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Wacky pick stylus reborn for Guitar Hero: On Tour

We had a pretty good idea of what BD&A's Guitar Hero stylus accessory would look like, but we figured there was always the possibility of a surprise until we could see a picture of the thing. A picture has just been added to the Gamestop listing, and there is no surprise to be found.

The DS Lite Guitar Hero Stylus is exactly the same idea as the Jammin' Guitar Pick stylus that Naki released to go with Jam Sessions. It's a stylus attached to a guitar pick. You hold the pick and use the stylus end on the screen, which sounds, at least, a little more guitar-like than just playing the DS with a little stick.

The major differences between the two products? The Guitar Hero set has the Guitar Hero logo on the picks, and doesn't come with as many.

Analyst: Guitar Hero: On Tour will play to huge crowds

While the media reactions to Guitar Hero: On Tour seem to range from dismissive to skeptical to vaguely intrigued, analyst Todd Greenwald believes that the game will arrive at retail as less of an oddity and more of ... a Guitar Hero game. Which means big-time sales.

"We think this title, never having been released on any handheld platform, has the potential to sell several million units at launch, at a $49.99 price point." (Note about the novelty of the release: there is Guitar Hero III Mobile, but that doesn't count.)

He also said that large retailers like Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart will feature the handheld title prominently in their stores, contributing to the sales. That makes the most sense to us: a Guitar Hero game in a smaller box must be a very attractive item for retailers.

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

Free headphones with Guitar Hero On Tour at Gamestop

Headphones are an absolute must for handheld music games, unless you're a) alone or b) a jerk. You're almost required to have the sound on, unlike other portable games, and it would be quite rude to subject the other bus passengers (or other neighbors) to your racket. Guitar Hero: On Tour also puts your neighbors in danger of a serious jostling should your fake solos get too energetic, but there's not really an accessory that could help with that, aside from elbow pads.

GameStop has taken the extremely sensible step of bundling a pair of On Tour-branded headphones with copies of the game. If you're going to be buying the thing anyway, might as well get extra free stuff with it!

In other On Tour accessories news, the "Ruby Red" accessory pack is now pictured on GameStop's website.

On Tour devs on the challenges of cramming Guitar Hero into the DS

Vicarious Visions, developer of Guitar Hero: On Tour, talked to MTV Multiplayer's Steven Totilo about the process of creating, Frankenstein-style, the bizarre DS version of a game that usually relies on a giant peripheral. They broke their discussion of its development into a list of six challenges, and then addressed each challenge specifically.

The most obvious challenge: the DS isn't shaped like a guitar, and it's doubtful that any useful peripheral could make it be. According to Vicarious Visions' Karthik Bala, the company never considered adding a full Guitar Hero fretboard, due to a desire to remain compact.

Another challenge, and one that we find particularly interesting, was convincing Nintendo to allow Vicarious Visions to add buttons to the DS. Rather than providing a different interface for the existing buttons (like other Guitar Hero controllers), the Guitar Grip actually adds new buttons to the system that aren't mapped to anything else. And Nintendo had to get involved to make sure the peripheral was up to their standards.

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

Guitar Hero DS accessories on the way

Someone is willing to gamble a significant amount of money on the idea of a shrunk-down Guitar Hero on the DS. BD&A, who make officially-licensed Nintendo hardware cases and accessories, will produce accessories for Guitar Hero: On Tour, meaning that they think the product is non-wacky enough (or lovably wacky enough) to sell -- and sell other stuff.

Two listings at Gamestop hint pretty strongly at their initial products: a $10 DS Lite Guitar Hero Stylus and a $20 DS Lite Guitar Hero Ruby Red Kit, which comprises "a glitter case, 2 system wraps, and a cleaning cloth." We assume they mean a DS Lite/Guitar Grip case that is glittery, and not a case for your glitter. They're saving that for Guitar Hero: Rip Taylor Edition.

A short-term deal on a short-term Guitar Hero: On Tour order

If, in the great Guitar Hero: On Tour debate, you fall on the side of "looks pretty good, I might get it, maybe," then you may be interested in this timed deal from Gamestop. Their "stopwatch deal" for today offers free overnight shipping on orders for the game (with included Guitar Grip peripheral, of course). You could be rocking out basically the same day it shows up in stores (June 23rd), without having to actually enter a Gamestop.

You only have until noon EST tomorrow to get on this deal, so if you're still on the fence about the ridiculous peripheral, now's the time to start soul-searching.

Point/Counterpoint: Guitar Hero: On Tour

Welcome to Point/Counterpoint, in which two DS Fanboy bloggers get into a verbal slap-fight over a divisive topic in the field of DS gaming.

Few DS-related topics are more divisive right now than Guitar Hero: On Tour. Activision and Vicarious Visions have tried to cram the experience of one of the best-known party games onto the DS by grafting a big ... thing onto the side of the system. We can all agree that the Guitar Grip doesn't look anything like a guitar, but is it sufficient for Guitar Hero? Is there any chance that this game could shred, or is it going to be all guitar face and no totally sweet solos?

