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Latest portable SNES mod is actually portable

Typical -- you finally get your hands on a (sort of) portable SNES, only for someone else to bring out a slimmer, more svelte model three and a half months down the line. Bah. Anyway, this latest handheld Super Nintendo mod is the mightily impressive work of a Ben Heck forum user (whose name we can't locate, due to the forums being down; leave a comment for credit and cookies!), who not only shows off his new baby by playing Star Fox (much like the creator of the last portable SNES -- is Star Fox some kind of modding community in-joke?), but also spends some time listing everything he's squeezed in there.

As it happens, this includes a 5-inch Zenith LCD, a headphone socket, and ports for A/V out and a second controller. Kudos to you, sir, but we think we marginally prefer the retro look of the older, wooden version, even if it is heftier.

[Via Engadget]

DS Daily: Not without my dual screens

Since the DS is portable (ain't life grand?), there's probably a game or two you just can't do without. You know, the ones that go with you everywhere. The games that are perfect for that few minutes when you can sneak away and relax into a favorite experience. What is it for you?

Modder cuts SNES down to size

Until that fine day when hell freezes over we can play Virtual Console games on the DS, our solutions for portable SNES games are few (beyond any existing GBA versions, of couse). Barriers like that exist for modders to break, however, and that's exactly what one intrepid engineer did with an extra SNES he had lying around. It took a bit more than that, though; not only did he gut the elderly system, but he also incorporated a PSOne LCD ... oh, and a hand-crafted wooden case. Together? They form a semi-portable, mostly-handheld, mobile SNES you can carry around and show off. Head past the break to see it in action.

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Portable NES is extra 'phat'

And here we thought the original DS was big! This thing is a monster, but we still would have traded someone else's kidney a fat stack of cash for it many years ago, when we were smaller than we are now. These days, even though better hardware is available, we wouldn't turn one of these bad boys down. Imagine the geek cred! Plus, it's just neat. At least, it beats a Zelda watch all day long.

But, at the end of the day, we definitely prefer some dual screens.

DS Daily: Out in the open

Sure, a lot of people who commute take handhelds along with them, because there's really no better way to keep your mind occupied while on the train or the bus. But aside from that, do you play your DS much while you're out in public? It can be a nice diversion while waiting at the doctor's office, or if you arrive early at the movies, for instance, and we've known folks who took their DS or DS Lite along to work for a little lunch-hour gaming. But how about you? We've established that it's totally okay to game out in the open ... but do you?

DS Daily: The move to portability

Are you a longtime lover of handhelds, or new to the party? Personally, this blogger wasn't much of a handheld gamer until the PSP and the DS rolled around, because handhelds just weren't comfortable. With this generation, however, handheld gaming seemed to take a huge step up in everything from ergonomics to gameplay and graphics. Others, of course, are lifelong handheld devotees; to them, a gaming collection just isn't complete without some sort of portable device. How would you classify yourself?

DS Daily: The discovery of portability

So we were hanging out on the couch playing some Portrait of Ruin online-- you know, the usual situation. Then the phone rang, and without thinking, we got up from the couch, DS still in hand. Looking down at the system, we discovered that it still worked. Who knew? The DS, as it turns out, is a portable system, which means that it can be used anywhere.

We must test the abilities of this system to be played outside of the house! For you, dear readers, and, for SCIENCE! But we need to gather some data before we begin our grand experiment. Specifically, we would like to know what games to take with us. Try to imagine a situation where you are traveling while also playing video games. What kind of game would be best suited for this outrageous eventuality?

DS Daily: So, about that browser ...

For those of us in the U.S., the DS browser is finally being released. For those of you in other markets, you've already had several months to check it out. But here's the thing: do you browse on your DS? If you're thinking of getting one when it's released in America, do you plan to use it often? For those who have it or want it ... do you have any other portable means of accessing the internet? We're curious about how many readers are out there browsing on the go.

PSP = teh suck, DS = the future, says EB

Now, we wouldn't do anything so childish as to rub this ad into the faces of our competition, but we will, however, make a post where you could comment and, in the process, make fun of them. It's OK, they never read this site anyway (we're pretty sure they can't read, which is why all the flashing colors and dumbed-down games on the PSP appeal to them so), so feel free to say why you hate the PSP.

For us? It's the battery life ... and lack of good games ... and basically everything else.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

DS Daily: The state of saving

Save Game As?
Portable gaming is fundamentally designed for more sporadic, shorter periods of play. Bus rides, waiting rooms, you know the sort. And thus a fundamental problem arose: how does one allow a gamer who needs to stop playing immediately to save one's progress? Allow a true save anywhere, and the game's difficulty is compromised. If the system was left alone, however, frustration would set in as players would be quite often forced to replay the same thing over again.

