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WRUP: Shooting crystal bugs edition

With three high-profile titles releasing in North America this week, we're having a hard time deciding what game (or games) to pick up for this weekend's promised downtime. Should we go with the tried-and-true formula of shooting everything in sight and get Nanostray 2? Or, should we see about putting on our gumshoes and solving a case or two in Insecticide? Perhaps the more epic quest is in order and we should go with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates? Maybe we should just go with them all?

While we try to decide, tell us what you've got going on in your gaming world this weekend. What will you be playing?

Metareview: Nanostray 2

Despite the incredibly varied critical reaction to Nanostray, we know the shmup was popular with many of the readers, and that means there's a lot of concern over the recently-released sequel. So how's it looking? So far, on par with the first, though we're not seeing any of the high-scoring reviews the original garnered ... at least, not yet.

Games Radar: 80%
-- Sometimes, it's okay to just be what you are. "Nanostray 2 doesn't try to re-invent the genre, and that's totally fine. The no-nonsense weapons and controls are easy to get the hang of, each stage has its own unique collection of enemies and environmental gotchas, and there's rarely a moment when the screen isn't flush with bullets, ships, and explosions. Detailed 3D graphics give the two-dimensional action plenty of depth, while the soundtrack consists of a manly mix of lasers, explosions, and trippy rock-trance music."

Nintendo Power: 60%
-- Nintendo Power's negatives sound like positives to us! "Nanostray 2 is an odd mix of old and new; it looks and plays better than any of those old games, and it has the polish of a fresh title, but its brand of twitchy, frenetic action and on-hit deaths is so 1985." (Feb. 08, p. 89)

GamePro: 80% -- GamePro had praise for the new controls. "What Nanostray fans won't find are the much-maligned touch controls, which Shin'en rightly decided to deep-six. The D-pad controls your ship's movement, while the A and B buttons pull main and secondary weapons duty. The L and R buttons shift the position of satellites, floating Gradius-like orbs that supplement your main blasters. The touch controls do make a cameo, however, as alternate control settings, but we'd steer clear, anyway."

DS releases for the week of March 10th

What a week for DS releases! Of course, in the shadow of a certain release on the Wii side of the Nintendo fence, a big week was probably necessary, but that doesn't make it any less exciting. Though there are only three DS titles scheduled for release, each one has something going for it. How often does that happen?
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
  • Insecticide
  • Nanostray 2
In fact, there's a lot to look forward to all around the world. Europe's scoring Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker and Bomberman Land Touch! 2, among other titles, and Japan boasts our beloved Contra 4 (there, Dual Spirits), and the hilarious Duel Love. Surely you can find some time to tear yourself away from beatdowns for one of these.

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DS releases for the week of January 14th

Wherever you are this week, there's not a lot to choose from. That isn't to say there aren't a few worthwhile titles hitting the shelves, but the key words here are "a few." As in "not many." As in, "not a big burden on your wallet." Considering everything we've got coming up for the DS, around the world, that's probably pretty good news.
  • Corvette Evolution GT
  • Miami Nights: Singles in the City
  • Nanostray 2
For the rest of the world's major markets, see the release lists after the jump.

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Nanostray 2 means more boss fights

Sequel Nanostray 2 is going to be jam-packed with boss encounters, doubling the 8 boss fights of the first game into 16 for the sequel. The bosses this time around aren't confined to being just robotic, either. They're organic and offer up more complex attack patterns than before. If there's anything we want besides more boss fights, it's for those boss fights to be more complex.

Nanostray 2 is currently slated for a January 15th release in North America.

Gallery: Nanostray 2

[Via Go Nintendo]

Nanostray 2 trailer and dev diary

The trailer above for Nanostray 2 features a lot of aspects of the game that interested parties would want to see. There is some boss fighting and co-op action, not to mention the requisite amounts of blowing everything on the screen up.

If that isn't enough for you, be sure to check out the recently created developer diary for the game over at IGN.

Gallery: Nanostray 2

[Thanks, Jason!]

Don't stray away from these Nanostray 2 screens

The fine folks over at 1UP have dished out a bundle (what's a good term for more than a small amount, but less than a lot?) of new screens for Nanostray 2, which, we might say, looks like the hotness. We loves us some Raiden and Ikaruga, so this game is currently living in a house on the corner of Right up avenue and Our alley street.

Any of you gamers dying to shoot down uncountable hordes of enemy ships with us?

Gallery: Nanostray 2

Nanostray 2 meanders under Majesco's wing

As expected, Majesco has announced its plans to publish Nanostray 2, developer Shin'en's sequel to the 2005 shoot-em-up, in North America and Europe. Though the original game was widely regarded as a somewhat mediocre shmup with janky touchscreen controls, its initial limited availability sent collectors scrambling for copies before Majesco eventually restocked shelves with bulkier shipments; hopefully, those troubles will be avoided this time around.

Addressing the complaints many had with tacked-on touchscreen features, Nanostray 2 will have three control schemes -- classic control, left-handed touch control, and right-handed touch control. Multiplayer cooperative (multi-card) and duel modes, both played locally, will also be incorporated, as well as online leaderboards. Expect Nanostray 2 to traipse into stores early 2008.

Gallery: Nanostray 2

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