On Tour could strike a power-chord

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

Guitar Hero: Poll star

You've heard our arguments for and against Guitar Hero: On Tour's viability as a worthy portable successor to the series' console games -- now we want to hear what your expectations for the game are!

Guitar Hero: On Tour: Rock Out Town or Butt City?

More Like Guitar Zero

Guitar Hero: On Tour controller harmonious with DS Phats

Whenever a new DS peripheral is announced, there's a brief moment of terror for DS Phat stalwarts, as they consider the possibility of being forced into an upgrade out of desire to play Arkanoid (for example -- but that one actually does work with Phats). Thankfully, Activision and RedOctane have not forgotten that some people like big DSes and cannot lie. The Guitar Grip made for Guitar Hero: On Tour will work with both flavors of DS, according to RedOctane's preorder page.

More interesting news related to, uh, your decision about whether or not to buy this: RedOctane is bundling Guitar Hero logo keychains with preordered copies of On Tour, and also selling a $60 bundle with a case made to hold the DS and Guitar Grip.

[Via Joystiq]

At last: Guitar Hero on Tour, now with wacky peripheral

More like Tiny Accordion Hero, amirite?

Dying to know how you'll shred in portable fashion? The wait is over, Guitar Hero fans -- at least, the DS peripheral has been revealed, along with some screenshots from the title. It's called the Guitar Grip, and it will fit snugly into the GBA slot and wrap around while players hold the system sideways. Gameplay-wise, it's -- no surprise here -- Guitar Hero, as it should be. The touchscreen is where it all happens; you follow the song on the left screen, and strum on the right. You even get to throw down with Star Power, and for those of you who take your throwdowns seriously, there's a strap to ensure that your handheld stays held. The Grip also includes a slot for a special pick stylus. However, as you can see, there are only four buttons for the DS version ... and we can't help but wonder how the different slot on the Lite vs. Phat will be handled.

On Tour features multiplayer via local wireless, in which players will have access to unique powerups that disrupt their opponents by, among other things, setting their guitars on fire and forcing them to extinguish the blaze with the microphone.

Guitar Hero on Tour is set for some time, some day this summer -- all we know is that it's not soon enough. For now, hit the jump for some additional shots, as well as a video.

Continue reading At last: Guitar Hero on Tour, now with wacky peripheral

DS Daily: Guitar Hero DS

Most people seem to love Guitar Hero. If you're one of the few who have managed to escape the dastardly clutches of the franchise, please, feel free to tell us all about it. But if you're one of those who are totally addicted to getting your thrash on, we've got a question for you: what do you think of the franchise heading to the DS? With a peripheral, even? Does it appeal to you or not?

Guitar Hero DS details surface at Austin GDC

We haven't heard much about Guitar Hero DS since it was confirmed, but Adrian Earle of Vicarious Visions let a few tiny tidbits slip at the Austin Game Developers Conference. The first is really no surprise: the peripheral that was being considered is a go, though the design is not yet completed. Earle only promised that we would "absolutely love it." Perhaps his Magic 8-ball told him so? Or maybe the peripheral is closer to completion than he wants us to think.

The second bit is the one we found more interesting, and potentially either horrifying or fantastic. Graphically, they're planning on keeping the DS installment as true to the look of the Guitar Hero franchise as possible. The series has a pretty distinct look that has grown more and more detailed over time, and we can't wait to get a glimpse of how they plan to translate that to the dual screen experience. It sounds like they've set themselves quite a challenge here, and we hope they can pull it off. After all, DS gamers already have some of the best rhythm games ever made ... our standards are high. But the Guitar Hero series is all about fun, so if done well here, it should fit right in.

Guitar Hero III DS may include a peripheral

At this point, even if there hadn't been official confirmation, it would be no surprise that Guitar Hero III is on the way to the DS. Never mind that the DS is ill-suited for the Guitar Hero experience-- it's a game console.

At least there's evidence that the RedOctane/Neversoft/Activision Power Team is considering ways to make the DS less ill-suited for the game, including the method they used to make the original Guitar Hero something other than just a simplified Frequency: peripherals. "It's an integral part of the Guitar Hero experience, so as much as possible, we would like to keep it within the experience as long as it makes sense and it plays well," RedOctane's Charles Huang told CNET.

Bring on the peripherals, RedOctane. The more ridiculous the better. We're already pretending we're playing guitar on the DS-- we don't need to look dignified doing it.

Confirmation and vague release window on Guitar Hero DS

At this point, we think it may be safe to assume that any and all awesome franchises will appear in some form on the DS ... and as long as they put some effort in, hey, we're not complaining. At last, Kai Huang, president and founder of RedOctane, confirmed to GameSpot that the company is looking at a DS Guitar Hero for release early next year. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have said anything else about it, but if we're a year away, there may not be much to say.

Of course, We're curious about the approach they're going to take with the portable Guitar Hero games; there's even a version set for mobile phones, and so we can only guess they're looking at several control options. We predicted an Elite Beat Agents-style scheme, and we're sticking to that for now.

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