Recently, many games have begun implementing a "quick save" option, which allows a temporary save and one-time load upon rebooting the system (the Final Fantasy Advance series comes to mind). This is confusing for many gamers, though, and accidents are bound to happen. What do you guys think? What's the ideal way to handle the situation?

Nokia re-entering handheld gaming arena, looks to beat Sony and Nintendo

Nokia, those folks responsible for the near-useless N-Gage system, have apparently learned from their mistakes and are looking to take consumers away from Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS. According to the company, publishers and developers have already signed on with their next-gen wave of mobile phones. According to Nokia's head of games for UK and Ireland Martin O'Driscoll, gamers will be forced to choose between Nokia, Sony's PSP, or Nintendo's DS:

"The consumer will have to make a decision: does he wants a standalone gaming device with a limited browsing capability or a phone with an MP3 player, a camera and a bloody good games platform? I think consumers will be prepared to spend £300 on a phone that offers all those different things rather than £100 to £150 for a standalone games machine."

So how do you feel? Given the DS' library of excellent games, something we've always thought made the platform, should it really feel threatened by a company's second attempt at creating a viable handheld platform? Even one that will, supposedly, have twice the amount of features for almost twice the money?

DS Gunpey vs. PSP Gunpey

The next game from the folks at Q? Entertainment, responsible for the masterpieces that are Lumines and Meteos, have been working on a new puzzler for both the DS and the PSP. Each version is unique in how it plays and looks and, according to 1UP, the DS installment is superior to the PSP's game.

"The PSP version is the purest taste of Gunpey you're likely to receive anywhere. The skin collecting is addictive, and as long as you don't mind the brutal, linear, hours-long grind needed to collect them all, then this is probably the version most older gamers will go for. But if you're looking for a more full-featured game, with greater variety -- and don't mind the cartoony milieu of Gunpey DS -- then you will find this version not only a superior value, but a superior game."

[Via PSP Fanboy]

New Sony PR guy compares DS and PSP

Dave Karraker, recently appointed as Sony's new senior director of corporate communications, took the time to take a knee with Gamasutra and gab gaming. At least, gaming from his company Sony's point of view. Important to people like us with the Nintendo logo etched into their underwear, however, is Mr. Karraker remarks concerning the DS.

GS: What about the handheld market, how important do you think that's going to be, going forward?

DK: I think handheld is incredibly important for us, particularly as we start developing more and more downloadable content. And I'm not just talking about games, I'm talking about entertainment content as well. Already the TiVo-to-go option for the PSP is turning into a huge hit for us, as people discover that they can take the shows they've already stored on their TiVo and put it on their PSP and while they're riding the bus to work or to school, they can watch television shows on the PSP, I mean that's huge. You can't do that on anything else.

So again, I think when you compare the two products, the Nintendo product versus our product, it's kind of apples and oranges. We're providing more of an entertainment system, and they're focused more on gaming.

Perhaps that's the issue for Sony? Is the company's lack of fresh gaming content on their system the reason why their handheld cannot seem to pull ahead? It's always been about the games and Nintendo has, along with their third-party support, proved that on the DS.

DS Lite vs. PSP: who has the best picture quality?

In the third part of their Picture Quality Shoot-Out series, PC Magazine, along with DisplayMate Technologies' Dr. Raymond Soneira, put Nintendo and Sony's handhelds under the magnifying glass to try and discern which had the superior picture quality. Given that most folks are happy with whatever choice they made for handheld gaming (or both if they're pretty hardcore), picture quality superiority isn't all that important in defining a console's overall worth. However, having the word "fanboy" in our title means we need to comment on the report and you fine readers undoubtedly need to comment (we welcome the comments!).

Surprisingly, the picture quality on each device is close to equal. The PSP has a better DPI (dots per square inch) coming in at 130, with the DS Lite trailing at 110. However, the brightness on the DS beats out the PSP, even when plugged in to an AC outlet, by featuring a 200 cd/m² brightness (compared to the highest possible on the PSP being 148 cd/m² and 115 cd/m² when unplugged. Finally, the article points out that the DS is leagues better at handling colors than the PSP, with the largest color gamut of handheld devices at 74%, compared to the PSP's 54%.

According to the report, the PSP wins with a score of B+ compared to the DS Lite's B. Still, the margins of victory are fairly small on each aspect tested, so the technical superiority of either platform is easily argued.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

Kawashima ditches the DS for the PSP in Europe

Dr. Kawashima, the jovial floating head accompanying you on your travels through swift mathematics problems and furiously shouting "brew!" at your DS whilst playing Brain Age, has decided to float on over to the competition with Mind Quiz for the PSP in Europe.

Ubisoft, the publisher behind Mind Quiz, looks to bring the same experience to Sony's handheld, sans touch-screen capable and voice-recognizing gameplay. One thing that makes Mind Quiz stand out from its Brain Age cousin is that it will feature online gameplay and mock exams to quiz your mind.

[Via Joystiq]

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