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E308: Nintendo keynote photo tour

Click here to start the tour

So, we've had tons of content up for you all yesterday, because that's how we roll and we'll be damned if The Man is going to stop us! For those of you hungry for more, know that we're going to continue the flood of content, but we've also got a huge photo dump from the Nintendo E3 keynote for you. Within, you'll find all of our pics from the luxurious seats found in row 12. Missed some of the bits about how well the DS is selling? We got it in images. Want to see Shaun White's hideous Mii? We got you covered. Check it all out in our gallery below.

E308: Guitar Hero back On Tour soon

Guitar Hero: On Tour amazed pretty much everybody by becoming an instant hit with customers. So guess what? There's gonna be a sequel! Announced during today's Nintendo's presser and shown on video, Activision will be bringing Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades to our handhelds this fall.

What's more, get this: you'll be able to share songs between versions of the game. No further details on this yet, but stay tuned!

Rock out with your Guitar Grip out

Considering Guitar Hero: On Tour's required accessory, pirates without access to the Guitar Grip shouldn't be able to play the game, right? Incorrect! As they did with the Nintendo DS Browser and its Memory Expansion Pak, hackers have developed a workaround making the game playable even without the extra hardware.

If you skip to the 1:30 minute mark in the above clip, you'll see Youtube user tinymonkeyt demonstrating his patched copy of On Tour -- instead of using the four-fret controller to hit notes, you can use the directional pad or ABXY buttons. Of course, it's possible for people who legally own the game to apply the patch enabling button controls, but it looks much more awkward than using the Guitar Grip.

In other related news, according to the video, tinymonkeyt's mom isn't letting him buy Guitar Hero: On Tour. He is considering purchasing it anyway, however, and will probably "just hide it from her or something." We'll make sure to update you on any new information that comes up for this developing story.

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

[Via GBAtemp]

Activision dishes out free On Tour skins

Remember that video that showed you how to skin your Guitar Hero: On Tour peripheral? Well, you might want to put that knowledge to work, as the official site for Guitar Hero: On Tour has updated with some badass skins you can print out and use to customize to your little rocker heart's content.

All you have to do is head over here. Each of the skins comes in a PDF file, so once you click on it and print it, it should be a snap to cut out and insert into the peripheral.

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

[Via Go Nintendo]

Guitar Hero: On Tour huge hit, sells 300K in its first week

Looks like Activision struck gold yet again with its Guitar Hero franchise, as word hits that the DS title Guitar Hero: On Tour has sold more than 300,000 units in its first week in North America. It set all kind of company precedents, telling us that it probably won't be the only Guitar Hero game to release on the DS.

So, what about those precedents? Well, for one, it's the single most successful game launch on the DS for the company. Not only that, but Guitar Hero: On Tour is also "one of Activision's top five best-selling launches of any title on any platform in the company's history." Now that's impressive.

Did you pick up On Tour? What do you think of the game?

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

[Via Joystiq]

Skin that On Tour peripheral

Now here's a neat video. For those of you who have picked up Guitar Hero: On Tour and want to add a little bit of your own personal style to the included peripheral, the above video will aid you in doing just that. It's surprisingly easy to create your own skin insert for the thing. While the video doesn't showcase the most artistic replacement, we're sure you creative folk out there wont have much trouble coming up with some really badass skins.

Anyone going to give this a try?

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

[Thanks, Max!]

Homebrew paint application adds Guitar Hero controller support

There are already several homebrew and even commercial paint/pixel-art programs in development for the Nintendo DS, but BassAceGold's UAPaint (v1.02) adds something special -- support for Guitar Hero: On Tour's Guitar Grip controller.

Artists can use the Grip's buttons as tool shortcuts in UAPaint - blue for the pen, yellow for the paint bucket, red for the color picker, and green for the line tool. Slick!

We saw the potential of homebrew slot-2 accessory tinkering with Mario Kart DS hacked to interface with Taito's paddle controller, but there hasn't been any advancements with that since, possibly due to the paddle's pricing and limited availability. With Guitar Hero's popularity and readily obtainable peripheral, hopefully we'll see more homebrew uses for the Guitar Grip!

WRUP: Rocking out edition

Holy cow, DS gamers! There's a bunch of new games available this week! Guitar Hero: On Tour? Check. Mega Man Star Force 2? Check. My Weight Loss Coach? Check. Too many games to choose from? Check.

With the wide assortment of new games available, what will you be enjoying on your DS this weekend? Planning on playing something new? Something old? Something blue? Wait, that doesn't sound right ...

What are you playing?

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

Metareview: Guitar Hero: On Tour

Whether you plan to base your Guitar Hero: On Tour purchasing plans on the track list or reviews, you're likely to be confused. The reviews seem to be as schizophrenic as the compiled tracks themselves, with some outlets loving the game and others hating it.

