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Namco not spinning any Tales outside of Japan

In speaking with Cubed3, Hideo Baba-san from Namco has presented those of us not lucky enough to reside in the gaming capital of the world with some grim news: Tales of Innocence, the latest DS entry in the Tales series of games, won't be leaving Japan. At least, for now, as Namco has no plans to localize the game for other territories. This all comes from an interview which is set to run later this week on Cubed3.

What's odd, though, is that they would choose to bring a Wii title and Xbox 360 game to the U.S., yet would completely ignore the DS. It's just ... it's just, well ... odd. We just don't know how else to put it.

Tales of optional black outlines

The Tales of Innocence developer blog shows a new graphical feature for the game that will allow people to alter its appearance to their preference. At least, in one aspect. You'll have the option to add black outlines to the hero and monster models, giving the game more of a cel-shaded look. Or you could choose not to!

Black outlines certainly make everything look crisper, but in doing so they could expose you to deadly jaggies. Either way, the game seems to look nice for DS 3D. And it's certainly kind of them to provide options like this, which can change the whole style of the game.

[Via NeoGAF]

Japan gets new Tales game

For those of you familiar with the Tales series of games (no doubt you played Tales of Symphonia on the Gamecube?), the DS is set to receive one of the franchise's entries. Tales of Innocence, which is a brand new entry in the series, is currently set to grace the DS in Japan this winter.

No word as of right now on when the game will release or if it will be made available in other territories, however since most of the games in the series have made their way to North America, we're fairly confident the game will make its way here.

[Via Joystiq]

Tales of Phantasia 2 for DS?

Rumor alert! NamcoBandai is allegedly planning a load of new, and new-ish, games in their Tales series for Nintendo consoles. The rumor gives titles for three new (potential) games, one of which is headed for the DS. If internet rumormongering is to be believed, Namco is working on a 2D sequel to the oft-ported Tales of Phantasia.

We can't comment on the veracity of the rumor's specifics, but it seems likely that more Tales games are headed, in abundance, to every platform that Japanese gamers like. Not only has the series already made its dual-screened debut, RPG-spamming has been their modus operandi since before the DS was popular. Now that the most popular console in Japan by far is also the cheapest to develop for (being a handheld), continuing the trend seems like a Tale of the Obvious.

Four new Tales of the Tempest videos

Here is what you get from the four new Tales of the Tempest videos:

  • video número uno -- battle
  • video número dos -- battle
  • video número tres -- battle
  • video número cuatro -- town!

After careful speculation, we definitely understand the battle system. It can be explained as such -- while roaming around the world using the stylus to choose the direction your character wanders in, a random battle will start, then you, using the stylus, pick which baddie to attack. When the battle is won, there is a short animation showing off the winning team. Success!

The next contender in the Tales series from Namco, Tales of the Tempest is the first installment on the DS. If it is anything like Tales of Symphonia, we are certain to hear praise for it.

See also:

New characters revealed in Tales of the Tempest

There have been many a Tales game and the latest is as anxiously awaited as any other. As such, Famitsu recently revealed two new characters in the game that had yet to be introduced to the game-awaiting public at large. The first character revealed is Romi, a cleric tagging along with Lukius, she is of strong mind and does anything to get what she wants.

The other character is Albert Mueller, the leader of the Order of the Black Knights. Being in the Order of the Black Knights, it's odd to see Albert dressed entirely in white, which apparently is the norm for the entirety of the game. Also a strong individual with the sword, he finds himself unhappy with his position in the Order.

Role-playing the homebrew way

Liranuna seems to be quite the homebrewer homebrewster, going so far as to release a complete RPG game for the DS. Titled Tales of Dagur, the game revolves around Alex, a young lad summoned by the King of Dagur to help find the missing queen and reclaim the coveted holy stone, an artifiact which also went missing, that helps protect the kingdom.

The team comments that the game lacks a magic system and the battle system as a whole wasn't as fleshed out as they would have liked, mostly due to time constraints. Regardless, this is an impressive first step toward what we hope are many DS homebrew games to come.


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