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Another (slim) chance to own THAT Pikachu DS Lite

Many of you will no doubt recall the gorgeous and very, very yellow limited edition Pikachu DS that remains painfully unattainable to us. With no official release planned for the hardware, we began to give up hope on ever owning one, but it looks like Nintendo could be offering another two Pikachu Lites to winners of a new contest being held to promote Pokémon Mystery Dungeon twosome Explorers of Darkness and Explorers of Time.

You can enter once a day between now and May 21st, when a couple of lucky winners will clinch themselves a treasure chest containing the most beautiful DS Lite known to man, a Wii, a HDTV, and more Pokémon goodies than they can shake a stick at. Head here to learn more.

[Via press release]

DS Daily: Are you gonna get it?

Okay, fine, we asked you to choose between two colorful DS Lites already, but we want to know: are you gonna get the Brain Age 2 bundle? Come on, it's okay to want to replace a perfectly good handheld with a shinier model. People do it all the time.

We want to know if you're so charmed by the slick combination of red and black that has won us over.

Brain Age 2 DS bundle unboxed, envy unleashed

GamePro got one of the Brain Age 2 DS Lite bundles, and decided to kill us all with envy. We're writhing as we stare at the surprisingly sparkly crimson finish on the DS. We're struck by how much better it looks in these GamePro shots than in the official photos!

As it happens, the included case is also hot. It's red with a repeating dual-screen pattern (like the emblem on the Lite itself.) And, lest we forget, the package includes Brain Age 2, which itself is worth a little drool. We're considering buying one of these bundles just to be seen with it.

Oh, did we forget to mention that they're giving it away? Yeah, GamePro will be holding a contest in the near future to put that DS in some lucky fan's hands. ProTip: You probably want this.

A yellow Pikachu facade for your shamefully non-limited DS

This yellow silicone DS Lite cover beats the "real" Pikachu DS Lite in four ways that we can think of:
  1. It's totally got color art on it
  2. This actually prevents damage, encouraging us to play it more rather than hide it in a safe deposit box
  3. It creates that two-tone look that we apparently love, and
  4. You can get it in a reasonable manner, for $13.
The last one is the real big deal. There was basically no chance of us submitting an application to the Pokemon Center in Japan, getting extremely lucky, and then shelling out for the Lite. This way, we can cover our normal DS Lite in the equivalent of a Pikachu DS Lite Halloween costume. Play-Asia is shipping the Silicon Cover (Pokemon Yellow) for $12.90. Despite the name, we're pretty sure it's made of silicone.

DS Daily: Pikachu Lite, we choose you? Or Brain Age DS?

It's another battle of the limited editions! If both the Pikachu oh-my-god-so-yellow-it-burns DS Lite and the Brain Age 2 black and red DS Lite were both in front of you, you had the money in your hand (and didn't need it for anything else!), and time to decide, which would you choose?

Pikachu DS Lite is so yellow, we're posting about it again

UK gamer Drew Walters somehow managed to procure one of these special edition systems, the lucky git, and took several photos while he unboxed the yellow treasure. Considering that the handheld was only supposed to be available to a limited amount of people who submitted an application at Japan's Pokémon Centers, we expect that a great deal of shenanigans were involved, and not to mention crazy bucks.

We can all agree that the Pikachu DS Lite is quite yellow, but what sort of yellow is it? Drew broke it down on his blog: "It's the same yellow as Post-it notes, The Simpsons, Lego men, and my bedroom wall." See for yourself, past the post break!

Continue reading Pikachu DS Lite is so yellow, we're posting about it again

Limited edition Pikachu DS Lite found in the wild

Attempting to cope with the painful realization that we'll never receive one of these limited edition yellow DS Lites, we have adapted several "Your Mama" snaps to use as insults on the people who actually have them. Here is what we've come up with so far:
  • Your DS Lite is so yellow, traffic slows down when you take it out.
  • Your DS Lite is so yellow, we can't believe it's not butter.
  • Your DS Lite is so yellow, Crest Whitestrips told it to go to the damn dentist.
  • Your DS Lite is so yellow, you've mistaken it for corn on the cob at least twice.
These are really bad, we know. If you can come up with anything better, leave your suggestion in the comments! Past the post break, we've got a couple photos of the Pikachu-emblazoned handheld. Collectors had to submit an application at one of Japan's five Pokémon Center's last June just for a chance to buy the canary-colored system. If you were stuck in the US or anywhere else that wasn't the land of the rising sun, you were out of luck. How rude!

