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The Mummy unwrapped

Who doesn't have dreams of Brendan Fraser looking all cool as the swarthy hero Rick O'Connell? Honestly, The Mummy movies are pretty fun, and the upcoming movie The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor should be equally righteous. Since the movie will be tops, there's no reason the associated game of the same name won't be just as good, right?

Well, swashbuckling journeys have a certain special place in the DS library, but we're not sure if TM:TOFTDE will be quite the same. It's an action-adventure spanning many locations around the world, culminating in a battle with a DS-ified Jet Li -- after all, he's the bad guy in the movies. Provided the control is smooth and combat responsive (not unlike the reasonably okay Pirates of the Caribbean game), we might just have an epic journey worthy of taking along on another epic journey of bus and train-like proportions.

Gallery: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

[Via press release]

Spiderwick Chronicles for $7 on Amazon

The Spiderwick Chronicles may not be the best game ever, but $7 is a decent price for this fantasy game. Sure it has its faults, but such things are usually reconciled by cheapness.

Since Spiderwick is an Amazon "Deal of the Day" (along with the PS2, 360, and Wii versions, which cost a little more), it's a "take it or leave it" type thing. We imagine that most of you will choose to leave it, but those who take it will probably be able to find $7 worth of entertainment in this license-based adventure RPG.

Geometry Wars: Galaxies price's volume decreases by a third

We've gone over why Geometry Wars: Galaxies was worth its full $30 price several times already despite its cheaper Xbox Live Arcade predecessor -- portability, a robust campaign, a cooperative mode, touchscreen support, drones, etc.

Now that the game has seen a universal price drop, bringing its retail price to $19.99, right in that budget-title range, you'll have a tougher time arguing that the added features aren't worth the price. Basically, if you're a fan of multi-directional shooters and if you have twenty bucks just laying around, pick this up!

Gallery: Geometry Wars: Galaxies

See also: DS Fanboy Review: Geometry Wars: Galaxies

[Via CAG]

Read - Geometry Wars: Galaxies at GameStop
Read - Geometry Wars: Galaxies at Amazon

No GBA version planned for Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Despite its fanboy following and favorable reviews from critics, the GBA adaptation for The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night will not see a follow-up on single-screen portable, according to Sierra's 2008 Spring Event held over the weekend.

Interestingly, of all the platforms The Eternal Night released on (PS2/Wii/DS/GBA), the GBA version, a 2D platformer/brawler some described as Devil May Cry meets Astro Boy: Omega Factor, has the highest average review score by a large margin. Quality doesn't equal quantity sold, however, especially on a dying console, and we're not surprised that Sierra opted to not complete its The Legend of Spyro trilogy on the GBA.

Dawn of the Dragon for the DS is scheduled to ship in fall 2008. Based on the screenshots released so far, it looks to be another 3D action platformer with occasional sidescrolling stages. Mark Hamill will reportedly lend his voice to one of the game's characters, and Elijah Wood will return to voice Spyro. Christina Ricci will take over Mae Whitman's role as Cynder. We can imagine her disbelief over the replacement : "Her?"

For reference, we gave the DS version of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night a 5.0/10 in our review (GBA version: 9.5).

DS Fanboy Review: The Spiderwick Chronicles

Remember when you used to believe in the possibility of faeries, goblins, and other sorts of mythical creatures? If you do, games like The Spiderwick Chronicles probably appeal to you in some way, whether you like to admit it or not. Still, none of that means anything if these games based on fantasia aren't any good. Fortunately, that's why we're here – to review them.

The Spiderwick Chronicles game is based on a movie, which is based on a book. While normally that spells a recipe for disaster, it becomes evident while playing this title that it's not just a quick cash-in attempt. Stormfront Studios clearly put a lot of time into the game's development, and tried to utilize the features of the DS to the fullest. That's not to say that Stormfront always succeeded, however.

Gallery: Spiderwick Chronicles DS

Continue reading DS Fanboy Review: The Spiderwick Chronicles

Geometry Wars: Galaxies drops to $20

Even with its new multiplayer mode, single-player campaign, and game-changing features (e.g. customizable drone), Geometry Wars: Galaxies is a hard sell for the people comparing the DS's $30 update to the original $5 download on XBLA.

Meijer's $19.99 online sale for Galaxies is still a lot more expensive than five bucks, but when you consider all the extra content Kuju Entertainment threw in, that price doesn't sound bad at all. Besides, the DS version has a huge advantage over the old and crusty XBLA release that you shouldn't forget: portability!

[Via CAG]

Possibly the most impressive Geometry Wars video you'll ever see

Bill Tangeman clearly has a pretty high tolerance of cramp, if his highest score on Geometry Wars: Galaxies is anything to go by. But what really gets us about the above video is that he could have gone on and on and on and on and Ariston, until he developed Carpal tunnel syndrome reached whatever score he damn well pleased.

As it happened, he was happy to settle for a piffling 5,000,000,000, a total that saw Bill top the regional Galaxies leaderboard. We're slightly dismayed to learn there's a difficulty ceiling in the game, but it's safe to say that we're quite a distance from breaking it.

[Via Aeropause]

Five gifts that PAL gamers should import this Christmas

Gaming sites are inundated with holiday gift guides at the end of the year, listing the best and most popular games that everyone pretty much already has (or knows about). Well, we're not going in for that this year. Our gift guide will help you find the best gifts in categories the other sites won't cover -- because we just made them up.

