appear to be the part where the stylus is attached.

We're just thrilled that someone at Naki thought Jam Sessions was going to be big enough to call for its very own third-party accessory. Too bad the picks are coming out just as word comes out of the game's delay. We're thinking about picking up the accessory now in anticipation, and so we can pretend we're giving one of them sexy solos while we're playing Meteos.

Jam Sessions delayed until September

Ubisoft's Jam Sessions, which would officially be our personal most-anticipated game if it were a game, was originally slated for a summer release in both Europe and the US. It was going to be a beautiful summer of trying to play metal on a fake acoustic guitar. But fate (or Ubisoft; the two are interchangeable) had other plans.

Cubed3 reports that Ubisoft has confirmed a delay for the European release of Plato's guitar simulator, to September 28th. We don't have an official word on the US version, but GameStop lists the release date as September 11th, which is corroborated by Ubisoft's website. How long does it take to translate guitar notes?

We're hot for the Van Halen-style DS

Now this is how you play Jam Sessions. Flickr user Mr. Atrocity and his girlfriend gave their DS systems (both Phat, and we're happy to see people sporting them) custom paint jobs-- his a replica of Eddie Van Halen's guitar finish, and hers a lavender with gold details.

Not only does the gallery contain pretty pictures of modded systems, but it is a great tutorial for spraypainting your own DS, which is exactly the kind of thing you should have a tutorial for, unless you want to play New Super B Button Is Stuck Down Bros. or Trauma Center: Under the Red Blob.

DS Daily: We just want to talk about Jam Sessions some more

It's been a popular topic of discussion lately-- the DS guitar simulator/toy/thing that Ubisoft is surprisingly localizing for a US audience. For some of us, weirdly enough, it was the biggest story to come out of GDC. We're still actually not sure why Ubisoft, a company generally known to play it safe and never release anything that hasn't already been released on other systems, decided to pick up something that isn't even a game. A misguided attempt to jump on the Guitar Hero bandwagon, perhaps?

Whatever the reason, we heart Ubisoft for doing it. We haven't made any attempt to hide it: we are eager to try Jam Sessions. We want it to be out right now. We don't care that it isn't a game, or whatever.

So what about you commenters? Are you ready to strum-- but not solo-- on a virtual guitar doodad? Have you learned to stop worrying and love the non-game?

We love non-games now: Jam Sessions preview

We know Electroplankton sort of covered the musical DS toy thing, but we are so impressed with every aspect of Jam Sessions. It sounds great, it looks fun, the interface, while a little homebrew-looking, is just ... pleasant. Look at that floral background!

We now know a little more about Jam Sessions, like that it will come loaded with 20 licensed songs to play along with, complete with lyrics, and that your playing is limited to strumming rather than picking individual notes-- sorry, no solos. You can also change the sound of your guitar, adding distortion and delay effects. There's still no game attached, just songs you can play along with, or freeform strumming.

This game (well, toy) just goes so far against what usually gets released in the US in so many ways. It looks totally fun and totally relaxing.

Check out a couple of screens after the break.

[Via GoNintendo]

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From Eigo Zuke to Jam Sessions

Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, who reported the news that Ubisoft would be localizing Hiite Utaeru DS Guitar M-06 as Jam Sessions, has posted an interview with Seth Delackner of Plato, the director of the "game". The story of how Delackner got to create a guitar simulator is pretty surprising: he was hired to program a sequel to the English training game Eigo Zuke.

But Nintendo decided to handle the programming themselves as they had for the first game, leaving Plato with a DS programmer, a DS development kit, and no projects. The team brainstormed new ideas, and came up with a music game.

As a demo, Delackner put together a little program that allowed the user to "strum" over a line on the touchscreen to play guitar samples. Plato loved it, Nintendo loved it, and Hiite Utaeru DS Guitar M-06 was born.

It's no secret that we love music games, so expect more on Jam Sessions as we hear it. We want the story on that beautiful, but random boxart.

Ubisoft is going to publish Jam Sessions

Remember that Guitar-type game on the DS? Well, we're happy to inform that Ubisoft is going to be publishing the title stateside, allowing all of us to live the dream of being a rock star whilst still getting our gaming fix. It's like a delicious sandwich that is chock full of peanut butter (that would be Jam Sessions) and fluffer nutter (and that would be the DS Lite). Wait ... what would that make the bread, then? You? We didn't really think that through and are, honestly, kind of hungry right now ...

Grumbling stomach aside, the game will be releasing in June. For those unaware, the game turns the DS into a tiny guitar, where the stylus is used to pluck strings and create music. Using the d-pad and shoulder buttons, you can switch the tone of the notes you're playing, allowing for a wide variety of different tones from your virtual guitar.

DS Fanboy Review: Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam (GBA)

Just about everyone has heard of Tony Hawk. Whether you're a fan of skateboarding or gaming, the man has made an impact, often considered equal, in both cultures. With his first game being released way back when on the original Playstation, folks have had plenty of time to learn how to bust kickflips and grind massive rails in his games.

His games on the GBA have been no joke, either. Featuring an isolated bird's eye view, previous games featured excellent 3D graphics and gameplay on the portable system. But where the old games were all about busting big lines and tearing up the course to your heart's content, this game is more of a racing game and, as such, you're limited in the tricks department.

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DS Fanboy Review: Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam (DS)

Just about everyone has heard of Tony Hawk. Whether you're a fan of skateboarding or gaming, the man has made an impact, often considered equal, in both cultures. With his first game being released way back when on the original Playstation, folks have had plenty of time to learn how to bust kickflips and grind massive rails in his games.

Then, upon the launch of Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connect service, a little Tony Hawk game by the name of Tony Hawk's American Sk8land released. Not only taking full advantage of Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connect service, the single-player and local multiplayer experience in the title were also excellent. Now, we receive the game's successor in Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.

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New Downhill Jam trailer busts grinds across our eyeballs

With the latest online feature revealed, we're anxious to get our hands on Tony's latest outing on the DS. As such, IGN's newest trailer up at their site only further aids our maniacal desire for what is sure to be a rail-grinding, kickflip-busting good time. The trailer comes in at 1:39, but we assure you the length is chock full of good gameplay footage.

Go check it out already!

Confirmed: Downhill Jam to feature in-game voice chat

That's right, you read the headline correctly. In an e-mail that was sent out to Sk8land community members describing the game's final features, it's revealed that the title will feature in-game voice chat, something sorely missed from a certain game featuring a female bounty hunters and energy-absorbing life forms.

Among that bomb, other Sk8land community features in the final game include:
  • 50 graffiti and skate decks drawn by SK8Land's best community artists have been included in every copy of Downhill Jam for Nintendo DS!
  • Community Moderator AgoraKenny worked with Vicarious Visions as a Designer on Downhill Jam DS
Some of the game's other features include:
  • Create custom shirts and pants as well as graffiti and skate decks for your skater
  • Fully customizable RGB color scale - use any colors you want!
  • Zoom in for pixel perfect precision
  • Upload your art and share it on the Downhill Jam Community Site
  • 4 player Head to Head over Nintendo Wi-Fi
  • Live voice chat with friends during gameplay
  • Global score rankings
  • Replays
  • Sk8 Crews
  • 100 Downloadable Goals

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