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Space Imbibers

These awesome water bottles would be perfect for keeping hydrated during marathon sessions of a certain notoriously addictive arcade game. Or maybe just for filling up with delicious Tang and sitting down at home with some Space Invaders Extreme. These aluminum bottles feature beautiful, vintage Space Invaders art and come with carabiners, in case you want to carry one up a mountain. NCSX will offer these in April at $12.50 each. The aluminum is apparently quite hardy, so trying to shoot through it to reach Invaders is not a sound strategy.

They're also taking preorders on a set of three Space Invaders keychains, each consisting of an Invader encased in a plastic cube for your safety.

Gotta catch 'em all in trees

We were eating some Reese's Pieces the other day, and they were, you know ... okay, but we couldn't help thinking that they were missing something integral to the candy-eating experience. We couldn't quite decide what that was, but now we know: a tiny kite. With Pokémon characters on it. It's so obvious now!

Unfortunately, this package no doubt includes, instead of Reese's Pieces, those tiny Smartie-esque things that are in all Japanese candy toy packages. But the little Pokémon Diamond and Pearl kites are pretty cool for when you need an emergency kite. Which is all the time, right?Next time you come upon a pleasant breeze, you can hold your tiny kite aloft, yell "Kite! I choose you!" and then carefully unroll the string as it possibly floats into the air.

Spyro heats up Wendy's Kids' Meals

Get it? He breathes fire-- and fire makes things hot! Now that Spyro: The Eternal Night on the Game Boy Advance (and on DS too) has us caring about the little purple dragon for the first time since ... ever, we find ourselves vaguely interested in these Wendy's Kids' Meal toys. Plus if we went looking for them, we could go eat deliciously unhealthy fast food and pretend it was Important Work. And we'd get a $5 coupon good for any version of the new Spyro game! This isn't the first excuse we've had to go to Wendy's in the name of Nintendology, either.

You have your choice of a maze game, a spinning Sparx copter, a flapping Spyro, a checkers game, and ... a keychain. Nothing's more fun for kids than organizing keys!

[Via Joystiq]

It's a miniskirt: Maaario!

Apparently, Craftster forum member Vivifromage couldn't find very much of this Super Mario 64 fabric (where would you even find something like that? Oh, right) because she made herself not very much skirt. It's a nice design, with two pockets and everything! We're just far too modest for something so revealing, is all.

Also found at Wonderland, where we found this: Remote-controlled Mario and Luigi golf toys, wool Donkey Kong, and a clock made from an NES Tetris cartridge. There's a clock just like that on our wall, except it uses a Gyromite cartridge instead of Tetris. Not to brag about totally having done it first, but, you know, it just happened to totally get done before this one.

[Via Wonderland]

Gotta pack lunches for 'em all

Banpresto and pretty much every other Japanese toy company knows the importance of releasing a steady stream of Pokéstuff lest any of us fall out of the series' thrall and stop buying for a while. To keep us thinking about Pokémon all day, they've made a duo of new items designed to keep Pokémon mastery on your mind all day.

First is a cute picnic set made up of two square containers, with a stylized Pokémon graphic on the lid. Hey, if every plant and animal in the Pokémon universe is a Pokémon, does that mean that, when Ash and company eat lunch ...

Uh, on to the next item! It's totally cute and leads to no horrific revelations! The Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Super DX Onemuri Makura is just a cute pillow in the shape of either a sleepy Piplup or a sleepy Pikachu, wrapped up in a blanket thing.

Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts figurines are cute

We know that when most people think about Final Fantasy IV, they think about great music and an engaging, mature storyline and Active Time Battles and blah blah blah. The character designs, especially those in the new DS remake, completely short-circuit the storytelling with OMG CUTEness. Seriously, these lil' guys are just precious. Look at the adorable little paladin! How huggable.

NCSX is taking preorders for these Trading Arts figurines for $39. They come semi-randomly packed in boxes of nine, but each box should contain one complete set of six, along with three duplicates that can be sent to your pals at DS Fanboy.

Imitate Mario without busting your head open

NCSX is selling these plush Mario toys with little sound chips that make item-appropriate noises. The question-mark block makes the familiar "coin" jingle and the mushroom noise, and the Koopa shell plays the 1up tune and the Super Mario Bros. death music.

They're just about big enough that you can really feel like you're kicking a shell, or smashing a very soft block with your head. We can imagine these being great gifts for anyone, from an adult Mario fan to an infant you hope to indoctrinate.

Yoshi's Island flooded

These DS systems have been filled with water! And not because they fell out of someone's pocket into the toilet-- they're designed to be full of water. As you savvy readers have already figured out based on the still Yoshi's Island DS art on the top screens, and the two solid buttons (and possibly even the Japanese text), these aren't DS Lites at all, but water toys.