Continue reading Limited edition Pikachu DS Lite found in the wild

DS Daily: Design a Contra 4 DS Lite

Let's do a visual exercise this morning! Pretend that Nintendo is releasing a limited-edition Contra 4 DS Lite. Pretend that you can go on with your mundane life after hearing this idea and realizing that it's not real.

What would you want it to look like? Grab some DS pictures and your handy image editing program and show us! Obviously it doesn't have to be professional-level work. Just look at ours up there. We won't judge your Photoshoppery. In fact, we won't judge anything! Let's just celebrate Contra together!

Pokemon Center brings out yet another Pikachu portable

To celebrate the July 20th opening of its new Tokyo store, the Pokémon Center will be offering Pikachu-branded, yellow DS Lites to an unannounced number of gamers. Those who're looking for a chance to grab one of the special edition handhelds will be able to submit an "application" at any of the Pokémon Center's five locations in Japan. Submissions will be accepted up to July 1st, and those eligible to purchase the 16,800 yen DS Lite (approx. $138) will be notified by postcard later in the month. Even if you're not a Pikachu fan, you could always just acquire one anyway and tell everyone that the face on the lid is actually a rosy-cheeked rabite.

Despite a near-decade's worth of handheld variants featuring the mousy mascot, these Pokémon-designed consoles show no signs of slowing down. Take a stroll through memory lane and check out all the Pikachu portables we were able to round up after the post break.

Continue reading Pokemon Center brings out yet another Pikachu portable

It's a Wonderful DS Lite

Square Enix's Wonderful World edition DS Lite marks the first of what we're sure will be many Gloss Silver bundles to grace Japan, but will never -- absolutely never -- see an official release in the states. Set for release along with the game this June 27th, the limited edition handheld shows of the "It's a Wonderful World" logo and Tetsuya Nomura's skull badge design. Pricing for the set hasn't been announced yet, but expect to pay a king's ransom if you plan on importing.

Mobile Suit DS Lite

As if packing 500 characters, 300 mobile suits, and over 120 stages from 15 different Gundam series wasn't fan service enough, Bandai Namco plans to release a special edition DS Lite bundle with SD Gundam G Generation Cross Drive. The customized, crystal-white handheld will feature the same red branding seen on Amuro Ray's Rx-93 ν Gundam in the animated film, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.

It's doubtful that the strategy-RPG game or the DS Lite will ever make it stateside, so interested parties will likely have to settle for importing when the title hits Japanese shelves this August 9th. The bundle's 21,840 yen price tag comes out to approximately $183, but expect to pay a premium if you're buying from an online shop. Head past the post break for a look at SD Gundam G Generation Cross Drive's packaging and screenshots.

Continue reading Mobile Suit DS Lite

DS Daily: Colors

Depending on where you live (or whether or not you want to import), you have different choices when it comes to DS Lite color, and a wider selection of shades if you're still wielding the Phatty model. Maybe you even shelled out for a limited edition. We already talked about how many you have -- now we wanna know: what color are you sporting? Are you happy with it? What available color would you want instead, and if you could have any color (without modding) or a special edition, what would it be?

Another limited edition DS: FFXII

Looks like someone decided that they needed to move a few more DS Lites in Japan, since sales have been flagging. The poor handheld has really struggled to gain a foothold. Sigh. Maybe this spankin' new limited edition DS Lite will do the trick. We do hear that this Final Fantasy series is a little on the popular side.

Seriously, this new FFXII: Revenant Wings DS Lite (aka the Sky Pirates edition) is pretty slick, though a little understated, as you can see after the jump. Who wants to start betting on whether or not this will beat those crazy early sales for Final Fantasy III?

Continue reading Another limited edition DS: FFXII

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