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Bury the Shovelware: Space Invaders Revolution vs Space Invaders Extreme

For this edition of Bury the Shovelware, we're talking Space Invaders. We'll be examining the recently released and critically acclaimed Space Invaders Extreme against 2005's suspected shovelware Space Invaders Revolution.


Space Invaders is a staple of the industry. Some incorrectly identify it as the first video game. Though this is incorrect, its significance to gaming as a whole just might make it the most important game of all-time. Released in 1978, the title was groundbreaking in that it changed the public's perception of gaming from being an interesting obscurity to a major form of entertainment. Check your local Wikipedia for more information.

Like many classics, the game has been re-packaged and re-released countless times. In its four years of life, two separate versions of the game have been released for the DS. Both versions were developed by industry veteran Taito, creator of the original ground-breaking title. But while Space Invaders Extreme was published by heavyweight Square Enix, Space Invaders Revolution was published by Rising Star Games. Though virtually unknown by comparison, the publisher has been given access to a surprising number of classic franchises, including Bomberman, Dungeon Explorer, Bubble Bobble, and New Zealand Story.

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TGS08: Rising Star reveals four for Europe

Rising Star Games just unfurled an official list of Marvelous games that it plans to localize for Europe, including Luminous Arc 2, Avalon Code, Rune Factory 2, and a fourth game that is yet to be announced for North America: Steal Princess. We expected most (if not all) of these to reach us at some point, mainly because Rising Star Games is totally awesome and we love them.

Previous evidence has suggested that Steal Princess and Luminous Arc 2 won't be appearing before the end of March 2009, but we can't be mad at Marvelous. The company has had an action-packed Tokyo Game Show, and this is the cherry on top of a whole pile of other excellent announcements for Nintendo fans. Make the jump for screens, screens, and more screens!

Gallery: Steal Princess

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E308: Screens of the Monster Lair

Atlus has unleashed further shots of its dungeon-building RPG Master of the Monster Lair. Mostly, these depict some of the rooms that will be available to players from the get-go, including a musty cellar (apparently, hobgoblins are drawn to these), a warrior's dojo, a king's bedroom, and rooms featuring a hearth or water features. No jacuzzi in which orcs and goblins can unwind yet, but there's still hope, right?

There's also a brief glimpse of the game's local wireless mode, in which players can share their dungeon creations with friends; we're only sorry that none of our friends are likely to buy this. We need new friends, frankly.

Gallery: Dungeon Maker

[Via press release]

Cradle of Rome is puzzlius maximus

Forget all about the brutality and violence of ancient Rome by playing a happy chappy puzzle game! It used to be a PC game (no surprise there), but Cradle of Rome now wants to invade the DS, build an empire and bask in the magnificence of togas and sandals. It's a standard "swap colored tiles around to match three colors" puzzle game, but the goal is to collect resources from each tile in order to build Rome itself.

A unique twist on a formula everyone is familiar with can't be all bad. You'll eventually be able to build, several historical monuments, including the Arch of Titus, the Temples of Venus and Saturn and everyone's favorite bloodbath, the Coliseum.

Cradle of Rome is set for an October 10th release in Europe, but on account of Rome being a Europe-exclusive city and all, there's no word of a release in other regions. Well, that's probably not the reason it isn't coming to America, but it should be import-friendly all the same. The first screenies are awaiting a thumbs-up or thumbs-down in the gallery. Make your decision heard!

Gallery: Cradle of Rome

[Via press release]

New screens of Master of the Monster Lair, or Dungeon Maker, or both

It seems quite likely that Atlus's release of Master of the Monster Lair and Marvelous/Rising Star Games' European release of Dungeon Maker will share the same English translation. In that case, these screens of Dungeon Maker should also be screens of Master of the Monster Lair -- and even if they aren't, we can accept the possibility of seeing the same Japanese phrases translated two different ways, if only in the name of international accord.

Of course, our understanding of the game is that it's about a kid who uses a magic shovel to create dungeons, which fill up with monsters that he then kills. Who could tell when something like that has been translated accurately?

Dungeon Maker digs its way west this September [update 1]

We all owe Rising Star Games several evenings' worth of drinks at the bar, for without them we western folk may well have missed out on some potentially magnificent games.

And here's another one! After its recent confirmation that Dungeon Maker was coming to Europe, the company has settled on a release date of September 19th (those of you in the states needn't despair; after all, Europe is one small import away), and whipped the covers off of the PAL boxart. Doesn't that golden shovel hint at amazing possibilities? What deadly traps will it help us lay? What rare and exotic monsters and treasures will it help us ensnare? We'll know soon enough!

[Update 1: First English screens! Hit the gallery!]

Gallery: Dungeon Maker

[Via press release]

Flower, Sun, and Rain rumored for Europe

We're convinced that Rising Star is the best thing to happen to Europe since the Euro usurped the dollar (grumble). After the rumor that the company is localizing Lux Pain in the continent, Suda51's upcoming DS port Flower, Sun, and Rain also showed up on Amazon UK's website. If you haven't taken notice of this game, it's like Groundhog Day, only with less Bill Murray and more bomb on a plane.

These Amazon UK listings better have some weight behind them, or the hearts of niche gamers in Europe will be broken. Won't someone think of the children?

[Via Siliconera]

Europeans get to LOL with Bakushow

We won't bombard you with more details about LOL (we can really only LOL so many times in one day), but news just rolled in that Rising Star would be bringing the game to Europe. Instead of being called LOL, though, it will be titled Bakushow, which means "big laugh" in Japanese.

There's no word yet on whether Rising Star will follow in Agetec's footsteps and make the game available online only, but even if it is available in stores, we're sure it won't be the easiest game to find. Rising Star also gently reminds us that "Billy No Mates need not apply," since this software includes no single player mode. You probably already knew that, but we just wanted an excuse to write "Billy No Mates."

If that doesn't deter you, we've added some new screens to our gallery (for the love of all that is holy, we get it, you can ask people to draw pandas!) should you feel so inclined to check them out.

Gallery: LOL

[Via press release]

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