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Show and Tell: By hand

Need a case? Sure, you could buy one -- and there are plenty available -- but as a dedicated Show and Tell reader, surely by now you can guess where this is going. If you just shouted out, "Wisconsin!," you are both very wrong and very random (also, stop yelling at the screen; it's sensitive). If, instead, you suspect a little DIY is ahead, you just may be right.

Reader Eleniel decided to make a case, but there was just one problem -- no sewing machine about. But that's okay, because DS Fanboy readers are hardcore, so like your intrepid hostess, Eleniel sewed it by hand. It is, however, one hell of a lot better than my work. It's got that fancy new zipper technology. That doesn't mean it's perfect, though; Eleniel confesses that the pocket designed to hold games doesn't exactly hold anything. We still like checking it out, though. And, while on the DIY kick, Eleniel also made an Okami-inspired skin. Might as well go all out, right? You can check out the finished products in our gallery below.

Gallery: Eleniel's DIY case and skin

Show and Tell is all about your stuff, so long as it's Nintendo-related. We love to see your collections, your crafts, your frosted creations, your t-shirts and swag of all sorts. Just snap a few pictures, tell us what's up, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

DS Daily: Who's got their skin on?

GelaSkins' awesome range of DS skins got us thinking about decorating our handhelds all over again, but who out there has already skinned their DS, and which design did you opt for? Better still, have any of you customized your own DS skin? If so, now is your chance to show it off (pictures are a must for this DS Daily, obviously), and perhaps even earn yourself some internet fame!*

* Amongst the people who read DS Fanboy comment threads.

Gallery: GelaSkins Nintendo DS skins

Valley of the Tinbots, Brandt PetersUrban Jungle, by DekoreTri-State, by Gary OdomToxicity, by Alex NoriegaThe Great Wave, by Katsushika Hokusai

Slap some Escher, Kandinsky, or van Gogh on your DS

Opinions on DS skins are quite evenly divided around these parts, but GelaSkins' latest range may influence a few of you naysayers. Having formerly specialized in producing extra layers for iPods and laptops, the company has turned its attention to Nintendo's ubiquitous handheld, by offering a range of 57 skins featuring prints by a wide array of artists.

The selection on offer is pleasingly diverse, featuring both classic works from the likes of Kandinsky, Hokusai, Escher, and van Gogh, as well as pieces from a number of (largely lesser-known -- well, by us ignoramuses, anyway) modern artists.

If you think any of the nine above are too gaudy for your tastes (though we personally love "Red Robot Leaving The City" by ExplodingDog), then check out our gallery for the full line-up. These aren't cheap at $20 a pop, but they're unquestionably unique, and if you buy three skins, you'll get a fourth free. Any of you anti-skin types converted by these?

Gallery: GelaSkins Nintendo DS skins

Valley of the Tinbots, Brandt PetersUrban Jungle, by DekoreTri-State, by Gary OdomToxicity, by Alex NoriegaThe Great Wave, by Katsushika Hokusai

The DS Life: Nintendobama

The DS Life is a weekly feature in which we scour the known world for narrative images of Nintendo's handheld and handheld gamers. If you have a photo and a story to match it with, send both to thedslife at dsfanboy dot com.

As a rule, we don't trust any politicians, especially the ones we want to trust, so it's rare that you'll ever see us championing the merits of any particular presidential candidate. Besides, the electioneering scene just isn't something we want to be a part of, like the straight-edge scene or the liking-music-that-no-sensible-person-should-ever-enjoy scene. We're too laid back and cynical to involve ourselves in the passionate debates these conversations often require.

Still, when one gamer goes to the extreme to express his devotion towards his favored statesman by decorating a Nintendo DS Lite with the politician's face, we take notice ...

Continue reading The DS Life: Nintendobama

Dost thou love DS? Then do not squander skins

When we look to our DS, we hardly ever think of important figures in history. Sure, just about anything on a DS automatically ups the value of the handheld (certain things just do not), but we never thought about how important individuals of the past would look upon Nintendo's handheld unit.

Ben Franklin, a man who is very well-known in these United States in which DSF has decided to set up shop, would most likely love the bold direction in which Nintendo has taken their handheld. Of course, he would probably be more worried about the strange picture tubes and curious garment of dress of which modern society has become accustomed to. The idea of putting images other than cute cartoon characters or other pop-culture references on our DS gets us inexplicably excited, though.

What kind of notable figure in history would you like to see on your DS? Personally, we'd love a Gandhi skin.

Show and Tell: From wallpaper to DS

We haven't seen a lot of custom skins made by our readers, so we were pretty excited when That Girl sent in pictures of her skin, adapted from a wallpaper. The colors and design really suit her DS Lite perfectly, and it's always nice to see someone tastefully customizing their handheld while giving a nod to another fandom. It's not just the outside that's prettified, either; hit the jump to see the inside of the DS.

Have you made a custom skin or anything else Nintendo-related? We'd love to know about it! Show us what you've got and we'll tell the world -- just take a few pictures, scribble a few lines, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

Continue reading Show and Tell: From wallpaper to DS

Show and Tell: Safety first

Your DS is important -- and that means it needs to be protected. It needs extra protection if it's pretty, of course, and so it makes sense that reader Tracy has a whole system to ensure the safety of her DS Lite. Since she also has a toddler who loves to find the DS (wherever it may be hidden!) and "play" with it, that safeguarding system is even more important.

But why is this one so special? Well, other than the obvious (it's a DS!), Tracy's handheld is dressed for success in a skin from DecalGirl that matches her iPod. Such a beautiful combination simply has to be protected, so it's also wrapped in a crystal case. When not in use? It lives safely in its own armor. Listen, protecting hardware from toddlers is serious business. But this is one safety system that also manages to look good, so we couldn't help but show it off.