IGN (90/100) thinks the game really works on Nintendo's handheld: "For the Nintendo DS version, you lose the full-sized guitar, but that's pretty much all you're losing because everything else, with the exception of a single fret button, has been placed in rather intuitive locations on the Nintendo DS thanks to a well-constructed peripheral and incredibly tight programming."

GameSpot (60/100) hated the peripheral, and believes that On Tour takes the fun out of Guitar Hero: "While the size of your hands is certainly a consideration, the attachment is functional at best. Given that the game actually begins with two screens that instruct you to keep your wrist straight, take frequent breaks to avoid cramping, try different play styles to find one that's comfortable, and even visit the game's Web site 'for more play comfort suggestions,' it's apparent that someone was aware that the game could present physical problems for people. It would have been nice to be able to play the game with some sort of alternate control scheme, but such an option isn't available."

GameSpy (70/100) was on the fence, finding both negative and redeeming qualities in Vicarious Visions' attempt: "The guitar peripheral doesn't work as well as we had hoped, something that could prove to be a major sticking point (after all, who wants to keep playing a game that hurts you?). Still, it's a solid entry in the franchise and gets points for innovation, so we're hopeful that this won't be the series' last foray into the handheld domain."

Guitar Hero goes On Tour with a complete track list

Guitar Hero: On Tour released this week, but those of you interested in buying it might want to know the full track list first (including an unlockable song). Yesterday we revealed the venues and songs for On Tour's sister game, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, so it's interesting to compare the two. Aside from one of the games being predominantly full of Aerosmith songs (we'll let you guess which), the style and essence of the two lists are very different. On Tour takes a much more poppy approach than Aerosmith and all the previous Guitar Heroes, as we've seen, but throws in some classics as well to appeal to the core audience.

We're not sure how we feel about some of the nausea-inducing tracks (read: Maroon 5 and kin), but we were able to stomach a few terrible tracks in Elite Beat Agents and enjoy it regardless. Now that the final track list is here (with a total of 26 songs), where do you stand on the game?

Continue reading Guitar Hero goes On Tour with a complete track list

Are you gonna watch this Guitar Hero: On Tour video?

The Patrick Fugit lookalike returns! Publisher Activision is ushering in this week's release of Guitar Hero: On Tour with a new trailer for the rhythm game, giving you a preview of its euphonic allure -- cool kids everywhere will gather around you at the park, dancing and losing their damn minds as if you were Elvis reincarnated.

Because On Tour has an optional system bundle, retailers should have the game on their shelves starting today instead of later this week. Make sure to drop your impressions in our comments if you pick up On Tour!

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

On Tour finds a home ... page

If you want a simultaneous injection of cheese and rock, head over to the official website for Guitar Hero: On Tour. Even with all the stuff now located in one handy site, it's still hard to tell whether On Tour is meant to be taken seriously, or if it's all just a big funny party.

It's probably the most heavily-promoted DS game to come around in a long while, with its own bundle and everything. If you can handle a bit more On Tour media (and an immediate onslaught of rockin' 90s Blink 182) then the website should be pretty enjoyable. Either way, fans will be using the almighty dollar to show their support (or lack thereof) when the game hits stores on June 22.

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

[Via videogamng247]

DS Daily: A band in your hands

With Guitar Hero: On Tour allowing you to turn your DS into an axe for shredding, we were wondering if the DS could be turned into other instruments. Like drums, or even a bass to back up that guitar.

There's already Taiko Drum Master, which allows you to wail on the touch-screen like you would a Taiko drum, but what about a good piano-based title? How about a karaoke game? What other rhythm-based times would you like to enjoy on your DS? If you could have any major console title in the genre on the DS, which title would that be?

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

New Nintendo Channel video goes On Tour

We've gotten a little developer insight into Guitar Hero: On Tour before, but a new video on the Nintendo Channel delves even more into the brains of the Vicarious Visions team. If you want to know things like how the idea for a handheld Guitar Hero came about (besides the fact that Karthik Bala thinks there are no good portable rhythm games), or were curious about the decision to use a DS peripheral with only four buttons, this video will answer all your burning questions.

The developers seem more than happy with their final product, so hopefully On Tour lives up to everything they're promising. In any case, playing the game while whitewater rafting seems like a bad idea.

The best part of it all is that we've ever-so-kindly put the video right here for your viewing pleasure. So, don't even bother firing up that Wii of yours and just check out the video above.

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

Get On Tour one week early at Toys R Us

For those of you looking to take part in the Guitar Hero franchise's transition to the DS, it will delight you to know that big retail chain Toys R Us will have Guitar Hero: On Tour available for you to play a full week before the game's release. On June 14th, between noon and 4pm, shoppers will be able to try the title out at a kiosk set up in the store for it.

Any of you going to head down to your local Toys R Us to check this out? Does a week's jump on the game's release actually get you down to the store to play?

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

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