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Pokemon Platinum nears a million sales in two days

Ever since its release in Japan earlier this week, Pokémon Platinum has sold like ... well, like a Pokémon game. Nintendo's latest in the long-running series has sold close to a million copies (967,675, if you're looking for a specific number) in just two days of being on store shelves. Ridiculous? To say the least!

We know a lot of you outside of Japan are crazy about those pocket monsters, so who's waiting to catch 'em all?

Gallery: Pokemon Platinum

DS releases for the week of September 8th

There's just one thing to say about this week's lineup of DS releases: wow. Spore Creatures and a host of games to suit any taste here in the States, and internationally, you've got Dragon Quest IV and then Pokémon Platinum in Japan. This could be one of those legendary weeks that threatens to empty (and then devour) your wallet ... and to think, we've not even entered the holiday season yet.
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • Lock's Quest
  • Mazes of Fate DS
  • Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir
  • The Price is Right
  • Spore Creatures
  • Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise

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Blog caught a Pokemon Platinum Video!

Blog used Embed Video!

But enough of that. While previous Pokémon Platinum trailers have wasted time showing us Pokémans frolicking in meadows, this latest serving comes with a great big dollop of gameplay sauce. There's more of that weird, topsy-turvy level that we're itching to wrap our minds around, some coverage of Wi-Fi play, plenty of battles, and those five silhouettes of the "new" Pokémon that you may have already theorized about.

You can also hit the break to see the most relentlessly chirpy man and woman in Japan talk us through Platinum's minigames and Wi-Fi mode, assisted by some cute kids.

Gallery: Pokemon Platinum

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Rumor: New Pokemon creatures revealed

Supposedly, the image on your right are silhouettes of new pocket monsters set to premiere in Nintendo's upcoming cash generator Pokemon Platinum. For those of you with very good sight, that would be them to the right of this text right here.

Japanese site blue skY is reporting that this image is an advertisement from a Toys R Us in Japan. We'd like to comment further, but up until today, we didn't know there were Toys R Us chains in Japan. For those of you who're Pokemaniacs, care to comment on these?

Do they resemble the shapes of other Pokemon?

[Via Go Nintendo and Pokemon Platinum]

Pokemon Platinum trailer: Pokemans as they were meant to be shown

The latest trailer for Pokémon Platinum shows the series' trademark creatures playing around in their natural habitat: a promotional trailer for a new video game. Also the woods and a field or whatever. It's a lot more pleasing to look at than the last trailer, though the excellent production values on display have less to do with that than the method of capture.

Also featured is an absolutely crazy-looking area in which your orientation constantly changes as you walk on surfaces perpendicular to each other, and what appears to be a multiplayer, Pokémon-themed version of Mr. Bucket. Without the mouth. Okay, so it's not like Mr. Bucket at all.

Gallery: Pokemon Platinum

Painful Pokemon Platinum footage

How much do you like Pokemans? Technically, this video is a new trailer for Pokémon Platinum, and thus should have wide appeal, since almost everyone loves Pokémon. But we're warning you that you should probably be quite motivated to see the new Battle Frontier and (we believe) the new Wi-Fi-enabled underground before attempting the challenge of watching this video.

It was captured by someone standing in a crowd with a camera watching the trailer, and thus is pretty much as shaky, blurry, and muffled as it could be while still being basically recognizable. But it's a Pokémon Platinum video -- let us show you it! Or "gotta watch 'em all." You're free to use the catchphrase of your choice.

Gallery: Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Platinum: a Japanese release date appeared!

Before today, "Fall" was the most specific release date we had received for Pokémon Platinum, and that's not really specific at all. It's like, a whole damn season.

Three cheers for GAME Watch, then, as the Japanese site has revealed Platinum will launch in Japan on September 13th. That's a mere 60 days before (part of the world) gets addicted all over again! Fingers crossed we don't have another eight month wait for the localized version (as we did for Diamond and Pearl).

Gallery: Pokemon Platinum

Excellent Pokemon Platinum art found in CoroCoro scans

The latest issue of CoroCoro Comic features more exclusive Pokémon Platinum content, including new screens of the Battle Frontier area. Like the Battle Frontier in Pokémon Emerald, players will be able to fight in this area in order to earn Battle Points that can be traded in for prizes. Also like the GBA Battle Frontier, trainers will be able to challenge a Battle Tower, full of nonstop arena-style battles.

