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Bangai-O Spirits saves stages ... through sound?

It's quite possible that this is absolutely the weirdest, yet most incredibly awesome, news DS Fanboy has ever presented. We're going to take a moment to collect ourselves here.

Okay, we're ready to go now. You see, current life obsession for one of our bloggers, the quirky and wonderful Bangai-O Spirits, will have a very unique way of saving user-created stages and replays. The game will output an audio file, through the DS's headphone jack, allowing users to back-up the file on their PC. Then, the audio file can be played back to the DS through its microphone (weren't we just complaining about how awesome the mic is and how it's not being used?).

One of our own came up with an interesting question regarding all of this: what if you took the file and remixed it with a song from, say, the early 90's? What kind of stage would we get then? We'll just have to wait and find out ourselves.

See also: 2008's Biggest Blips: Bangai-O Spirits

[Via NeoGAF]

Super Mario Galaxies plays nothing like the real deal

We feel guilty whenever we put the spotlight on these half-baked homemade projects, partly because it's unfair to judge a game so early in production, and partly because we don't take enough time to feature the great homebrew work out there. Even so, we felt compelled to pick on Super Mario Galaxies, if nothing more than to contrast Cid2Mizard's release with the game it owes its namesake to.

While Mario is definitely in an outer space setting -- evidenced by the spacesuit and the speckled black background -- and appears to be shooting star bits, the similarities between Super Mario Galaxies and Super Mario Galaxy end there. You won't find any 3D platforming, planet hopping, or manta riding in this homebrew release. That might be a lot to expect from a single programmer, but when a game is titled Super Mario Galaxies, it sets our expectations pretty high.

Instead, Super Mario Galaxies is a simple shoot-em-up in which you dodge Bullet Bills and floating sprites that look like Care Bears riding Star Wars landspeeders. Knocking into the latter enemies decreases your life bar, but you can shoot star bits at them to put some numbers in your score. Running into one of the invincible Bullet Bills, however, gives you a Game Over.

The game is actually more fun than you'd expect, and we could see ourselves playing it pretty often if it had more depth; just don't expect it to be anything like Super Mario Galaxy.

[Via DCEmu]

Nanostray 2 means more boss fights

Sequel Nanostray 2 is going to be jam-packed with boss encounters, doubling the 8 boss fights of the first game into 16 for the sequel. The bosses this time around aren't confined to being just robotic, either. They're organic and offer up more complex attack patterns than before. If there's anything we want besides more boss fights, it's for those boss fights to be more complex.

Nanostray 2 is currently slated for a January 15th release in North America.

Gallery: Nanostray 2

[Via Go Nintendo]

WRUP: Grab some baby oil edition

Why would you need the baby oil? To grease up that buff chest of yours, of course! As you navigate many a hostile environment, keep your hands clenched tight around your trusty gun. Oh, gun ... how you never let us down, keep us safe at night. This is our gun, there are many like it, but this one is ours.

There were some other interesting releases this week, but for us, none ranks higher than Contra 4. But, maybe you're of the mind that you'd rather play something else? We can't possibly understand why, but we'll promise to try, if you let us. So, what are you playing?

Nanostray 2 trailer and dev diary

The trailer above for Nanostray 2 features a lot of aspects of the game that interested parties would want to see. There is some boss fighting and co-op action, not to mention the requisite amounts of blowing everything on the screen up.

If that isn't enough for you, be sure to check out the recently created developer diary for the game over at IGN.

Gallery: Nanostray 2

[Thanks, Jason!]

Don't stray away from these Nanostray 2 screens

The fine folks over at 1UP have dished out a bundle (what's a good term for more than a small amount, but less than a lot?) of new screens for Nanostray 2, which, we might say, looks like the hotness. We loves us some Raiden and Ikaruga, so this game is currently living in a house on the corner of Right up avenue and Our alley street.

Any of you gamers dying to shoot down uncountable hordes of enemy ships with us?

Gallery: Nanostray 2

Nanostray 2 meanders under Majesco's wing

As expected, Majesco has announced its plans to publish Nanostray 2, developer Shin'en's sequel to the 2005 shoot-em-up, in North America and Europe. Though the original game was widely regarded as a somewhat mediocre shmup with janky touchscreen controls, its initial limited availability sent collectors scrambling for copies before Majesco eventually restocked shelves with bulkier shipments; hopefully, those troubles will be avoided this time around.

Addressing the complaints many had with tacked-on touchscreen features, Nanostray 2 will have three control schemes -- classic control, left-handed touch control, and right-handed touch control. Multiplayer cooperative (multi-card) and duel modes, both played locally, will also be incorporated, as well as online leaderboards. Expect Nanostray 2 to traipse into stores early 2008.

Gallery: Nanostray 2

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