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Rune Factory 2 preorder bonus is nuts

Well, nut. Acorn, really. Plush acorn ... in the grip of a plush squirrel. Never mind. Chances are, if you're a fan of, uh, fantasy-themed farming simulations, you've already got a copy of Rune Factory 2 preordered -- if only because there are no games in that narrow subgenre that aren't called Rune Factory.

But hey, even if you don't care about growing whatever or tending whatever or fighting whatever, Natsume will give you this plush squirrel if you preorder their game from Amazon. They keep trying to use cute plushes to sell us games ... and it continues to have a shockingly powerful effect on our resolve. Marvelous is at least as talented at designing adorable, plush-ready mascot characters as they are at designing repetitive, addictive games.

Link makes an epically cute craft

Link looks awfully adorable in amigurumi form, so we're grateful to Artoo1121 and her boyfriend for bringing such a cute craft into the world. What really gets us, though, are all the mini accessories that come along with this crocheted wonder, like the Hylian Shield, the Master Sword, the Lon Lon Milk, and (last but not least) the ocarina.

Artoo1121 is also working on a Zelda to match up with Link, which will be impressive if it even comes out half as nice. You can also check out her Flickr set here to see more pictures of this craft if you happen to like it as much as we do.

[Via Technabob]

Disgaea: Prince of the Demon World and the Green Plush

To go along with the June 26 release of the new DS version of Disgaea, Nippon Ichi is doing what they do best (next to making ridiculously hardcore SRPGs for crazy people): making adorable plush dolls. The latest, available on June 20, is a representation of Prinny Kurtis, a green, angry-looking Prinny whose human form also appears in the game.

Kurtis will sell from NIS's Japanese shop for 2,980 yen ($27.88), and probably won't blow up upon arrival. NIS America has a lovely online store with lots of great promo products as well, so we think we can look forward to domestic availability.

Gallery: Disgaea

[Via Inside-Games]

DS Daily: Gaming merchandise

Because we're all massive, shameless nerds here at Fanboy Towers, we like to bang on about gaming merchandise, be it plushes, gashapon, game soundtracks, figurines, or inflatable Slimes. We're not feigning enthusiasm for much of this, either -- our cluttered shelves are a testament to our love for non-game gaming items. We accept that so much of it is pointless, yet we find the desire to own a plush in the shape of a cartoon lawyer is not one that can be resisted by most mortal men.

Are you similarly hooked on gaming merchandise? Tell us about your collections, and make us feel better about ourselves.

Gamestop preorder bonus for Harvest Moon DS Cute is cute

Gamestop can be so cruel to our wallets. We try to resist their silly preorder bonuses that come with games, but at times it's too hard to ignore the temptation.

The most recent battle of wills comes with Gamestop's bonus for Harvest Moon DS Cute. If you couldn't tell from the picture above, it's a plush cat! That may not seem like a big deal for many of you -- after all, what's another cheap stuffed animal? -- but here at DS Fanboy, we love cats (especially the "lol" kind). Maybe not as much as we love pugs, but we digress.

We like the Harvest Moon series anyway, so normally preordering this game wouldn't be an issue. Yet, since two Harvest Moon games are coming out pretty close to each other, we were hoping to spend our money on Island of Happiness instead. Cute is essentially the same game as Harvest Moon DS, except that the main character is a girl rather than a boy (plus, a few other minor additions). Island of Happiness, on the other hand, is a completely new game with a Lost in Blue meets Harvest Moon concept.

We probably won't waver in our decision to stick with Island of Happiness, but if you're a fan of the franchise and haven't played Harvest Moon DS yet, this preorder bonus might make the purchase a worthwhile one.

[Via Siliconera]

These Game Boy plushies smile back at you

Do you love your Game Boy so much that you just want to hug it to death? Then perhaps instead of a game system, you should have a plushie. These cute little handheld dolls also have sweet little facial expressions, making them all the more lovable.

The best thing about KungFuCowgirl's Etsy creations is that they're not ridiculously overpriced. They only cost $14 a pop, which is very reasonable for something handmade. We love craftsters, but we always appreciate them more when they don't exploit our gaming love for everything it's worth.

[Via Technabob]

Plush destruction begets adorableness

Craftster user cristasaurus started to make a plush doll, but discarded the body when she was dissatisfied with it. Left with just a ridiculously cute plush head (with an expression commensurate with having your body thrown out), she did the humane thing and turned the unfinished project into a great DS case.

What this little critter lacks in, uh, torsos and appendages, it makes up for in DS-shaped cavities -- cristasaurus is lucky to have made a doll with a head roughly the size of a DS Lite. And stuffed with fleecy material, the little guy remains huggable.