That's great and all, but check out the promotional art included in the article! We aren't sure who drew this, but it's not anyone responsible for the usual Pokémon art. The combination of super-smooth drawings and pixel Pokemans is super effective!

Nintendo Japan sent out GIRATINA DS LITE! DS Fanboy fainted!

Members of Japan's Pokémon Daisuki Club will soon be able to (enter a raffle to potentially) buy a Giratina edition Nintendo DS Lite bundle, consisting of Pokémon Platinum and a swoon-worthy Lite that has been subtly branded with the Platinum cover star.

Like many limited edition DSes, supply is expected to be short, so hopeful owners will have to submit an entry form to enter the draw, where they could win the right to give Nintendo money -- ¥21,600 ($203), to be precise. The raffle ends on July 14th (and is for Japanese residents only), and 1,000 of the names drawn will be eligible for an even rarer metallic Giratina figurine. Remind us again, please: why are we still living in not-Japan?

Go past the break for a closer look.

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Pokemon Platinum boxart is super effective at being awesome

Can we just say, Nintendo: loving the boxart for Pokémon Platinum. Whereas the art for Diamond and Pearl relied on darker, more subdued colors, Platinum's box employs a striking combination of red, black, and white, blasting out in beams from the center of the cover. It's almost as though cover star Giratina is leaping right out of the box at the viewer/shopper. He's coming to get you, kids! That will be under your bed tonight! Muahaha.

As well as the cover, GAME Watch also has a small pool of character art (featuring Regice, Registeel, Regirock, and Regigigas) and screens (which can be found in our gallery). It looks ... well, pretty much like the same game you bought last year. Will that stop you buying it? Nope, thought not.

Gallery: Pokemon Platinum

CoroCoro reveals more on upcoming Pokemon Platinum

The latest issue of CoroCoro Comics has some more information to lay down on the foundation already built by the mag. Aside from knowing that the game exists, as well as its Japanese release date, there's just not much we have to go on. Until now, that is.

Some scans of the latest issue (via The Tanooki) have released online, giving us a clearer picture of what's going down in this latest title. For one, the title will star two completely new trainers, as well as re-clothe Lucas and Dawn. There will also be a new area of the map unlocked, which is being labeled as "Torn World" right now.

Also of note, a certain Pokémon movie monster available to folks in Japan will be transferable to Platinum, also allowing you to capture Regirock, Regice, and Registeel in-game. To check out the rest of the scans, head on over.

Pokemon Platinum dated for release in Japan

Finally, we get some concrete news on the upcoming Pokémon Platinum outside of magazine scans, as it's revealed today the title will be making a fall release in Japan. As for a release in other regions, we're pretty sure it will happen, just that the actual date is left up to speculation right now.

Pokémon Platinum will serve as a companion title to Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, much like Nintendo has done in the past with previous Pokémon titles.

[Via Joystiq]

Pokemon Platinum: Giratina's wormy new form

We're sure that some of you will be buying Pokémon Platinum (whenever it ends up coming out here) just for this thing, so here's a nice clear picture of it. This is the new form of Giratina, Platinum's cover Pokeman. Dengeki labels it the "Origin" form, and it's pretty clear that this is some kind of larval stage in the Ghost/Dragon Legendary Pokémon's development, with spikes sticking out where its legs go.

The screen shown in the CoroCoro scan, with the male trainer's new jacket, is also available in higher quality at the link, along with another screen featuring some mysterious shadow thing.

A better look at CoroCoro Comic's Pokemon Platinum reveal

All of you Pokemaniacs out there, unbridled excitement was undoubtedly yours when the rumor broke out that a new Pokemon title is on the way. Seeing as how the franchise enjoys incredible amounts of success with each new release, it would be foolish to think that a new Pokemon game is not going to be headed to the DS.

Then, we all got our eyes on a blurry scan from CoroCoro Comic. And, the world changed. But, we're glad to report, some good soul managed to snag a better version of the scan and uploaded it for all to see. So, knock it off with the squinting and check out the clear view of Pokemon Platinum.

[Via Go Nintendo]

DS Daily: Must you catch it again?

It looks like (surprise!) just like every other generation of Pokémon games, Diamond and Pearl are going to be joined by a third almost-identical game. Will you be up for another round in Platinum, or was one (or two) of the same game enough for one console generation?

We'd also like to go into your gaming history. Have you always bought all three variations of each Pokémon game? If not, what made you pick the one (or ones) you did? Do you regret buying multiples of the same game?

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