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LEGO Batman is made of wonderful toys

LEGO Batman may be made of cold, hard bricks, but for him, it's kind of fitting. Batman isn't really the most personable of heroes, after all; suited up, he lacks the charm of an Indiana Jones and the whiny tone of the early Luke Skywalker, but that only makes his entrance into the LEGO game hall of fame that much more sensible. The tiny superhero is bringing his toys to our favorite toy handheld this August, and with him come such witticisms as:

"You want a piece of him, get in line."

Or, y'know, just get really angry and knock him over, or maybe smash him with a fist. That'll learn you, tiny Batman!

Gallery: LEGO Batman

[Via press release]

WRUP: Summon the Hulk's Original Adventures edition

This week's release list looks pretty healthy, if you ask us. We've got some games for just about everyone, including an RPG, along with some action/adventure titles. Oh, and some licensed titles, for good measure.

So, what will you be playing this weekend? New game, or something in your collection? How do you plan on getting through this weekend with your DS?

DS releases for the week of June 2nd

No one told us it was licensed game week. Amidst all the movie property-influenced titles, try not to miss Summon Night: Twin Age if you're interested in it -- it'll be the one with fewer copies at your local gaming store, most likely. Gotta have space for Kung Fu Panda, after all.
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures
  • Summon Night: Twin Age

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Enjoy this bounty of LEGO Indiana Jones videos

IGN has uploaded a nice variety of trailers for LEGO Indiana Jones. The trailers show off different aspects of the gameplay, including using Indy's famous whip to navigate through environments. Aside from that, we also get to look at the game's retelling of a very famous scene from one of the films, as well as other game footage. After giving the videos a watch, we're convinced that we want to get our hands on this.

Head on past the break for the other videos. After that, read IGN's hands-on writeup of the game.

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LEGO Indy whips a small portion of the internet into shape

For all of you whipoholics out there, we've got an adventure for you. The website for the upcoming LEGO Indiana Jones game has gone live. What is the adventure? Exploring the deepest, darkest and most dangerous corners of the small slice of internet it occupies.

It's a little light on the DS side, instead offering up screens and other media from the console versions of the game, but there's some nice concept art to look at, as well as a link to a demo of the game you can play on your PC. That's something, right? Right?

Relive Link's Awakening, Lego-style

There's no arguing that Link's Awakening is one of the most unique titles in the Zelda franchise, and perhaps even one of the best. It's been remade once, in color, which leaves a challenge: how can we possibly improve upon it further? The answer is clear: Lego art. Enter Lwelyk, Lego artist extraordinaire, who has redone a number of creatures and characters from the game, as well as one of the franchise's most iconic symbols -- the rupee.

It's not Lwelyk's first foray into game-influenced Lego mosaics by a long shot; the artist has an entire site devoted to these efforts, and it's definitely worth a look.

Gallery: Lwelyk's Link's Awakening Legos

LEGO Batman could be a good DS game

To say we were worried about this game coming to the DS would be an understatement. You see, we've had two LEGO titles on the DS, with one being the worst game on the system (okay, maybe Peter Jackson's King Kong is worse) and the other being a title that got several good marks. So it was a 50/50 chance in our eyes on whether this would be a flop or not.

Thankfully, the same development team that handled LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is also undertaking the task of developing LEGO Batman, as well. And it's being built specifically with the DS in mind, so the handheld game will be unique. "It's not a port, it's completely done separately," explains producer Loz Doyle to MTV's Multiplayer blog. "It's done at Traveller's Tales by the same team that did the 'Saga' DS version, and they're a really, really good team. It's kind of the same but different, and there's a lot of touch screen in there."

So, yes. It is now official. DS Fanboy is excited for this game.

[Via Joystiq]

LEGO Indy dated, exclusive DS features revealed

Concealed deep within Stephen Totilo's impressions of LEGO Indiana Jones, positioned on a platform beyond a series of deadly, dart-based traps, we came across a rare, precious treasure of inestimable value: details of the DS version, and a release date! Trembling with anticipation, our eyes lit by nearby torches, we grabbed the loot, and rolled beneath the rapidly closing exit, stylishly snatching our hat on the way.

Once outside, we examined our haul, and found that Traveler's Tales' whip-crackin', boulder-fleein' game would ship on June 3rd. Totilo -- sorry, the treasure -- also revealed that the DS version would feature stylus control for Indy's whip, will have microphone support (to blow out torches, natch), and will allow us to control the monkey from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Monkeys can only make anything better, really.