You know, the kind in which you push the button and it shoots a little current of air into the water, guiding a ball into a goal? Yeah, those. We remember liking these kinds of things a lot, more for the whoosh that shakes the soft plastic button a bit when the air current gets going than for the actual game. Can't get that from the cell phone version!

Level up your wallet for its upcoming boss battle

Square Enix sent an email out today to let us know that their online merchandise store will be opening on the 20th at 6PM EST. It's a good thing, too, because we were really starting to get nervous about all this money and shelf space we have around here. They'll be carrying exclusive items like the Judge Magister Gabranth figure, and a pair of Cloud and Sephiroth Advent Children statuettes with glowing bases.

We're looking forward to dropping way too much money on the inevitable Chocobo- and Moogle-themed memorabilia with which to fill our Materia slots airship inventory apartment. Well, maybe not way too much money, because we're total grownups and know how to restrain oursel- dude, maybe they have the cushions!

Castlevania figures- now in color!

NECA is showing off the final (?) painted versions of their Castlevania figures at Comic-Con, and, judging by these pictures, they will soon be stealing fans' souls and making them their slaves. Simon Belmont's face looks a little too tenderized, but we suppose he's a tough guy and has taken countless beatings from undead whatevers.

Alucard and Dracula look just awesome. Think you we would buy such a thing? Yes! And they all seem to come with little monster accessories! As cool as the succubus figure is, however, we just ... don't have a place to display it.

Oh, and for those of us waiting for the update: the exclusive pixel-Simon is as terrible in production as it was in the early picture.

Mario Kart DS toys at Amazon

Want to take a break from playing Mario Kart DS online? Then play it offline, and on the floor. And by "play Mario Kart" we mean "run Mario into the wall over and over again until he gets lost under your dresser." Mario Kart rules are somewhat more lax in the amateur "not actually playing the real game" circuit, you see.

Amazon seller Toyzz has a full set of Mario Kart DS pull-back race cars for $24.99. It includes Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, Wario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong. And you don't even have to go back in time to when these were commercially available, fly to Japan, and try your luck in UFO catchers.

[Thanks, Zack!]

What a horrible summer not to be going to Comic-Con

NECA, the company responsible for the awesome Castlevania figure prototypes, has a new Simon Belmont figure on the way. It's a somewhat more faithful sculpture of Simon as he appeared in the first Castlevania on the NES. Unfortunately, only 1,000 units will be produced, and it will only be available at the San Diego Comic-Con.

We totally want this, and we are all about pixel art, but we must say that this figure, with its rounded edges and inexact paint job, looks a little more like a cookie to us than an action figure. Which actually gives us an idea!

[Via NeoGAF]

To build them out of Lego is my real test

... to avoid stepping on them is my cause
I will travel across the land
searching far and wide
For a 1x2 blue piece
to finish Piplup's side

This gallery of Lego Pokemon brings up two questions (for us, at least): first, why are Lego bricks so inherently awesome? And second, why is the Pokemon cartoon's theme song so inherently hilarious?

We find the idea of building our own little Pokemon very appealing. Why go through the trouble of catching them in-game to make them fight, when you can build these guys and smash them against whatever you want? Who needs your rules, anyway?

[Via GoNintendo]

A Tom Nook plush toy at a Tom Nook price

NCSX is selling more adorable Animal Crossing toys, including a lil' plush K.K. Slider and Blathers the owl-- you can pretend to be annoyed about how long it takes to get your dang fossils appraised! But the real star of this update is the freaking huge Tom Nook seen here, gettin' his Potion on. He comes in at 15.74 inches tall, with an 11-inch-wide head. That's big enough to intimidate us about our house payments!

Unfortunately, to get an armful of Nook, you need an armful of cash-- $49, plus shipping. Better get started selling cherries you find on the ground!

Mario vs. Palkia in the arena of your imagination

NCSX never fails to encourage us to clutter our rooms and empty our wallets in the name of video game fandom. Today, they started taking preorders for some new Mario and Pokemon toys that we wouldn't mind having on our desks! So we can show them to people, obviously.

First are the above Dialga and Palkia soft vinyl figures, which allow you to reenact the boxarts of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In fact, if you buy these, you can't help but reenact them, because the boxes just feature these characters standing alone. Also available for preorder are two Mario toy lines: a vinyl figure of Mario in either his normal outfit or his Fire Mario finery, and a set of plush toys that make some kind of jingling sound. All of these cost between $20 and $25 and will ship toward the end of the year.

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