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Handmade cases for adult sensibilities, wallets

Staana Studios has added a new line of chic system pouches and cart cases to its online store, available in both horizontal and vertical designs. Each product features a snap closure, "fluffy gauze padding," compartments for storing 2-4 game carts, and a handle fashioned from a strip of leather.

Since each item is handmade, Staana Studios also offers to create cases based on your color specifications. That sort of service comes at a cost, however, as the DS Lite pouches and game cart cases are priced respectively at ¥3,200 (approx. $29) and ¥1,200 (approx. $11), which doesn't include overseas shipping. Pricey, but think about how much better it will look than your Thrustmaster T-Packs!

Gallery: Staana Studio Cases

Rest your DS in these oldschool pouches

Since we're unabashed game enthusiasts, we appreciate any opportunity to combine our love for modern day gaming with our nostalgia for gaming of the past. That's why we find these DS covers to be absolutely darling. The Game Boy cover makes more sense to have, since the system belongs in the same family tree as Nintendo's dual-screened handheld. Yet, the NES controller is a perfect shape for a DS pouch -- and who doesn't love a NES controller? -- so that works, too.

Should you like these as much as we do, you can check them out at Janis13's Etsy store, along with some other DS cases.

[Via Technabob]

Snug systems and clean screens

Similar to the Touchpen Leashes we featured last month, Freedom's drawstring pouch ties onto the back of your Nintendo DS, tagging along with your handheld until you undo the convenient clasp. The case's thin fabric -- available in black, red, blue, and white -- doesn't look like it'll protect your DS from anything more serious than a few scratches, but it also serves as a screen and system wipe. Double your features, double your fun! Check out more photos of the case and its color variations after the jump.

Freedom's Cleaner x Pouch sells for 680 yen (approximately $6.20), but we haven't seen the product listed at any non-Japanese retailers yet. We'll keep an eye on the usual import shops, and we'll let you know if we see these pop up!

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March of the Penguin United case

We've featured these Penguin United cases twice before now, but they seemed to sell out shortly afterwards both times, so we're putting them up here for you again. Just to refresh your memory, the charmingly branded pouch has four transparent vinyl pages that can store up to 24 Nintendo DS carts, much more than your usual game storage solutions. Plus, it's cuteness level is OVER NINE THOUSAND!

Gear of Game has the cases listed at $10.99 each -- you'll want to pick them up quick before they run out of stock again. Put on a fancy tux and waddle past the break for more photos of the Penguin United game card collection pouch.

See also: Pants, revisited

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Cases for Lego maniacs and music lovers

Japanese site GAME Watch has put up reviews for two new DS accessories that've come out in Japan, the first of which is a multicolored set of individual cart cases from Takara Tomy. It's not the best solution for keeping your games protected, as part of the cart is left exposed, but its stackable design allows for some creative decorative pieces. Peek past the break for examples of the cases snapped together all crazy-like. A pack of six retails for 700 yen (approximately $6.35).

The second product, which you can also see photos of after the post break, looks like a standard system pouch, except it leaves the volume slider accessible, and you can plug in headphones even while your DS is tucked in. But wouldn't the DS put your game into Sleep Mode while it's packed up like that? And who uses their handheld like a portable music player, anyway? Perhaps Morigames designed the case with R4 owners and Moonshell (homebrew media player) users in mind. The bright yellow pouch sells for 750 yen (approximately $6.81).

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T-Bags for T-Boys and T-Girls

Inappropriately-named accessory manufacturer Thrustmaster has revealed a new line of DS Lite pouches that the company promises will "electrify the catwalks during the next fashion shows."

Too young to carry around a man-purse, but still in need of a tote for all of your gadgets? The "T-Pack Only for Boys" comes with pockets and compartments for games, mobile phones, and even a DS Lite! A pair of earphones and a USB recharging cable come packed with the set, as well as a "Thrustmaster Elite Member" badge. You know, so you can let everyone know how much of a Thrustmaster you are.

For the Thrustmaster ladies out there, you'll have two options -- Pink/Denim and Purple/Denim -- both equally repelling. The purple "fashion pack" comes with eight heat transfers, giving creative girl gamers a chance to personalize their bags with hearts, butterflies, and, yes, dolphins. Head past the post break for photos of the "T-Jean Bag 2 DS Lite Girl" and the "T-Pack 2 DS Lite Girl Pink."

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Tender hugs from a customized case

Inspired by Red Maloo's laptop sleeves, Alfine set out to create her own folding case for her Onyx DS Lite. The padded pouch's flaps lovingly embrace the portable, locking together with velcro and protecting its contents from the random items she keeps in her bag. Taking the DS out is as easy as pulling back the case's arms. Its plus-sign shape also gets bonus points for resembling a plump D-pad.

We seem to find new ways to house our favorite handheld almost everyday; it's really amazing how creative people have been with their designs. What crazy idea will the craftsters out there come up with next? You can check out more photos of Alfine's case past the post break.

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Penguin-branded cases waddle back into stock

When we first featured Penguin United's game card collection pouch two months ago, we really believed it to be the best solution for keeping your games in order at an affordable price. Unfortunately, the 24-cart case went out of stock shortly afterwards, swimming just out of reach from interested customers.

Penguin United has brought back the gray case with its adorable logo, boasting improved materials and craftsmanship for both its exterior and vinyl pages inside. The San Francisco company even added optional CAG marks to show Cheap Ass Gamer its appreciation for the site's help with selling the product. You'll find the game card collection pouch listed for $10.99, but that can be cut down to $9.67 with the following 12%-off coupon code: cagexclusive.

[Via CAG]

Flightless game card collection pouch

Available with both red and gray accents, Penguin United's game card collection pouch holds up to 24 of your DS carts in its clear vinyl pages. We're usually too picky about the designs of our accessories to ever use antything so blatantly branded, but like global warming, the Penguin logo on the wallet's cover managed to melt our glacial hearts.

Though the pouches are already a bargain, listed at $9.99, UncleBob from CAG clued us into a 12%-off coupon code for you to enter -- 'thankyoufrompenguin' -- that drops the price down to $8.80. March past the post break for more photos of the card case and our flippered friend.

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New Doraemon DS Lite accessories

Are you a fan of earless cartoon robot cats from the future? What are we saying-- of course you are. Hori is releasing a new suite of DS Lite accessories in a blue checkerboard theme with Doraemon adornments. 980 yen ($8.42) gets you a pack containing decals for the inside and outside of the DSL, an extending stylus, and screen covers. A soft cloth carrying case with pockets for DS and GBA cartridges goes for another 980 yen.

Those are surprisingly reasonable prices for DS accessories! Hopefully NCSX or someone will pick these up for sale in the US. That case looks exceptionally handy to us, with all the pockets.

Swaddle your DS in a homemade pouch

We love it when people make artifacts to celebrate their love of games. We're fanboys (it's right there in the name!) so we totally understand DS fetishism. We're guilty of it ourselves!

One of the most practical ways to combine craft and gaming is the homemade DS case. Craftster member MariskaLovesCrafts designed this striking DS Lite pouch with a nice little pocket for games, and we love it. We love the pocket, we (unapologetically) love the floral design, and we love the colors.

Mariska went on to write up a tutorial for the pouch, which she then posted to her blog. Why not give it a try, if you're looking for a DS Lite case? We'll remind you that you aren't forced to use the color scheme and floral motif here, so feel free to make something more macho to keep your DS scratch-free. Perhaps an Elite Beat Agents theme?

[Via Craftster]

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