Insane collection of Nintendo memorabilia can be yours

Spring cleaning must be a real hoot at Brett Martin's house. The Nintendo fan describes the picture above as "just a portion" of what is the most comprehensive collection of Nintendo merchandise we've ever clapped eyes on. Perhaps even more impressively, this vast pile of swag has been meticulously documented over at Martin's site, where you can cherry-pick the items you'd like to buy. Yep, that's right: you can actually drown your own house in Kirby plushes, should you so desire.

The occasional South Park, Mega Man and Square Enix item aside, it's pretty much a Nintendo enthusiast's nirvana, so we advise you check out this gallery if you want to see the best of it.

[Via Geekstir]

Capcom apologizes for your Trials and Tribulations

Being one of the folks to receive their copy of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations directly from Capcom, this blogger found himself receiving the game a month late and without the plush figure bonus that had been promised (in retrospect, however, that probably is a good thing). And, what has Capcom done to correct this? They've issued out an apology.

Other than the usual "we're sorry" stuff, Capcom has offered to ship out the plush separately to those who've pre-ordered the game before 10/29. Also, they're providing a coupon good for 10% off (code: PWthanksyou) at their online store. If you want to read the full apology, head past the break.

Gallery: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 3: Trials and Tribulations

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Preordering through Capcom a Tribulation in itself

Completed Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations yet? Great! Then spare a thought for the poor saps who preordered the title online through Capcom, and who are still waiting on their copies, despite the game being released over a month ago.

Infendo reader Andrew flagged up the problem yesterday, and it appears he's only one of many on Capcom's official message board who have been prevented from getting their law on. In fact, we can totally understand the grumpiness in this thread, especially as it took a whole month of customers ranting just to get a faintly apologetic response from a Capcom representative. Now, Capcom has chosen to appease the baying mob with -- can you guess? -- yes! A 10% off coupon for its online store! You just couldn't write it any better.

Capcom has since told Andrew his game has shipped, though there's still no word on the awesome Phoenix Wright plush that was being dangled in front of those who preordered the game. Objection indeed, Capcom.

An important Phoenix Wright plush update

If you didn't buy Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations last week, or if you did but didn't get the preorder bonus item, you may not have this important information. Those of you in possession of the bonus plush doll have already been apprised, but we feel that it is our duty to inform the rest of the public of what we have learned.

The doll is freaking tiny. We were expecting maybe five or six inches tall, somewhere around Beanie Baby size. What we got, while still adorable, is surprisingly pocket-sized. We're a bit disappointed with some of the details, like the visible glue on the outside of the hair, and the uneven pant legs, but the thing is cute and free. We're not complaining too loudly. Thanks for the thing, Capcom!

We've posted more pictures after the break to help you gauge scale.

Continue reading An important Phoenix Wright plush update

Imitate Mario without busting your head open

NCSX is selling these plush Mario toys with little sound chips that make item-appropriate noises. The question-mark block makes the familiar "coin" jingle and the mushroom noise, and the Koopa shell plays the 1up tune and the Super Mario Bros. death music.

They're just about big enough that you can really feel like you're kicking a shell, or smashing a very soft block with your head. We can imagine these being great gifts for anyone, from an adult Mario fan to an infant you hope to indoctrinate.

Preorder Phoenix Wright, pick up plush

We'd like to present this item that will, no doubt, convince you to find our client, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, worth buying. If you got the import, then, well, time to eBay and reorder.

You can only get this little Phoenix by preordering the game through GameStop or Capcom's own online store. Then you can TAKE THAT! plush that you get, and HOLD IT! if you have any OBJECTIONS! to a bad dream.

If you're not all Ace Attorneyed out by our awful jokes, we recommend this rumination on the series, and its lifebar in particular, by the ever-brilliant dessgeega.

A Tom Nook plush toy at a Tom Nook price

NCSX is selling more adorable Animal Crossing toys, including a lil' plush K.K. Slider and Blathers the owl-- you can pretend to be annoyed about how long it takes to get your dang fossils appraised! But the real star of this update is the freaking huge Tom Nook seen here, gettin' his Potion on. He comes in at 15.74 inches tall, with an 11-inch-wide head. That's big enough to intimidate us about our house payments!

Unfortunately, to get an armful of Nook, you need an armful of cash-- $49, plus shipping. Better get started selling cherries you find on the ground!

Mario vs. Palkia in the arena of your imagination

NCSX never fails to encourage us to clutter our rooms and empty our wallets in the name of video game fandom. Today, they started taking preorders for some new Mario and Pokemon toys that we wouldn't mind having on our desks! So we can show them to people, obviously.

First are the above Dialga and Palkia soft vinyl figures, which allow you to reenact the boxarts of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In fact, if you buy these, you can't help but reenact them, because the boxes just feature these characters standing alone. Also available for preorder are two Mario toy lines: a vinyl figure of Mario in either his normal outfit or his Fire Mario finery, and a set of plush toys that make some kind of jingling sound. All of these cost between $20 and $25 and will ship toward the end of the year.

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