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DS releases for the week of May 26th

Happy holiday weekend to those of us in the US! Looks like everyone not in the UK has at least a few games to look forward to this week. We have some particularly exciting titles ourselves, including the much-anticipated Super Dodgeball Brawlers, but importers may also want to cast an eye toward Japan, as there's some excitement to be had there as well.
  • LOL
  • Looney Tunes Cartoon Concerto
  • Super Dodgeball Brawlers
  • USA Today Crosswords

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European dates for Etrian Odyssey, LOL, Pokemon Explorers

News of a European release date for Super Smash Bros. Brawl has dominated coverage of Nintendo's latest European release schedule, but there are a number of tasty morsels on the list for DS owners.

For a start, the continent will finally be getting Atlus roguelike Etrian Odyssey, and it's about time -- lest we forget, the title made its U.S. debut last May! Notably, there are also dates (of varying specificity) for Race Driver: GRID (May), the new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games (July 4th), New International Track & Field (Q2 2008), and Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat? (June), the European version of Cooking Navi. "ArchimDS" appears on the list as well, though we presume this refers to LOL, or Bakushow as it'll be known in Euroland.

Add all of those to this morning's Final Fantasy IV announcement, and Europe has quite the line-up of games to look forward to. Check past the break for the full list!

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DS Daily: OMG LOL, amirite

Skip, the creators of Chibi-Robo, surprised us last year with Archime-DS, one of the most bizarre games on a system known for bizarre games (seriously, its most popular games are about doing math and walking dogs). Then Agetec surprised us by announcing plans to (sort of) release it in the U.S.! It's about the weirdest and most simplistic concept for a game we can think of, basically a chat client with a configurable timer and a voting mechanism.

We normally don't like to rely on our friends to create a game's content, but at the same time we can't deny that Pictionary is fun -- and LOL is even more freeform than Pictionary. It's designed with the idea of voting on the best answer to player-submitted questions, or best prompted drawings, but you can kind of do whatever you want. There's definitely the possibility of fun to be had here, but do you think you'll be able to get past the strangeness of the game to seek it?

Gallery: LOL

Europeans get to LOL with Bakushow

We won't bombard you with more details about LOL (we can really only LOL so many times in one day), but news just rolled in that Rising Star would be bringing the game to Europe. Instead of being called LOL, though, it will be titled Bakushow, which means "big laugh" in Japanese.

There's no word yet on whether Rising Star will follow in Agetec's footsteps and make the game available online only, but even if it is available in stores, we're sure it won't be the easiest game to find. Rising Star also gently reminds us that "Billy No Mates need not apply," since this software includes no single player mode. You probably already knew that, but we just wanted an excuse to write "Billy No Mates."

If that doesn't deter you, we've added some new screens to our gallery (for the love of all that is holy, we get it, you can ask people to draw pandas!) should you feel so inclined to check them out.

Gallery: LOL

[Via press release]

Look Online for LOL

Skip and Route24's LOL is seemingly a very freeform game. It has no prescribed content, just an open canvas with which you can design your own trivia or drawing game -- or anything else you want that involves sending pictures and text between DS systems. It provides the infrastructure and a timer, and that's pretty much it! But LOL is defined as much by its constraints as it is its freedom, in that it is a strictly multiplayer-only game. Don't have any friends around? It doesn't work.

Now it seems there's another restriction: according to Agetec's product page, LOL will only be available online when it is released on May 30th. This has the effect of ensuring that what was once going to be just a bizarre game will be a very expensive bizarre game within a year's time. Also found on the product page: new screens (in our gallery!) and the boxart, with the ESRB "Game Experience May Change During Online Play" notice. Online play?

Gallery: LOL

[Via Siliconera]

A multiplayer-only drawing game? LOL!

"If the game is boring, you are boring." That's how Agetec is choosing to market a localized version of Skip's bizarre Archime DS, a multiplayer-only game that is entirely dependent on user-generated content. And we mean entirely.

LOL DS is little more than a networked drawing pad. One player issues challenges to the others and determines a time limit. It is then up to the other players to fulfill that challenge using drawings or words. The group then votes on a winner, who is then the leader of the next round. And that's LOL!

Is this emergent gameplay, or no gameplay? It's a very bold move on Agetec's part to release this, much as it was for Skip to release it in Japan.

Gallery: LOL

[Via press release]

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Archime DS screens: enjoy them alone while you can

Savor your solitude; once Archime DS actually gets released, your enjoyment of the game will hinge on the participation of the masses. Or at least the people you've shared friend codes with.

These screenshots mostly show example play sessions-- one player writing a question, and then everyone voting on the best answer, or each player's version of a panda drawing. Since most of the content in this game is created on the fly, previews seem a little hollow. We can't really preview what you and your friends will draw, you know?

We trust Skip (Chibi Robo, Giftpia) to make a compelling experience, but this program does have the air of non-gameness about it. It's not a training game, but it's not a traditional game either. It's in the "toy" category of non-games along with Jam Sessions and Electroplankton, we suppose.

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Archime DS = LOL

We haven't heard much about Route24's mystery project, LOL DS, since developer Kenichi Ishi (Chibi Robo) first announced the game over a year ago. After months of leaving us in the dark without any screenshots or information beyond its acronymous title, the Route24 team has broken its silence, publishing a teaser site and revealing a new name: Archime DS.

Archime DS
is as far away from a traditional video game as you can imagine. Strictly multiplayer -- with no single-player modes planned -- the title promises to deliver a handheld twist on "Oogiri"-styled Japanese comedy . A leader asks a question or poses a challenge with a set limit, and players earn points by using their DS to present the best answer. It's a lot like the final round of Jeopardy, but with a humorous theme.

Skip Ltd. will be publishing Archime DS in Japan this summer, selling the game for about $18. We're hoping that the English-translated official page foreshadows a future North American release, but we wouldn't be surprised if the screwy title missed our market.

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