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DS Fanboy poll: Away vs. Blue Dragon Plus

A struggle has begun in the Nintendo Fanboy offices. We have divided the dungeon we reside in, one half of the staff staking claim to their side, while the remainder of us blog from within the sanctuary of our side. The argument that has split us so? What looks more interesting: Away: Shuffle Dungeon or Blue Dragon Plus?

The conflict has grown so large that it has spilled out onto the site proper, where we hope you, fine reader, can help us resolve it. We've put up a poll (placed past the break to keep the front page tidy and so those who hate polls and having their voices heard won't be bothered with it), so cast your vote and be heard. Help us stop before we sacrifice Chris to our god, Sakaguchi-san.

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Checking out the new shadows in Blue Dragon Plus

When we told you about a couple of new characters making their way into Blue Dragon Plus, we never got a glimpse at what role they would in the game proper. Would they be NPCs? Or would they help us in battle?

Well, they're playable characters with their own shadows, as the official site for the game reveals. The "robots" we thought would play a big role in the game turn out to be just one robot, in fact, with its own shadow also.

Both of these new characters' shadows can be found in our gallery below, so be sure to hit it up.

Gallery: Blue Dragon Plus

[Via Siliconera]

Get a face full of these fresh Blue Dragon Plus screens

For those of you who have had a keen eye fixed on Sakaguchi's upcoming DS spin-off Blue Dragon Plus (see: pretty much the entire DSF staff) will like to know that our gallery below has been updated with some new screens. Combing over them, we find ourselves floored yet again at how crisp and wonderful the game's sprites look.

Who else is excited for this game?

Gallery: Blue Dragon Plus

Develop Magazine: Iwata is a 'Game Changer'

Develop magazine's "Game Changers" is a list of 25 gaming industry luminaries who are "reshaping the games development business as we know it." At the top of the list: the lovable Satoru Iwata. The Nintendo president was cited as an influential figure due to his instrumentality in the creation of the DS and Wii, which have then led to a massive influx of new console gamers.

Other notable Nintendo-related names on the list include: Mistwalker's Hironobu Sakaguchi, who is creating more titles simultaneously in less time than he ever did at Square, by combining a core creative team with outsourced technical development; and Majesco's Jesse Sutton, who has turned a failing major publisher around with a casual-inclusive, Nintendo-friendly lineup.

Famitsu treats us to more Blue Dragon

Click image to enlarge

The latest issue of Famitsu didn't only have some interesting stuff regarding Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, but also a spread on Mistwalker's upcoming DS entry Blue Dragon Plus. And, as intrigued as we were when it was initially thought to be a card-based game, we're now even more interested in what the game will bring to the DS. Sakaguchi never disappoints, after all.

DS Daily: Heroes

No, we're not talking about the heroes you might be thinking of. We're talking about the heroes behind the heroes. The names and faces that make our games come alive. The visionaries, if you will.

Yesterday's unveiling of a release date and the official website for Flower, Sun and Rain inspired a chat amongst the staff about the game's creator, Goichi Suda. You see, around these parts, we simply can't get enough of Suda's work: the wildly imaginative concepts, that inimitable visual style. Hand on heart, Suda's mere involvement in a project means a sale to this blogger is more than likely. We only wish others felt the same way.

But what about you, reader? Is there a particular development guru you look up to? Are you more about Sakaguchi or Shiggy, Molyneux or Mizuguchi? And do you ever purchase a game solely because they played a part in its creation?

DS Daily: We're soooo pumped for Blue Dragon

Having several friends who're all kinds of knee-deep in the Xbox 360 game Blue Dragon, we found that we too wanted to get our role-play on and started it up. We didn't get far, but the 2 hours or so of the game got us pumped. We genuinely felt that this game could be excellent beyond all comprehension.

And now it's coming to the DS?! Holy hand grenade, we can't wait for it, even if it's a card-based game. How about you, folks? Are you as excited as we are? Or, could you care less?

Archaic Rounded-Up Heat

We've experienced a minor explosion of information regarding Mistwalker's Archaic Sealed Heat from different sources around the Internet. We're glad, because, as much as we enjoy staring at scans, we don't know much at all about the game.

First, Siliconera has outlined the battle system, meaning that we finally have some information about how to play Archaic Sealed Heat. It uses a grid-based strategy-RPG system, combined with traditional Final Fantasy-style turn-based combat, combined strategic party movements with the JRPG fighting we've all grown to love.

Bilingual Gamer has also dropped some more real information on us, in the form of a translation of the Story and Character sections of Nintendo's official ASH site. "The cheering turned to screams, and the beast's unearthly sounds echoed throughout the land. A castle shattered and destroyed by flames, the noblemen of the House preparing for their deaths, and voices overshadowed by the fire." Now that's how you start an RPG.

And, in case you don't trust an ASH post without scans, Jeux-France has posted a few scans loaded with screenshots. We feel so much more caught up now! Okay, back to waiting for the game.

New Archaic Sealed Heat scan proves that we didn't just dream up the game

We knew that it would be a while after Mistwalker's late 2005 announcement before we'd see Archaic Sealed Heat's release, but with little-to-no new media on the SRPG since its unveiling and half of 2007 gone by without word on its status, it was hard to convince ourselves that the game still existed.

Shonen Jump's latest issue confirms that, yes, ASH is still being worked on for a holiday 2007 release, and that the graphics look just as impressive as ever. Check past the post break for the scanned magazine page to see a sampling of the ASH's artwork, CG cutscenes, and screenshots!

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