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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [Update 2]

Update 2: The staff have left Game Night now, but there are still plenty of people about, looking to get their game on. Access the chatroom here and join in!

We had quite a few people stop by for Game Night last week, so we hope that as many, if not more of you, will decide to shop up tonight. Around 7pm ET, look for this post to be at the top of the front page. It'll then have a link that leads into the Game Night chat. If you don't have any games to play, no worries! Just stop by the chat and hang with us anyway.

We hope to see you there tonight!

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]

Update: The staff have left the Game Night chat. You're more than welcome to pop in and say "Hello." Just tell them we sent you!

Heya folks, it's that time of the week again. Last week, yours truly got to enjoy quite a bit of Mario Kart Wii, as evidenced by the above video. Why aren't you joining us each week? There's lots of fun to be had, gaming it up with your peers and us, the staff. Seriously, don't you have any online-compatible games?

We don't just play Wii games, either! Tetris DS and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin are in constant rotation, as well as Phantom Hourglass and Mario Kart DS, just to name a few. So, charge up that handheld and show up at the site around 7pm ET tonight. You'll see this post at the top of the page (if not, keep refreshing until you do). Hope to see you there tonight!

DS Daily: Lasting multiplayer

Which DS games do you find have the best multiplayer? What with us taking part in Game Night every week, we're pretty sure we have a grasp on what games have great online multiplayer, but what about local? What about both?

What DS games have had the most memorable multiplayer experience in your eyes? Tetris DS? Advance Wars: Days of Ruin? Mario Kart DS?

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]

Update: The staff has left the Game Night chat, but even though the staff is not present, the readers game on without us. Head on in and give your games a little TLC!

Do you enjoy playing games? Of course you do! Well, would you like to play with us? We want to play with you!

See, every Thursday night, around 7pm Eastern Time, we get together with some of the readers and enjoy the best online-compatible games the DS and Wii libraries have to offer. All you have to do is come back to the site here around that time and you'll find this post at the top of the page with a link to the Game Night chat in it. If it's not so, just keep reloading the page until you see it.

So, we should expect you to join us tonight? We hope to see you there!

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]

Update: The staff have left the Game Night chat, though there were some folks in there still playing when we said goodbye. So, head on in and check it out. If not, see you next week.

It's that time of the week, folks, where you grab your DS, boot up your Wii and play games with the community. All you need to do is check out the site around 7pm ET tonight, where this post will be at the top of the page. It'll include a link into the chat room we use and, once in there, you'll find it easy to get a game going. But, with such a large catalog of online-compatible DS and Wii games, what should we play tonight? Decisions, decisions ...

So, check back with us later tonight. We hope to see you at Game Night!

DS Daily: Alone, or not alone?

That is the question.

We know whether or not you have friends to play with locally, and of course, WFC gaming is always an option. Yet, on the DS, do you generally prefer single player or multiplayer titles? We appreciate when games give us the best of both worlds, but which mode is more important to you?

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update]

Update: The staff have gone and left the Game Night chat. But, that shouldn't stop you from checking on its status now. There might be people in there righting now, trying to play.

Wow, is it Thursday already? This week is flying by for us, but we're glad that today is today, for it means we can get some gaming in, if only for a short while. Are you down with it?

If you're interested, hit up the intro page, which documents how it's all going to go down. Then, come back to the site around 7pm ET tonight and you'll see this very post at the top of the page. Only then, it'll have a link in there. Click it, and you'll be in the Game Night chat. Easy enough, right?

We hope to see you there tonight!

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]

Update: The staff have left the Game Night chat. There were a lot of folks still in there, getting their game on. Hit up the chat if you want to see who's around. Otherwise, we hope to see you next week!

Hi, how're you? Good? Wonderful, good to hear. Say, what are you up to this evening? Well, you see, around 7pm Eastern, the staff here at DS Fanboy, as well as a bunch of readers, get together to enjoy the best Wi-Fi title available. Tetris, Mario Kart DS and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin are just a few of the titles we like to rock. Won't you join us? You should! It's surprisingly simple to get involved, actually. All you have to do is come back to the site at 7:01pm tonight, where you'll find this very post at the top of the page. It'll contain a link into our chat room, which you click and that's it. We told you it was simple!

So, we'll see you tonight, them?

DS Daily: Local laughs

It goes without saying that all of the DS Fanboy team are colossally (some would say inexplicably) popular. However, despite the fact that we're swimming in chums, here's something not a lot of us have: DS-owning friends who will play games against us on a regular basis. Like, in the flesh.

What about you lot? Do you have a large crowd of friends who are equipped with a DS and regularly indulge in local multiplayer? Or are you like most of us, sadly limited to battling over Force Gems and taking out tank units with strangers from afar?