More like Professor LOLton

Oh, how we adore you, Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Not only are you one of the most distinguished DS games of the year so far, but you're also proving a rich source of inspiration for webcomic artists everywhere.

Penny Arcade's take on the Professor's adventure set our ROFLcopter in motion the other day, and our giggling continued after seeing 2P Start's answer to the biggest puzzle of all. Hit the break for the full (totally-safe-for-work) comic!

See also: 2008's Biggest Blips -- Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Gallery: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

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The Mother of All Brains

Lwelyk, the Lego mosaicist (mosaician?) behind some truly excellent Nintendo block art, has posted his latest masterpiece, a large-scale model of Metroid's final-boss-in-a-jar. This Mother Brain is "about the size of (Lwelyk's) torso" and took "four or five hours." We can only imagine that part of that time was spent shooting little flying rings so he could get back up on the tiny platform on which he was building the sculpture.

Can you imagine how upsetting it would be to walk in and see something like this, especially if you weren't familiar with Metroid? Or, even worse, to wake up in the middle of the night and see this ... mass ... in your house?

Pokedrive Red

Here's an awesome DIY project you can try out with an old Gameboy/GBC game that you're not too fond of -- turn it into a USB drive! Themadscientist101 has a photo guide showing how to cut open a window and shave off some of the inside wall to fit a USB drive into the plastic housing. You won't be able to play the game anymore after modding the cart, but if you use something crappy like Mortal Kombat, that shouldn't be a problem.

Just think of how cool everyone will think you are when you pull out a Pokemon cart to show off the Pokemon strategy guides you downloaded from GameFAQs! The girls will be fighting over you. It'll be like the Axe Effect, but in Pokemon form. For real.

Themadscientist101 also has a Lego USB mod that the ladies can't resist. Jump past the post break for photos of the brick drive.

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Game art, built from Lego pieces

When not playing games, we often like to listen to gaming music and look at game art. Heck, we just wish there was a way for us to play games in our sleep. We like playing games that much. Don't you?

Enter these pieces of gaming memorabilia created from Lego blocks. There's all kinds of Nintendo salutes, including Samus, several different kinds of Link and, of course, the pictured Mario. There's even a sweet piece of of Mega Man art.

WRUP: This week is no joke edition

This week's long list of releases is just that: long. It's got sweet titles like Call of Duty 4, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Let's not forget about potential DS Game of the Year Hannah Montana: Music Jam! There's just too many for us right now!

But, what about you? Are you picking up any of these new games? Will you be playing something new or something from a previous week's release?

DS releases for the week of November 5th

Holy snaps, look at all the games this week! We're not even sure where to begin! Why, is that our surprise title of the year, Hannah Montana: Music Jam, finally hitting shelves? Maybe, maybe ... but let's see what else we've got. Rhythm games, check. All the war you could want, check. Language and word trainers, check. Action, check. We even have one for all the people who just have to have virtual pets. Basically, if you like games at all, there may be something you're interested in this week.
  • Bratz 4 Real
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
  • Enchanted
  • Hannah Montana: Music Jam
  • Horse Life
  • Hot Wheels: Beat That
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
  • My French Coach
  • My Spanish Coach
  • My Word Coach
  • Ontamarama
  • Panzer Tactics
  • Puzzle de Harvest Moon
  • Shrek: Ogres and Dronkeys
  • Spectrobes (Collector's Edition)
  • World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets
Check out the lists after the break for releases in other major regions.

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Contra in LEGOs is formula for greatness

When two beloved things like Contra and the DS collide, it's hard not to feel giddy all over. As the release date for Contra 4 gets closer and closer, we thought there was no way that our lust for this game could grow even stronger.

Well, as it turns out, we were dead wrong.

Upon viewing an image of this NES classic in LEGO form, we were forced to schedule endless sobbing into our daily routines until Contra 4 is released. Since we'll be able to play the original game on our Contra 4 carts, we wonder if we'll be thinking of LEGOs now as we take advantage of that glorious feature.

As an added bonus, skinny coder's flickr gallery has pictures of other NES classics that he made in LEGO form, including Duck Hunt, Castlevania, Metal Gear, Excitebike, and Bionic Commando. We absolutely recommend checking them out. Which "LEGOed" classic is your favorite?

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