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Cradle of Rome is puzzlius maximus

Forget all about the brutality and violence of ancient Rome by playing a happy chappy puzzle game! It used to be a PC game (no surprise there), but Cradle of Rome now wants to invade the DS, build an empire and bask in the magnificence of togas and sandals. It's a standard "swap colored tiles around to match three colors" puzzle game, but the goal is to collect resources from each tile in order to build Rome itself.

A unique twist on a formula everyone is familiar with can't be all bad. You'll eventually be able to build, several historical monuments, including the Arch of Titus, the Temples of Venus and Saturn and everyone's favorite bloodbath, the Coliseum.

Cradle of Rome is set for an October 10th release in Europe, but on account of Rome being a Europe-exclusive city and all, there's no word of a release in other regions. Well, that's probably not the reason it isn't coming to America, but it should be import-friendly all the same. The first screenies are awaiting a thumbs-up or thumbs-down in the gallery. Make your decision heard!

Gallery: Cradle of Rome

[Via press release]

Atlus grabs, renames Dungeon Maker for U.S. release

With Rising Star snatching publishing rights for Dungeon Maker, we knew that it was only a matter of time before a U.S. company announced that it would be localizing the game. Atlus has, with a wink, revealed that it will bring the RPG to North America this September 2nd along with a new and more cumbersome title -- Master of the Monster Lair.

Quick details for those of you unfamiliar with the Global A Entertainment-developed series:
  • Your character is armed with a magical, talking shovel which allows you to dig out a dungeon to attract monsters. The better your dungeon, the more monsters for you to kill.
  • You can build over 20 different types of rooms, including chapels, cellars, stables, trash dumps, and more. Each room attracts different types of monsters and helps you pick up different items.
  • You can trade dungeon designs and challenge your friends to run through your creations (local wireless).
Hit the gallery below for new English screenshots and art!

Gallery: Dungeon Maker

Dungeon Maker digs its way west this September [update 1]

We all owe Rising Star Games several evenings' worth of drinks at the bar, for without them we western folk may well have missed out on some potentially magnificent games.

And here's another one! After its recent confirmation that Dungeon Maker was coming to Europe, the company has settled on a release date of September 19th (those of you in the states needn't despair; after all, Europe is one small import away), and whipped the covers off of the PAL boxart. Doesn't that golden shovel hint at amazing possibilities? What deadly traps will it help us lay? What rare and exotic monsters and treasures will it help us ensnare? We'll know soon enough!

[Update 1: First English screens! Hit the gallery!]

Gallery: Dungeon Maker

[Via press release]

Green game Ecolis now requires less green

With Eco-Creatures: Save the Forest already out in the U.S. and due for Europe on June 13th (interestingly, with the original Japanese title, Ecolis), there's no reason why anyone should import the Japanese game, right?

Play Asia thinks differently and has marked down the environment-conscious RTS to an unbelievable $5! That's banoodles! Basically, starting today until next Tuesday, the game is now cheaper than most of the meals on Arby's menu! You could buy Ecolis/Eco-Creatures for less than the price of a chicken sandwich, a drink, and curly fries.

Speaking of Arby's curly fries, how frickin' delicious are Arby's curly fries? Maybe you should go out and buy some anyway, that way you can eat them while playing Ecolis. It might cheer you up after hours of navigating the game's Japanese menus and frustrating controls.

Gallery: Ecoris

Flowers, Dungeons, and Pain confirmed for Europe

A new batch of European release dates has suddenly materialized from Nintendo, and is packed with all sorts of exciting confirmations. The most thrilling, for us at least, is the news that Flower, Sun, and Rain will be getting that rumored European release this October, followed by Lux Pain in November. If you want to know where to send your effusive "thank you" letters, Rising Star are the ones in charge of localizing both titles. Other items of interest include a specific launch date for Bakushow, and Euro versions of Pokémon Platinum (big surprise, right?) and Dungeon Maker.

But here's a question: what's with DS Novel? It's been hanging around on these lists for the best part of eight months now, and we're still no nearer to learning a release date or what it even is. Check out the full list for yourselves past the break!

Gallery: Flower, Sun, and Rain

Gallery: LOL

Continue reading Flowers, Dungeons, and Pain confirmed for Europe

Flower, Sun, and Rain rumored for Europe

We're convinced that Rising Star is the best thing to happen to Europe since the Euro usurped the dollar (grumble). After the rumor that the company is localizing Lux Pain in the continent, Suda51's upcoming DS port Flower, Sun, and Rain also showed up on Amazon UK's website. If you haven't taken notice of this game, it's like Groundhog Day, only with less Bill Murray and more bomb on a plane.

These Amazon UK listings better have some weight behind them, or the hearts of niche gamers in Europe will be broken. Won't someone think of the children?

[Via Siliconera]

Rumor: Rising Star bringing the Pain

Adventure aficionados take note: Amazon's UK site has Lux Pain down for release in the UK on November 8th, courtesy of Rising Star. Siliconera's eagle-eyed Spencer Yip spotted the listing for the title, which has players scratching away at the bottom screen to expose mysterious icons. We always loved the idea of the scratch mechanic, though Lux Pain's apparently text-heavy nature was something of a roadblock to us importing.

Internet coverage of Lux Pain has suggested that Killaware's adventure follows Konami's Time Hollow a little too closely for comfort, but now that a western release for both looks likely, we'll be able to judge for ourselves!

Rising Star picks up Rune Factory for Europe

Chalk this one up in the "better late than never" category, Europe. Rising Star, niche game publisher extraordinaire, will be bringing Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon to the continent in September, only a year after the game came out in North America and two years after it first released in Japan. In case you're confused, yes, we mean the first Rune Factory, not the hopefully-soon-to-be-localized sequel.

Still, for what it's worth, this blogger thoroughly enjoyed the game. Are any of you European Harvest Moon fans excited about this news, or has that ship sailed long ago?

[Via press release]

Europeans get to LOL with Bakushow

We won't bombard you with more details about LOL (we can really only LOL so many times in one day), but news just rolled in that Rising Star would be bringing the game to Europe. Instead of being called LOL, though, it will be titled Bakushow, which means "big laugh" in Japanese.

There's no word yet on whether Rising Star will follow in Agetec's footsteps and make the game available online only, but even if it is available in stores, we're sure it won't be the easiest game to find. Rising Star also gently reminds us that "Billy No Mates need not apply," since this software includes no single player mode. You probably already knew that, but we just wanted an excuse to write "Billy No Mates."

If that doesn't deter you, we've added some new screens to our gallery (for the love of all that is holy, we get it, you can ask people to draw pandas!) should you feel so inclined to check them out.

Gallery: LOL

[Via press release]

River King: Mystic Valley heads on over to Europe

Rising Star announced today that they're bringing River King: Mystic Valley to Europe, a game that we're sure all you European folks have been aching for. More than likely, though, you haven't heard much about this title (which will be called Harvest Fishing over in Euroland). The game features touchscreen fishing, as well as a dramatic storyline (for a fishing sim).

Your ultimate task is to rescue your sister, who has somehow fallen into an endless sleep. The only way to save her, though, is to find the River King, a big fish that knows what the cure is. As if that's not trippy enough, you also make friends with the magical creatures you encounter on your way to finding the big fella.

A nice feature of the game is its online Wi-Fi, which allows you to have fishing tournaments with friends. The only problem is, though, that you may not know too many people who end up getting the title to make it worth it.

In any case, should you be interested, River King/Harvest Fishing hits Europe in June (and the U.S. this April).

Gallery: River King: Mystic Valley

[Via press release]

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