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Age of Hella Cheap Games, revisited

When we last fixed our gaze on Cheap Ass Gamer's list of DS discounts at Amazon, we were presented with eight marked-down titles -- two of which were worth your money, the rest being of middling quality. Since then, the thrifty tally has expanded three-fold, its ratio of rad-to-bad offerings also steadily increasing. Here are a few highlights from the 29 27-strong bargain lineup:

  • Nintendo DS Lite Pro Point Stylus
  • Bomberman
  • Magicial Starsign
  • Resident Evil Deadly Silence
  • Age of Empires: The Age of Kings
  • Sonic Rush
As you probably already know by now, Amazon waives its shipping fees on orders totaling over $25. We can't predict how long some of these deals will last before going out of stock or returning to their original price, so now is not the time to be indecisive! Break your piggy banks open and run past the post break for the full list of games on sale.

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Age of Hella Cheap Games

Always looking our for our wallets' best interests, CheapyD of Cheap Ass Gamer fame scrounged up a selection of Nintendo DS games that're currently on sale for $14.99 at Amazon. Some of the titles, like Superman Returns and Crash Boom Bang, probably should've been pitched into the trash dumpster out back instead of into the bargain bin, but we understand that there are a number of laws and regulations against disposing hazardous waste like that.

If you haven't picked them up yet, Age of Empires: The Age of Kings and Sonic Rush are included in the sale, both of them being games we've lauded time and time again. Age of Kings, in particular, will always hold a special place in our hearts with its turn-based-strategy adaptation of the popular PC series. Presumably, that place would be right in between our love for Fruit Roll-Ups and our infatuation with all things zombie related. Jump past the post break for the full list of games and their Amazon links.

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Super Mario Chart

NeoGAFfer Stumpokapow compiled this chart of Japanese Mario sales throughout the series, and two things are immediately obvious from looking at it:
  1. Mario sprites still look great! Seriously, yay Mario.
  2. New Super Mario Bros. is huge.
We knew that NSMB was riding the combined influence of Nintendo nostalgia and Being On The Nintendo DS into sales Valhalla, but we didn't realize just how successful it was. If Nintendo ever gets enough DS Lites into Japanese stores, we can almost guarantee that two-million copy gap between it and the original Super Mario Bros. will disappear.

In other good news (in one blogger's opinion and pretty much no one else's), Super Mario 64 is near the bottom of the list, providing evidence that 3D Mario was a failed experiment. This in no way means that Super Mario RPG's position on the list is indicative of the quality of that game. That's, uh, completely different. Check after the break to see the full chart and to register your disgust about our treatment of Mario 64.

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The New Super Mario Bros. Rubix Cube

As gamers, we are members of a very unique culture that permeates every fiber of our being. Odd gaming quotes and an insatiable desire to explode all barrels in sight are just a few of the things that come to mind when we think of gamers (the rest are just as nice, we assure you), and upon seeing this Rubix Cube, which is affixed with various pictures of Mario and Luigi from the game New Super Mario Bros., we knew that we had to have it. Do you share our desire?

[Via Tokyo Mango]

Cute game cases for the Mario and Pokemon fan

Siliconera has documented the above game cases, which are distributed in Japan by company Takara Tomy, available for the small price of 200 yen (about $1.61 USD) each. The only snag is that you do not get to pick which one you get, instead offering your money int he hopes that you'll randomly get any case other than the bricks.

We've included the Pokemon cases after the post break, which will become available next month.

Super Mario Bros. goes virtual reality

In one of the coolest school projects we've seen to date, some kids got together and came up with the following project for the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center's Building Virtual Worlds Show. That's a mouthful, yes, and the demonstration shown in the video, available past the post break as per usual, took place on December 6th. Punching blocks and smashing Goombas with our own two hands? Sign us up!

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