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Motocross Challenge rides back from the sunset for another go

We couldn't pay Motocross Challenge enough compliments when indie developer DHG Games released the Excitebike-inspired GBA racer last year. For those of you unfamiliar with the game's history, it never saw a commercial release after its publisher backed out of the project due to declining sales for GBA titles.

Not letting its code go to waste, DHG eventually released Motocross Challenge to the homebrew community as a free downlodable ROM and a limited edition flashcart. As great as the game was, we thought, with a tear in our eye, that we would never see it again.

The Montreal-based studio wants another crack at getting its game in stores, however, and has announced a DS remake! The graphics look mostly unchanged, but there are a lot of additions to get hyped about -- a track editor, three new game modes, a skinner mini map on the bottom screen, more AI opponents, a new Challenge Mode mechanic, and a new soundtrack.

DHG is still looking for a publisher, so make sure to direct your industry friends to this arcade racer! Turbo boost your bike up a ramp and fly past the post break for a trailer of Motocross Challenge DS. If you'd rather try it out yourself, you can still download and play the GBA ROM, too!

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Box swap: My Weight Loss Coach

Only a week and a half after we questioned Ubisoft's My Weight Loss Coach boxart -- as we've made a habit of doing with the publisher's boxes -- the placeholder art posted on Amazon has been replaced with a much more predictable and bland cover. While weren't sure if we fancied the previous packshot or not, we're very sure about not liking this one.

Ubisoft has done away with the old box's minimalist presentation and Don Hertzfeldt-esque stick figures. Instead, the packaging is crowded with the publisher's enlarged logo, the software's bundled pedometer, a stock photo of a running couple, and a looming, slimmed waist. Also, you can now see the same banner and chunky, slab-serif typeface used on Ubisoft's other "My Coach" covers.

Bring your disdain past the post break for larger comparison shots of the boxes.

Gallery: My Weight Loss Coach

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My Weight Loss Coach boxart: Lazy or fitting?

We loaded up My Weight Loss Coach's product page on Amazon earlier today and received two surprises:
  1. $39.99. We're used to seeing that sort of markup only on Square-Enix titles and almost never on casual titles, but we suppose that bundled pedometer comes at a price. That price being ten additional dollars.
  2. Its stark, untraditional packaging art.
At first, the cover seemed like an apathetic production, reminiscent of the Konami's Best box design, but perhaps this simple, almost Apple-esque approach will draw in weight-concerned adult casuals, Ubisoft's target audience. If they really want to bring in the big bucks, they'll shoot a commercial of someone pulling the case out of a manila envelope while Yael Naim sings the lyrics to "New Soul."

If you're one of those strange people who like to judge a title by its actual content and not its cover, jump into our gallery below to see new screenshots of the get-in-shape software.

Gallery: My Weight Loss Coach

[Via NeoGAF]

Ubisoft reveals DS pedometer, our fight against the flab begins here

Do your evenings typically consist of you perching your overweight frame on the couch, slurping down microwaveable pizzas between guttural sobs of despair? If so, the compact device above could be the way to a healthier, leaner you. Why? Because that's the pedometer that will ship with Ubisoft's My Weight Loss Coach, silly!

We've already stated how much we like this game's simple-yet-elegant visual style, and My Weight Loss Coach's pedometer only elevates it further above more standard training fare on the DS. The idea is straightforward enough: keep the pedometer on your person all day, letting it count every step you take, then plug it into the GBA slot of your DS and let the software analyze how much blubber you've burned off. Pretty soon, you'll look a bit like this guy, right down to the toned arms and rictus grin. Excellent!

This should be arriving in Europe this summer, so until then you'll have to breathe in sharply if you want to squeeze into the gallery below.

Gallery: My Weight Loss Coach

[Via press release]

DS Fit: Ubisoft announces My Weight Loss Coach

For those of you looking for a weight-loss alternative to methamphetamines, you can finally put down that needle -- Ubisoft has just the game for you! My Weight Loss Coach acts as both a fitness coach and nutritionist to help you trim those extra pounds. Pretty soon, you'll be able to slip into that old pair of daisy dukes that kept your telephone ringing all throughout your high school years.

The casual software will come bundled with a pedometer, an accessory which detects nearby sexual predators counts every step you take, similar to the Nike+iPod Sports Kit. The device plugs into your DS, presumably through the handheld's GBA slot, and keeps track of your progress, updating your personal profile. Based on the data it gathers, My Weight Loss Coach helps you balance your food intake and meet "landmark checkpoints." And it doesn't even give you meth mouth!

The stick-figure art direction is simple but charming, like a Don Hertzfeldt animation, perfect for a genre that doesn't really benefit from graphics that push the system's limits. Check our gallery below for 15 screenshots of the healthy title. My Weight Loss Coach isn't scheduled for release until this summer, but don't wait until then to get off the ice.

Gallery: My Weight Loss Coach

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