Nobunaga's Ambition exceeds that of its rivals

Our recommendation of Kunitori Zunou Battle Nobunaga no Yabou (Domination Battle of the Brains: Nobunaga's Ambition) as an alternative to Advance Wars is looking safer by the day, with Koei revealing to Impress Watch that the game would support certain modes that not even Intelligent Systems' title featured.

In particular, the multiplayer seems to have had considerable attention lavished upon it. Not only is there wireless DS-to-DS play and the ability to play others with a single card, but there's also Wi-Fi Connection battles for -- get this -- up to four players. Which is precisely what Advance Wars: Days of Ruin needed, if you ask us.

Aside from this super-happy news, Impress Watch profiled the eight daimyo (warlords from Japan's feudal period) that will appear in the title, all of whom are historically accurate figures (with probably-not-historically accurate special abilities). Apparently, players will have the option of fighting actual battles that took place. Oh yes, and there are screens. Lots of lovely new screens. Many of which contain this strange device. What is it? No idea. First one to tell us gets our everlasting admiration.

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]

Update: The staff have left the Game Night chat, but when we did, things were kicking. Hop into the chat and see what's going down. You just might be able to get a game or two in.

Howdy, DS gamers! Where have you been for the last couple of weeks? Ever since Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii released, it seems like anything anyone wants to play at Game Night is Wii stuff. What about the DS? Where have its representatives gone?

To get in on Game Night, all you need to do is show up here at the site around 7:01pm ET. You'll find this post at the top of the page, including a link into the Game Night chat. From there, it's pretty easy to get a game going with someone. So, we hope to see you there tonight!

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]

Update: Nintendo's servers are being a pain again tonight, dropping everyone left and right. Sorry, but the staff has left the Game Night chat. We didn't want to, but the problematic servers caused us to. If you're around later, still give the chat a try, maybe some folks are lingering and the servers got back to operating status.

Hi! How are you today? Good, glad to hear it. Look, we have a problem. You see, we run this thing called Game Night every Thursday, where we get together to play games, but the problem has been those darn Wii Fanboy readers. See, they're coming in and playing their Wii games and, believe it or not, they're totally talking smack on the DS. I know, right?

So, what we need you to do is show up here at the site tonight, at 7:01pm ET, then hit the link to the Game Night chat. Once in, we want you to not engage them or start typing in all caps in the chat. No, we just want you to have fun playing DS! That would really show them who's boss. So, we hope to see you at Game Night tonight!

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]

Update: The staff has left the Game Night chat, however there were tons of folks still in there, getting their game on. Try your luck by entering the chat here.

True, last week we weren't able to get our game on because Nintendo's servers were down, but we anticipate tonight will be different. We've got the DS charged, put fresh batteries in the Wiimote and have been doing stretching exercises all day. We're pumped to get our game on tonight!

So, be sure to hit up the site around 7pm ET tonight to get the lowdown on where to go for the Game Night chat. After that, connecting with your fellow readers for some gaming action will be a snap. Hope to see you there!

Friday Video: The Agony of Defeat

Or, as the overacting on display in this video conveys, the agony of playing the DS in general. Maybe the kind of extreme, wild gesticulation associated with visual depictions of game-playing are what make non-gamers leery of our hobby? Don't worry, non-gamers -- it only looks like you're receiving periodic electric shocks. Playing games is, for the most part, a sedentary experience.

We must admit that we love seeing the classic "gaming" pantomime -- jumping up and down, flailing in the air, and exaggerated motions of exultation and disappointment -- applied to our favorite handheld, in a manner that is quite appropriate to the DS's unique character.

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]

Update: Well, this is no fun. It seems that Wi-Fi is down right now. If you want, you can still join us in the chat for some fun conversation (and a game, if the servers get back up). Hopefully that won't take too long.

Update 2: Well, this is lame. The servers are still down and we have no idea how long it will be until they are back online. We would like to thank all the folks that showed up looking to game with us. We'll see you next week, where the servers will be working, hopefully!

Yes, there's a video above. Why? Well, we wanted to show off some of last week's Game Night to you all.

We understand that we can't show you the DS gaming that was going down (direct-feed capture for that costs, uh, several thousand dollars and we can barely afford to eat off the McDonald's dollar menu), but know that plenty of folk were enjoying themselves some playtime. In fact, our own Chris is usually trying to play Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, so if you're big into that, he's your guy. Aside from that, plenty of other Wi-Fi-compatible titles are available, such as Tetris DS, Mario Kart DS and plenty more.

So, all you need to do is come back to the site at 7pm ET. The Game Night post will then be at the top of the front page with the link to the chat where we all get together and have our fun. If it isn't ready exactly at 7pm, keep refreshing. Sometimes the server can be slow to update.

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