Got something that makes you particularly proud? We like thingamabobs and doohickeys and swag of all sorts, as well as food and furniture and anything fun ... so long as it's related to Nintendo! Just take some pictures, tell us what's up, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

Continue reading Show and Tell: Safety first

Toughen up your DS with a pudgy bunny

MashiMaro could be described as Korea's answer to Sanrio, Japan's heavily-merchandised community of Hello Kitty characters. The adorable, chubby rabbit sits atop a mountain of plushies and other branded products that are too cute for many to resist. Unlike his Sanrio colleagues, however, Mashimaro can be a jerk. In the Flash animations where he made his debut, he can be seen stealing food and pushing a pig off a cliff. He's a bad bunny to the bone.

Joytron recently put out a line of cases decorated with MashiMaro scenes, and they're just as cute as the thuggish cottontail himself. The shells slip over your DS Lite, adding an extra layer of plastic protection to your handheld. Joytron will even throw in a pen stylus with each order. Hop into the gallery below for more shots of the different "System Skin Cases" now available in Korea.

Gallery: MashiMaro Cases

[Via Ruliweb]

Snakeskin DS cover probably not the ideal Valentine's gift

To be honest, my reaction to Mayumi Hasegawa's snakeskin DS cover was pretty much the same as JC's response to the matching Wiimote sleeve: it's kinda gross. Fashioned from the skin of a diamond python, this DS skin -- while obviously ... unique -- is just about the creepiest accessory we've ever encountered for the handheld.

Coating your beloved console with dead animal remains isn't a cheap exercise, either: the full set costs ¥12,800 ($120), but you can also buy just the top half for ¥5,800 ($53). Then again, if you're going to put something totally disgusting on your DS, why do things by half?

Gallery: Mayumi Hasegawa's snakeskin DS cover

[Thanks, Dhiram!]

Cutest cases EVAR

Australia-based Paper Plane Products is selling the cutest DS Lite pouches we've ever seen, their flaps fashioned after fattened cats and bunnies. Just look at those button eyes! And that pink nose! In addition to the cute mug, each case has a convenient handle, three cart pockets, and a button snap to keep everything secure. You can check out more photos past the break.

You'll pay a premium for this handmade look -- $49.99 per case. Shipping from Australia will also eat into your wallet, but the online shop has a lot of other adorable accessories that you can load your order with, like Lamb Lamb skins and card holders. You can buy kitten stickers to match your pouch cat!

Continue reading Cutest cases EVAR

DS Fanboy Poll: The verdict on skins

Last week, we talked skins, and while the overwhelming verdict was anti-skin in general, a fair percentage of DS Fanboy readers could be (or have been!) tempted by the right skins at the right time. In fact, taking all the possible factors into consideration, in the end, it looks like the readership is about split! Of course, determining the "right" skin is a bit more complicated. A few popped up in the comments, but we'd love to see a few more examples of just what readers would consider plastering to their beloved game systems. Got skins? Feel free to show them off.

DS Fanboy Poll: To skin or not to skin

While we've seen some skins that we like from time to time, it's hard for us to fathom slapping something that isn't a screen protector onto the sleek shape of the DS Lite. The Phat model, maybe. But that's just one opinion. Today, we want yours. Would you consider skinning your DS? Never? Maybe? Let's compare notes.

How do you feel about DS skins?

One way or another, your DS Lite is getting Zelda stuff on it

Even if you don't preorder the game from Wal-Mart (in the U.S.) or EBGames (in Australia), Nintendo-- or whichever unidentified accessory maker this is-- still wants your DS to look all Zelda-y. The latest option for giving your DS an air of high-seas adventure requires no preorder at all, and is (in our opinion) the nicest one yet. The Zelda Phantom Hourglass Kit includes a DS skin, a "modified Zelda pocket" which appears to be a DS case, two silicone game sleeves made to be attached to the system, and three styli.

All of this is emblazoned with the vivid, colorful art that so many people hated about Wind Waker, and which we happen to enjoy. The skin has a bit of a black/red scheme going, which would go well with the new DS Lite color scheme.

We haven't seen this for sale anywhere but Canadian retailer Future Shop, which is a bit inconvenient for us. Canadian gamers can Link up their DS Lites for CAD$18, while all we can do is dream.

[Via GoNintendo]

Wal-Mart packs Phantom Hourglass preorders with skins and styli

Most of the DS Lite skins we've come across in the past made our eyes want to commit suicide -- you could literally see them darting around, panicked, struggling in vain to grow arms and grab anything in reach to stab themselves blind with.

These Phantom Hourglass decals, however, won't disfigure your handheld; they could even by considered somewhat appealing. Wal-Mart will include them, as well as a Link-green stylus, with every $34.82 preorder. The only downside we can see in reserving the game through Wal-Mart is that the retail giant won't ship it out until October 5th, four days after Phantom Hourglass' release. Do you think these extras are worth holding off your Zelda playtime?

[Via CAG]

Julius the Pirate Monkey DS Lite

It's been too long since we last took a sip from China's rum bottle of personalized DS Lites; it's time to get back on that wagon with a buccaneer-themed skin.

YYJoy forumer Pikapika shivered our timbers, decorating his handheld with a crossed-cutlasses pattern and Julius the Monkey decked out in full corsair regalia. Now that's piracy we can get behind! Walk the post break plank for more photos of the shipshape DS Lite.

Continue reading Julius the Pirate Monkey DS Lite

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