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DS overtakes PS2 lifetime sales in Japan

Over the past few months, we've all grown used to digesting statistics and factoids that sum up the DS's dominance in Japan. That's not to say we've grown tired of them, however, so here's another pretty sweet stat: over the holiday period, the DS whooshed effortlessly past the lifetime sales of Sony's PlayStation 2.

That's according to Japanese sales tracker Media Create, which got its abacus out to calculate that the DS has now shifted 20,954,157 units, compared to 20,901,468 PS2s. What's even more impressive is how quickly Nintendo's handheld has pulled off the feat -- let's not forget that Sony's console has been on the Japanese market for an extra four and a half years. A hearty "Congrats!" to you, Nintendo.

[Via NeoGAF]

Dragon Quest V screens for comparison and perusal

Square Enix has released new images from the upcoming DS remake of Dragon Quest V, and that means two things for you: a gallery of spiffy new(ish) shots, and several comparison images. With two earlier versions to look at, we just couldn't help finding some comparable shots and setting them up side-by-side for your viewing pleasure. You can check them out after the jump, and the new DS images are all safely tucked away in our gallery below, along with some character art.

Gallery: Dragon Quest V

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GameStop changes strategy to emphasize casual gaming

Daniel DeMatteo, COO of GameStop, says that the casual gaming market is going to change the way that his company does business. Devoting spaces to both family-friendly, casual titles and rhythm-based games, he hopes the company will be able maximize profits. Also, he says something kind of crazy in that he thinks the PS2 is the "only one real value video game machines out there."

Uh, hey ... what about the DS? It's a very inexpensive system that has fairly inexpensive titles and the handheld is incredibly popular both here in the states and abroad. Are we right, or are we right?

DS Daily: The others

If you're here, you probably own a DS. You may also own a Wii. But what else do you have sitting around the house? Gaming PC? Other consoles or handhelds? What do you not own that you'd like to have?

Taiko Drum Master headed to DS

Poor Sony. First we stole Crash Bandicoot, and now it's Taiko Drum Master, which previously appeared (outside of the arcade) on the PS2. But the move only makes sense, for a number of reasons; in 2004, the PS2 was on top. Now it's the DS, and publishers can't fit their popular properties on the dual-screened handheld quickly enough. Second of all ... it's a rhythm game, and as we've seen, there's really no better platform for rhythm games.

Namco Bandai is trying to be all secretive about the controls, but let's see ... rhythm game ... DS ... anyone out there have any idea how this might work? If you said "touch screen," you're probably correct. If you said something else, like "donkey face" or "mudpie," you might want to check for, uh, insanity. Or something.

Game|Life's Chris Kohler has a translation of the partial songlist from the Japanese version (including the Mario theme!), which is set for this summer. There are also a couple of scans, and you can check those out after the jump.

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September North American hardware sales

You wanted to see more sales numbers in North America and here they are, hot off the ... well, hot on your screen: hardware sales in North America for September. Guess who's in the lead?

Yeah. It's the Nintendo DS. That's right. We're not going to crack any little jokes about these numbers. We're not going to make up a story. We're just going to let the figures speak for themselves.

  1. NDS - 403,435
  2. PS2 - 306,517
  3. 360 - 259,458
  4. GBA - 177,145
  5. PSP - 153,353
  6. NGC - 42,286
  7. XBX - 6,495
For the month, sales blew up when compared to this time last year -- to the tune of a 38% increase in units sold for the month. That's a sizeable jump, and industry analysts predict that this may be gaming's biggest year ever. We Nintendo fans are proud to be a part of that powerhouse expansion program.

Check after the jump for software sales numbers.

Continue reading September North American hardware sales

Japanese hardware sales, 26 June - 2 July: You've got red on you

Oh, the horror. Be sure to keep angry fanboys and dubiously trained pet bulls away from the monitor this week, as it displays an awful lot of red. Even the mighty DS Lite experiences the strange sensation of slipping, possibly caused by the tight grip of an overweight sibling. The ranking, according to number of units sold:

- DS Lite: 153,566 3,456 (2.20%)
- PSP: 25,935 1,198 (4.84%)
- PS2: 23,133 2,334 (9.16%)
- DS Phat: 3,504 6,628 (65.42%)
- GBA SP: 2,919 829 (21.91%)
- Xbox 360: 1,897 728 (62.28%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,443 59 (3.93%)
- Gamecube: 1,002 195 (16.29%)
- GBA: 17 8 (32.00%)
- Xbox: 8 2 (20.00%)

As a commenter jokingly suggested last week, it's awfully difficult to resist the temptation of traveling to Japan and purchasing 10,000 Xbox consoles, just to ... exacerbate things.

[Source: Media Create]

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