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DS releases for the week of March 17th

This week, there are a lot of DS games headed out all around the globe, but it's particularly a great week for those of you who keep your eyes peeled for interesting Japanese releases. Not the import type? That's okay -- there's a lot of other games to consider, and some that aren't even quite games, per se.
  • Diary Girl
  • Fantasy Aquarium by DS
  • GoPets: Vacation Island
  • Lost in Blue 3
  • Sega Superstars Tennis

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More Lost in Blue 3 info and screens surface

One of the biggest complaints about Konami's Lost in Blue series is that the games feel like too much work. If you weren't working your butt off in order to ensure your own survival, you were probably leading a vision-impaired girl around the island or doing some other sort of menial task.

Gamers don't necessarily mind doing "chores" in games -- if so, titles like Harvest Moon wouldn't exist. The work and play needs to be at least somewhat balanced, though, for a game to succeed.

Fortunately, it seems like Konami has come to realize this, and the third installment of the series will show improvement over its predecessors (and not just artistically). A new game page for the title claims that time will be equally spent exploring the island for fun and ... well ... doing survival stuff. Lost in Blue 3 will also include over twenty minigames if you're looking for other ways to break up your daily tasks.

There will be four playable characters in the game. You choose one character at the beginning to control throughout, and that person's attributes will affect the gameplay (this is something we've see before, but this time you get more characters to choose from). All in all, we think Lost in Blue 3 is shaping up nicely and might be the best game in the series yet. To check out some news screens of the upcoming survival sim (which will be released in America this month on the 18th), make sure you check out the gallery below.

Gallery: Lost in Blue 3

[Via CVG]

Lost in Blue 3 screens wash ashore

While it possesses a potentially awesome premise -- you're marooned on a desert island, now fend for yourself using only what nature gives you -- we're not sure that the Lost in Blue series has fulfilled that potential yet. The first two games had their heart in the right place, but were weighed down by unreasonably dependent AI partners and poor pacing.

In other words, it's been left to Lost in Blue 3 to patch things up and finally do this superb concept some justice. These screens -- the first English-language shots of the game -- feature two of the new characters, including James, who seems to have some aggression issues, and Claire, who (much like Skye from the first game) looks like an unbearable drip, and certainly not the type to take down a snake with her bare hands.

Gallery: Lost in Blue 3

Lost in Blue 3 trailer shows promise

By promise, we really mean fist-fighting a snake. When a trailer has something of that magnitude within it, we're forced to pay attention. All of the survival stuff we can take or leave, but fist-fighting wildlife in a video game is too cool for school. It's only a step away from piledriving a shark.

So, what do you all think? Does Lost in Blue 3 look promising?

Lost in Blue adapts to survive

When (if) Lost in Blue 3 arrives on our shores, you may be surprised at its appearance. Konami has changed the art style used for the character portraits, from normal human proportions to more of a chibi look. In fact, the simplified characters look more like the avatars found on Japanese livedoor blogs than anything else. Hopefully the change in appearance won't ruin the grave atmosphere of the game during those dolphin chats.

We would be surprised if we got a deluxe pack for the game like Japan is getting on the 20th. The Survival Kids Original Gloves and Towel Compressed Set includes -- you guessed it -- a towel and some gloves. We're guessing that they're vacuum-sealed and compressed like those football-shaped t-shirts. The idea, we think, is for you to be able to fit them into a bag in case you encounter a survival situation requiring ... a towel and some gloves. At the very least, a tiny, compressed towel would make it easier for you to identify as a hoopy frood.

[Via GoNintendo]

Lost in Blue 3 could be found in North America soon

A listing for Lost in Blue 3 (when are these folks going to be found already?!) has emerged on EB Games' website, causing many to believe the game is bound for a North American release sometime soon. As it stands right now, the game is currently set to release in Japan next week.

Regarding a proposed release date outside of Japan, the listing at EB Games (which has since been pulled down) states the title will ship in March of 2008. Odds are this will happen, of course, considering the first two titles graced retail shelves in other territories. The real question is: do you care?

Commune with your fellow mammals in Lost in Blue 3

Say you're stranded on an island with a couple of adorably helpless anime children. For ... oh, the third time. You're going to be there for a while, doing your best to survive, keeping a fire going, looking for food, defending yourself and your completely useless companions.

When you aren't collapsing from exhaustion and malnutrition, why not make the best of your time by learning dolphin language? Konami's Lost in Blue 3 contains a new dolphin communication minigame, a rhythm game in which you speak into the DS microphone in time with musical notes. Maybe if you get close enough to the dolphin society, they'll lend you one of their submarines!

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