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Another Week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 4/28-5/4

We realized today that we don't know Japan as well as we thought we did. With our reasoning, a new Gundam game + the popularity of the DS = cha-ching. While the debuting Emblem of Gundam had decent sales for its first week, though, taking the twelfth spot isn't all that impressive -- especially since there was only one new release cluttering up the top ten.

On the other hand, We're Fossil Diggers, Pokemon Ranger, and the Taiko Drum Master DS sequel continued to shine, giving the DS a nice piece of top ten representation. Batonnage managed to reach the half-million mark, while the other two games neared 100,000 copies sold.

For hardware, DS numbers went up since last week, but the handheld is still convincingly behind the PSP and Wii in recent sales. If you want to see the numbers, though, just click past the break. You can check out the software listings there, too.

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Miyamoto, DS take home some Famitsu awards

Hey, who doesn't know how awesome Shigeru Miyamoto is? Your grandmother? Shove her to the ground. Seriously, the man is a legend and your grandmother's frail, aged bones need to recognize that.

Speaking of recognition, Miyamoto and select titles on the DS recently got themselves some, as Famitsu dished out awards to the gaming icon and some titles available on his company's handheld system. The games that got the nod were Mario Party DS, Phantom Hourglass, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Darkness and Dragon Quest IV. All of these games received an Award for Excellence, where newcomer Professor Layton and the Curious Village got itself a Rookie award.

Miyamoto himself received top honors, as he accepted his time in the spotlight and thanked everyone by stating that he was happy to "get an honor like this, it makes me glad to have worked so hard over the past thirty years. This is going to sound a bit like a lie, but it's like a dream. That said, I didn't think five years ago that I'd be making Wii Fit. I thought I'd be making more Mario and Zelda."

Well, if there's someone who should be used to accepting awards, it's him.

Japan snaps up 100,000,000 DS games

In what is yet another statistical landmark for the DS in its homeland, the data gatherers at Media Create have revealed that Japanese consumers have purchased their 100,000,000th Nintendo DS game.* Considering the handheld itself hit the twenty million mark only last November, we calculate that to be ... a pretty good attachment rate! In total, 922 titles have appeared in the region, 21 of which have been million-sellers. Hit the break for the top ten best-selling games to date.

* Rumors that the 100,000,000th game sold was Bangai-O Spirits are yet to be verified, and are suspected to have originated at popular Nintendo DS blog "DS Fanboy."

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Another week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 12/24-12/31

We were finally able to get our greedy little hands on the Japanese sales numbers from Famitsu for the week of 12/24, and came to find that the DS had another great week.

Unsurprisingly, the DS took the top spot in hardware sales, moving 195,000 units. While this was a drop from the week before's incredible numbers, it certainly isn't a bad showing for the three-year-old handheld.

In terms of software, Final Fantasy IV is continuing to sell well, meaning that more remakes in the series are sure to follow. The other Square-Enix remake on the charts, Dragon Quest IV, managed to go platinum this week. Mario Party DS, meanwhile, was the only other DS game to make the top ten, as the Professor Layton sequel slipped to the number eleven spot.

To see the hardware and software sales numbers for the the week of 12/24, check after the break.

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Another week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 12/10-12/16

Be careful with that DS of yours. It may be small and look all cute with its two screens, but that thing is a monster. How else could a system manage an 89,000 boost in hardware sales from last week's already ridiculously high numbers? The DS just continues to blow everything else away, selling 91,000 units more than the competing PSP (which also had a good week in Japan).

As for software sales, however, only three of the system's biggest contenders (Mario Party DS, Professor Layton II, and Dragon Quest IV) managed to make it into the top ten. Not only did these three games do well for the week, but their total sales are pretty outstanding. We wouldn't be surprised to see all of them reach the million mark at some point.

Check after the break to see Japan's hardware and software numbers for the week of 12/10-12/16.

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Nintendo's new gaming platform: Dual Tubes

In order to promote the new Mario Party DS, Nintendo has stuck some Mario imagery on tubes of Yoplait's Go-gurt. In case you aren't familiar with the product, Go-Gurt is yogurt that comes packed in plastic tubes. It's marketed at children because they're the only people who will gravitate toward a food product because it's disgusting; adults, on the other hand, would only choose to eat dairy products from a tube if they were aboard the Space Shuttle.

But enough about the uniquely horrifying, and Go-gurt-- we're not Awful Food Fanboy, after all. The new Mario tubes feature not only character art of Mario and friends, but two Mario-themed puzzles on every tube. Each tube has both a "single player" and "multiplayer" game. The multiplayer game presented on this package seems to involve scratching off a space to reveal a powerup item, and competing to reveal the most powerful item. The single player game ... is not entirely visible. The games may be lame, but it's clever marketing to advertise a single/multiplayer minigame collection with cute example minigames.

We'd love to know the circumstances behind the discovery of this package, however. The box states that the game is "Now Available," meaning that this Go-Gurt is intended to be in stores around November 19. In addition, the URL on the box is currently inactive. Does GoNintendo have a secret Go-Gurt connection?

New DS trailer blowout!

The non-disclosure agreements have just expired on what was shown at last week's Nintendo of America Media Summit; naturally, within seconds the Internet has become flooded with information about new games. Rather than post each trailer individually, we've decided to embed the newest DS trailers from this event into one roundup post-- because we're Bloggin' Cowboys!

Above, obviously, is a new trailer for Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword. Check after the break for brand new material on Mario Party DS, Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings, EA Playground, Professor Layton, and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker.

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The latest look at Mario Party DS

Though we still aren't sure whether Mario Party on the DS will feature Wi-Fi multiplayer or not (though we so hope it does), we're still happy to check out new screens as they're released. Though the game is due next month, we really haven't heard a lot since E3. Then again, beyond the issue of multiplayer modes, is there much to say? We know the format for the game -- after all, we may have played a little Mario Party here and there over the years. And from the screens, particularly these latest, we know it looks good. So bring on the party!

Gallery: Mario Party DS

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