Nintendo's indifference towards PAL regions is infamous, but there's arguably less room for complaining when it comes to the DS. See, the DS is (and we do not use this phrase lightly) an importer's dream. It doesn't faff around with region-specific software, there's a huge library of diverse and interesting NTSC-only titles, and the games themselves are cheap. As in, cheaper than they'll be when they arrive in the UK/Europe/Australia six months from now. Frankly, we can't think of a good reason for you not to import.

Which brings us to our latest anti-guide, featuring the five DS-related gifts that PAL regions won't be seeing until 2008 at the earliest -- if ever. All deserve to be imported without hesitation, so read on fellow PAL folk, and prep that credit card!

Continue reading Five gifts that PAL gamers should import this Christmas

DS Fanboy Review: Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Geometry Wars is one of those games that shows up on every system possible, and yet it always manages to be a little bit different in every iteration. And if you played it first on Xbox Live (let's all raise our hands), then you might be wondering -- as I was -- just how the game, which worked so well with a dual analog setup, would translate instead to dual screens. The result not only plays and controls better than expected, but ends up being just as much fun as the original ... if a little tougher on the ol' hands.

The real question here is: how do you take a cheap downloadable title and turn it into a full game? This is a question a lot of DS games have faced, and with Geometry Wars: Galaxies, there's plenty of added content that makes the shooter feel fully expanded. The lower price on the DS title (as compared to the Wii version) surely never hurts, though!

Gallery: Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Continue reading DS Fanboy Review: Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Ghostbusters DS inspired by ghosts of Ghostbusters games

We never thought for a second that the Ghostbusters DS game would play like any of the console versions. Rather than swinging a proton pack around and fighting ghosts and all that annoying stuff, the DS version focuses on the most compelling part of the movies' universe: running a business. As a Ghostbusters franchisee, you'll be in charge of managing your franchise, busting ghosts to earn money so you can buy better equipment.

This sounds exactly like the old 8-bit Ghostbusters game, the "best" version of which can be found on the Sega Master System. That game involved driving and action sequences during ghostbusting missions. We don't know yet how much action will be involved in the new version, whether it will be a remake of this game or an expanded strategy/tycoon-type game.

The timeline is different, occuring after Ghostbusters II rather than during the first movie (which means no Keymaster and Gatekeeper wandering the streets). We hope the gameplay is different in some significant way from the original game, at least in the "being profoundly terrible" department.

[Via GoNintendo]

DS Fanboy Review: The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (GBA)

Considering that the game has been on shelves for a bit now, you'll have to excuse us how long it took to find time to get our hands on what could very well be the last great GBA game. And, you know what? Based on our findings, this is the last great GBA game. Well, probably the last great GBA game we'll ever get to play.

Continue reading DS Fanboy Review: The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (GBA)

DS Fanboy Review: The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

Earlier this month, we took a look at Amaze Entertainment's take on Crash of the Titans, and were pleasantly surprised to find an excellent, old-school style entry into the series. So now, with Spyro the Dragon, it seemed reasonable to expect something truly special, particularly considering the wondrous job they've done with the GBA title.

Unfortunately, what should be just ain't. Not this time. While Spyro: The Eternal Night for the DS has its moments, overall, the game is blandly disappointing and has some real problems that prevent it from feeling nearly as polished as the studio's other recent developmental efforts.

Continue reading DS Fanboy Review: The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

DS Fanboy Review: Crash of the Titans

Ah, Crash Bandicoot. I remember your early days on the Playstation. We had some good times pitting our wits (okay, let's face it: your brawn) against the evil Neo Cortex, and we busted up a lot of crates along the way. For years, we were tight ... and then came Crash Boom Bang!.

Frankly, you let me down. But it's okay. I can forgive you ... if only because Crash of the Titans is exactly the kind of thing you should have been doing all along. Developer Amaze Entertainment has taken the franchise back to its roots, despite throwing in a few things to change up the series. Even though Crash himself looks a little different, and you find yourself punching and kicking your way through the baddies, it still feels like an old school Crash game -- and that can only be a good thing.

Gallery: Sierra's Crash of the Titans

Continue reading DS Fanboy Review: Crash of the Titans

Geometry Wars direct-feed video looks ... good!

We've been skeptical about the DS version of Geometry Wars Galaxies, based on so-so impressions and the seeming unsuitability of the platform for the game, but two recent developments have caused us to embrace the possibility that it may be okay after all:
  1. Bangai-O Spirits made us believe that tiny-sprite shooters are possible on the DS. If Treasure thinks it's a good idea, we think it's a very good idea.
  2. This video, titled "Maseis," came out and looked neat.
Watch the video yourself and see if frantic, abstract shooting has a place on the DS. The only concession we can see to the size of the system is a smaller level, and that may just be this one level.
[Via Kotaku]

DS Fanboy interviews The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night's Sean Epperson

With the holiday season and its big-ticket games approaching like a bullet train, threatening to deafen all with its passing roar, we're not surprised that most people haven't thought to pick up The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. The GBA version of the multiplatform release, in particular, received very little promotion or attention when it hit stores two weeks ago.

It really is a shame, as, barring any surprise localizations for Rhythm Tengoku or Mother 3, The Eternal Night could be the last great GBA game. Available at GameStop for only $15 (with Wendy's $5-off coupon), there's no excuse for any fan of polished action platformers to pass on this title. Some are calling its combat system a 2D interpretation of Devil May Cry; as you'll see in the trailer past the break, that comparison hasn't been made in jest.

We sat down with Amaze Entertainment's Sean Epperson, The Eternal Night's producer, to talk about why the game shouldn't be left ignored. Read on to learn more about this GBA gem and its features.

Continue reading DS Fanboy interviews The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night's Sean Epperson

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